Wirral Life – But Not As We Know It!



Press release

No dissent and no discussion. Press releases and publicity shots only please.  

Before we go we’d like to comment on the local media scene of which we were a very minor part. All we can say is that we fear for the future availability of alternative views or political commentary (now matter how ‘caustic’ or ‘mischievous’).

With Wirral News having thankfully committed hari-kari (or happy dispatch) shortly after the launch of Wirral Council’s very own Wirral View other local news sources seem to have been well and truly annexed.

Of course the appalling Liverpool Echo has never been properly attuned to Wirral politics or indeed Wirral itself despite their half-arsed attempt at lamely calling the local edition Wirral Echo. It’s always been a mouthpiece for the gobshites at Wirral Council. And it surely won’t come as any surprise to anyone that we understand Liam Murphy , the former political editor of Liverpool Echo, is now working for the local Labour group and has been for some time. Murphy was welcomed into the local corrupt Labour fold a) despite refusing to publish the dodgy document given to him by Cllr Steve Foulkes aka Foulkesy intending to ‘smear’ former Tory group leader Jeff Green b) grassing Foulkesy and Cllr George Davies up to Jeff Green about the ‘Wirralgate’ conspiracy and then  c) playing  a covert recording of the ‘Wirralgate’ recording to Wirral Council communications czarina, Emma Degg! And to think this fine exemplar of journalistic integrity refused to take part in the Patricia Thynne ‘Wirralgate’ investigations citing the need to protect his sources!

However never did we think that Wirral Globe would succumb to the undoubted pressures exerted on them by Wirral Council and we’d be experiencing the dark side of the Globe – and it’s not just us who’ve noticed the puff pieces, press releases, avoidance of high profile controversial stories ( the Cllr Reecejones case, the resignation of WUTH  CEO David Allison etc; ) and advertorials for private healthcare – Varicose Veins and retail outlets –  Beds

All we will say is that the Wirralgate tape must be the most valuable recording since Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’  – what better way to fend off threats to your career or advertising revenue than being in possession of the recording (or more accurately Wirral Council leader Cllr Phil ‘ Power Boy Pip’ Davies listening to a recording of the ‘Wirralgate’ tape ).

Talking of advertorials we have seen the future of ‘journalism’ on Wirral and it would seem to be Wirral Life. The latest edition is here

Happy , shiny, Wirral Chamber of Commerce seemingly on every page, the same Botoxed, permatanned faces of Wirral’s business and ‘cultural’ (ha! ha!) elite in every edition . It looks lovely in their world but we wouldn’t want to live there – which may explain why we’re leaving you all to it!

One curious reader of Wirral Life brought our attention the picture of  a restaurant manager by the name of ‘Michael’ featured in the latest edition. Not only does his restaurant get a launch feature ,it also gets a glowing review courtesy of Nicky & Si who’s job seems to be going around gobbling grub and giving glowing reviews. Nice work if you can get it and you can get it if you’ve got the right connections- although needless to say we won’t be giving ‘Michael’ and his restaurant any free publicity even for a free kebab . However we would like to ask in this publication of publicity seekers why ‘Michael’ seems to be so modest ? Perhaps because he’s got a lot to be modest about ? Anyone able to provide the surname of this cheery chappy – as we understand he has a particularly interesting back story?

Mike Traynor 011

All we will say is always question how certain people get to where they are and exactly why they’re featured in the local media  – but exactly who’s going to do that questioning when we’ve gone?

17 thoughts on “Wirral Life – But Not As We Know It!

  1. When the Liverpool Echo could still be described as a “newspaper”, around 40 years ago, I fondly recall reading a restaurant review for the rough and ready Christies “nite spot” in Liscard.

    The best line was…

    “Food is served through a hole punched in a wall…”

  2. A curious development related to local media can be found by typing in the following….

    ‘Ground breaking partnership between Trinty Mirror and BBC’

    Worth a read…. but all very odd…

  3. I wonder if the shiny faces, sharp suits and curly perms of the assorted, hard right, Tory toffs gazing up at us from inside this bubble of ignorance are supportive of Britain’s poor and oppressed digging deep and funding a new Royal Yacht to carry serial tax avoiders to far flung lands… total £120 million?

    I’d say it’s a resounding, pull the ladder up, devil take the hindmost, “YES”.

  4. G’day Leaks

    One last plea for you not to leave Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters for a much nicer place.

    I would like to wish you and yours all the very best for 2018 and into the future.

    You will undoubtedly be rewarded for your work on outing the crud and dross that runs through wirral.

    Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to point out to the taxpayers of wirral that you can report a £2,000,000.00 knock off with criminality and between the cops and the clowncil there is no case to answer.

    What a fucking sick society wirral is.



    May Davies Davies Jones Jones Foulkes Adderley Basnett Bradbury Ball Armstrong Doughty Williamson Tour Wilkie Norman et al rot in fucking hell while you bask in the foreign climes.

    I luv you so much Leaksville thank you thank you thank you XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. Whilst we all enjoy your cutting, barbed pieces, why are you asking your ‘readers’ to name this ‘cheery chappy’? Is he secretly another one of your ‘political monsters’?
    If not, it’s a pretty poor show that you would feature a large photo from a mag of your latest target without knowing who he is?

    He may think that libellous?

    Just an observation.

    • Hi Dava

      We’re glad you enjoy our cutting,barbed pieces.
      As far as we’re aware ‘Michael’ is not one of our ‘political monsters’
      However we are not just interested in the political elite and their Machiavellian ways. We’re also interested in networks and connections that make up the cultural and business elite that end up in the likes of ‘Wirral Life’.

      We’re sure you’ll agree from Community Psychiatric Nurse via 23 Directorships to ‘restaurant manager’is a truly inspirational journey.
      However we’re not sure how being described as a ‘cheery chappy’ could possibly be libellous.If ‘Michael’ thinks so – perhaps he could get in touch and explain why.

      What’s more Dava you seem to be more than just a casual observer.

      Just an observation.

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  7. I’m really confused. Just read in an Echo newspaper blog Monday- think it’s the same person-that Michael is a Gay Bus Driver. Have I got that right?

  8. the person in the picture is mike trainer, another good friend of Paul “Danceaway” Doughty, he was struck off when nursing elderly people who sold their house to him for a £1, fits nicely with Doughty and Arthur Morgan

    • Corrections : Our investigations reveal that the person to whom you refer is known as Mike Traynor. There was a Nursing Midwifery Council ruling regarding Mr Traynor and we understand he was indeed ‘struck off’ and the case did involve the purchase of a house from a vulnerable person . However we believe the sum quoted to be inaccurate.

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