A New Year Message


Whilst we collate the votes for the Leaky Awards 2017 we are honoured to publish this ‘New Year Message’ courtesy of long time Wirral Leaks supporter and contributor Dr Robert Smith.

Whilst it is understandable that we are encouraged to accentuate the positive at this time of year with an optimistic cry of ‘New Year, New Me!’ and plans for a gym membership , a new diet , a dry January and a flick through a travel brochure. However we feel it is our role at Leaky Towers to provide a hard dose of reality in advance of the fading of New Year’s resolutions come February.

Dr Smith’s ‘New Year Message’ is a timely reminder that now is not the time to be vulnerable on Wirral. Of course you won’t be reading in the local press that Wirral features in yet another list of shame.  New figures provided by the Care Quality Commission to MP Barbara Keeley, Labour’s social care spokesperson, indicate that Wirral is one of the places named in the country where over half of nursing homes are rated as ‘requiring improvement or inadequate’. For full story read here  (although we advise you won’t find the information in the ‘ Sidebar of Shame’ !)

Perhaps Cllr Moira ‘Matron’ McLaughlin,Chair of the People Overview and Scrutiny Committee , will finally make the connection between poor quality care and allegations of abuse against vulnerable people or as we’ve reported previously it’ll be the usual case of Carry On Matron .

And so from ‘the Matron’ to ‘the Doctor’ :

Happy New Year to all at Wirral Leaks with my best wishes for the future!

Happy New Year also, to all the Wirral Leaks posse, and best wishes to you all.

If you trawl through the extensive catalogue of failings of, and failures in, Wirral Council it is not surprising that little, if anything has changed for the better.

Wirral Council is so deeply trapped by its own stinking morass of corporate incompetence and ineptitude, it should really have been ‘put down’ long ago, not to save the organisation suffering, but to ease the suffering of those it is supposed to serve.

Party politics and organisational survival is all that matters and pervades the ‘Wirral and Merseyside Partnerships’ having created the http://www.lookingafterourselves.con (the Wirral-Wide Web) and its regional counterpart mww.lookingafterourmates.con (the Mersey-Wide Web).

If ‘vulnerable people’ is the Number 1 priority for Wirral Council, then WBC must be one of the greatest local government success stories of recent years, and a result which really eclipses the Local Government Comical Award ‘Most Improved Council in Great Britain – 2015’.

Trawling through the failings of Wirral Council it is impossible to ignore the fact that the Council has been demonstrated to have failed most sectors of Wirral society to a staggering level. With the help of some local MPs, have triumphantly made things a whole lot worse in care services, young people’s services, child-safeguarding, the elderly, employment prospects, innovation, deprivation, life expectancy, access to public buildings and resources, building on green belt, active degeneration previously known as regeneration, child-poverty, need for foodbanks, conduct in public office, public service integrity, leadership, public interest, the list is virtually endless…

Wirral Council now creates groups of vulnerable people, or enlarges those that already exist.

The point ultimately is that Wirral Council has 100% of the Wirral population that can be considered vulnerable, the most recent being Wirral Council Tax payers who, as a group, are vulnerable to continued financial exploitation through significant future Council Tax increases to finance a diminishing range of virtually unrecognisable ‘public services’ whilst funding obscene senior manager salaries and the expenses of  http://www.lookingafterourselves.con members.

It is convenient politically to say that it is ‘all a result of austerity’ and ‘Tory government cuts’. This is only partly true. Wirral Council’s finances have been in freefall since the 1990’s and successive administrations have built up problems for the future…what happened to the over £500,000,000 invested in Birkenhead between 1991 and 2002?

In addition to much other borrowing, why is Wirral Council spending over £8m per annum in interest payment to foreign banks after borrowing £137m before 2008? As a result of this borrowing WBC is in debt to those banks for in excess of £500,000,000 finally repayable by 2075? Mortgaging the kid’s and the kid’s kids futures, meanwhile lending millions of WBC cash to other councils at ‘mate’s rates’ as well as holding large reserves.

Wirral Leaks has made a difference, for the better, for the people of Wirral…

…that can in no way be said of Wirral Council.

 Happy New Year to all.

18 thoughts on “A New Year Message

  1. G’day Leaks

    Glad your not gone yet…

    Please don’t go you must be able to do this remotely.

    My thought for this year and I would luv some other opinions.


    There are two kinds of people at that sick society that is


    1 There are those there that help themselves to the public purse.

    2 The rest are the people who know who helps themselves to the public purse and do fuck all about it…

    SICK SICK SICK and a vredit to your children..

    Please write if you are at the Least Improved Clowncil in the Country and you don’t know someone who is dishonest.



    Leaky you won’t need extra data to receive the replies.


  2. Another excellent contribution by Dr. Smith.
    I am sad that Wirral Leaks will no longer bring to the attention of its readers the many, many failings of Wirral Council. .I am equally sad that local media will continue to kiss the rear quarters of the Council,and its offshoots, and never publish any adverse comments. however justified.

    The result of course being that corruption, cover -ups, waste, excessive salaries. financial misdealing and general incompetence will no longer be in the public domain.
    The great majority of Wirral residents will have little knowledge of how their hard earned Council Tax (inevitably to increase considerably in April) is spent.
    This will probably result in the same useless bunch being returned to power in the May elections.

    I do acknowledge the work of John Brace and Wirralbiz but,respectfully, suggest they do not have the quite colourful and dramatic impact of Wirral Leaks.

    Would it be possible for the two to combine and produce Wirral Leaks 2?

      • Mike:

        I could never hope to emulate the wonderful work of Wirral Leaks nor would I have the patience, observation and in depth knowledge of John Brace – who I admire greatly- or Wirralbiz.
        Approaching 84 years of age, far too late for me

    • Thanks for your comment Charles.

      I’ll take on board your points about colour and drama in 2018.

      However to make a wider point, I do publish adverse comments. I’m not sure if that is in any way behind the decision by Wirral Council’s Chief Executive/Returning Officer in refusing us press accreditation for the three counts last year (byelection, Metro Mayor and general election). The publications you refer that take a different approach to comments had their press accreditation for the count approved though.

      I have noticed in 2017 that a large number of senior managers have decided to leave (such as the Monitoring Officer, Chief Finance Officer and others).

      As to coverage of the May 2018 elections, I hope to cover the elections (considering the backlash from Wirral Council last year) as best I can considering the limitations that are put on the media during such periods such as a criminal offence in relation to publishing any untrue statements about the character and conduct of candidates (which can lead to issues about comments people leave having to be treated differently during elections).

      As to impact, last month (December 2017) the blog had a total of 78,122 visitors (12,628 unique) and 409,862 pages were viewed. The associated Youtube channel had 2,542 views of videos in December 2017 (which is an increase of around 17% on the previous month).

      I would guess that Wirral Leaks’ readership is higher than that. Maybe Wirral Leaks would like to comment?

      • We’re different entities – which is a good thing.
        John’s dedication to reportage is second to none. We’re more about leaks ,commentary and satire.
        As for impact – we’d suggest that although readership has increased that both blogs impact can’t be measured in stats – its who’s reading them.
        As mainstream media becomes increasingly homogenised and sanitised we were quite happy to provide a platform for dissent and an alternative viewpoint.

    • Ecca

      Your like your fearful leader “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” an abject failure.



      How’s your ill Legal Department going are they all scared of taking on “Highbrow” just like “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill”?

      The Lyon has roared and Squash McCourt is shitting himself.

  3. To continue the Shakespeare theme, All’s Well That Ends Well and Wirral are dipping a toe into the Social Work jobs market…

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