A New Year Message from ‘Defend Our NHS’



Dear Friends,

Happy 2018!

Thank you for signing – if you have – the petition to STOP the new plans to dismantle our NHS. https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/stop-the-plans-to-dismantle-our-nhs

If you haven’t, please do!

Now NHS campaigners have got together with the University of Brighton and the NHS Support Federation to bring you this short survey about NHS changes in YOUR area. The results of the petition will be sent to your local decision makers.

This is a chance for you to make your views known at a local area level at last, whether the council or NHS have asked you or not!!! (Certainly, if you live in Wirral – like many other places, the Council and CCG have been conniving in total secrecy to dismantle our NHS and implement the so-called STP, while hypocritically claiming opposition. Nobody, except those in the conspiracy and those attempting to expose it, are aware.)

A tip would be to strongly disagree with the statements which indicate some sort of cut AND that prioritise financial savings over patient care.


Please take a few minutes to fill it in. Carl Walker from the School of Applied Social Science, University of Brighton, says: “I’d be grateful if you could share as widely as possible to friends around the country. We are aiming for 10,000 people around the UK to complete it. Thanks


And remember to share the petition, which is an important indicator of the public’s feeling towards this completely unacceptable, top-down reorganisation involving £22bn of cuts, to the NHS. ONE BILLION in Cheshire and Merseyside alone (as recommended by the infamous PWC).


Here’s to a successful 2018. On 23rd December the lawyers for the campaign group 999 Call for the NHS told them that “a judge had considered our papers and those of NHS England… and granted permission for our JUDICIAL REVIEW to go ahead – some time after 16th February 2018! ”

Another good reason to sign and share this: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/stop-the-plans-to-dismantle-our-nhs

Happy New Year everyone and THANK YOU!

Best wishes on behalf of Defend Our NHS

29 thoughts on “A New Year Message from ‘Defend Our NHS’

  1. What is happening to the NHS cannot be right, we have to have a better system, and I am not sure that Labour will be any better, we need to remove the NHS out of the Party Political System without any privatisement but put the NHS System under People Power and full accountability.

    • G’day Hugo

      Of course labor won’t be any better haven’t you been to the Clown Hall to see “Philly “FUCKING” Liar and his gang that thinks its not our money anyway,

      There is no place for the PPS in local government or anywhere including the playground.



      Where there is money they will loot it until people stand up.

      Don’t go Leaky XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      wirral needs you.

  2. It has to remain nationalised. And it has to be fully-funded.

    The NHS has been deliberately run down for 7 years by Tories and Lib Dems and hard right Labour treacherous twats who’ve been investing their own private money and our own public cash into making it easier for private health companies bidding for bumper health contracts. This is the jewel in the crown, and the privatisation that once done and dusted, will make all others possible.

    £1 billion worth of contracts were handed out over this week. During the season of good will to all men? Fuck off. Sick bastards. Great New Year’s present.

    The reason for all the foreseeable and avoidable problems, shortages, nurses bailing out, doctors leaving and nightmare delays is Tory greed, hatred of their fellow man and a relentless succession of cynical, ideological attacks. It is not incompetence or a broken system, nor is it an avoidable shortage of funding. The bastards lavished a very handy £1.5 billion onto a gang of throwback fucking Norn Iron creationists to salvage their own poisonous twatting souls.

    The same filth that bestowed honours on the threatening 1922 committee to buy their toxic hearts.

    On top of this, money intended for the NHS is being withdrawn deliberately to make it look like it’s broken and needs fixing. Then they’re lying to say that they’re fully funding it when they ain’t.

    Don’t be deceived by the shite you see on the TV or hear on the radio or read in the propaganda sheets; the alleged “newspapers” owned by tax avoiding billionaire proprietors, living offshore, laying in hammocks, sipping Pimms, in the flush of good health, with full private coverage, who are donating laundered money to the party of the scum bags that’s enabling them, and who ALSO stand to make themselves even MORE healthy and even MORE filthy rich from sitting off, and using the riff raff’s employer-induced industrial ailments, stress, misery and deaths to turn a fat fucking profit.

    /rant not over.

  3. Ecca you Buffoon

    Get a grip of your ill Legal Department and those scum bags that dictate to them.

    Word on the street is that there is a whistle blowing case on the horizon and they have already spent more on the defence of their reputations than the claim.

    What a lot of sick sick barstards in your clowncil.



    Six and a half years now you muppet “Spotty Dog” since Adderley and Basnett sat lying and it won’t go away until their are some admissions and apologies.

    I bet you giving the top spot to a man you Blinking CEO a woman wouldn’t do it for the scum bag arseholes at wirral.

    • Mr Griffiths,

      The only thing that requires getting a grip of is the tone of your message….our legal department retains & maintains integrity, and any snippet of information that comes your way about this department must be a load of made up nonsense…audit the whole council if your that way inclined.

      • The ‘tone’ of this reply really did make us laugh. Haughty and deluded.
        Oh and we all know what’s triggered the response – all together now :” In the jungle, the mighty jungle……”

      • Hey Mother Teresa

        I have audited the clowncil with the Audit Commission and the whole fucking place stinks.

        So go stick that up your hooty tooty arse.



        Happy New Year to you and your ill Legal Department.

        Must admit you must have improved getting shot of “The Shyster” “Sir Git”.

        I bet you wouldn’t take on the poisoned chalice so it will be down to “Squashy! I presume.

        Luv you. X

      • Teresa, if you are going to make a snotty comment on this site, at least ensure that it is grammatically correct. It is ‘you’re’ not ‘your’ !

  4. When, through short term, reckless, foolhardy, political, economic and social engineering programmes, dressed up as Free Movement Of People, deliberately orchestrated by Big Business conglomerates and their corporate allies the unholy evil European Union, and the politicians introduce nigh on five million people from the European Union to Britain since 2004, which includes over 1.5 economically inactive citizens, then there is an impact upon our much cherished NHS. How can it be otherwise?
    The costs of maintaining the good health of this vast army of cheap labour and their dependants, together with all the other public services that modern Britain has built up and created since the end of World War 2, it’s simply obvious that the resources of our Health Service will be stretched to snapping point. Simply blaming it on our ageing population or a lack of governmental funding is the easy way of protesting its current plight.
    We are where we are and it is what it is. When a union like the EU contains two groups. The Have’s and the Have Nots. The rich and the poor and you then invite the two groups to go wherever they please, it’s inevitable that the Have’s will stay put and the Have Nots move to enjoy what the Have’s have got.
    It’s not a knotty difficult economic conundrum to understand! It’s bloody simple and you don’t have to be a disciple of John Maynard Keynes to grasp the problem, say it as it is and understand that this arrangement of Free Movement Of People has asset stripped our sovereign wealth and brought about a politically convenient tipping point that’ll give both our major political parties the sought after excuse to privatize our NHS and yield massive profits generated by everyone having to pay for everything.

    • Well said Bobby47 give that man a hand shake the only person who speaks some sense on here…. right you left wingers get back to burning your toes on the 3 bar heater, the sooner the better this dross gets closed down.

    • Unholy and evil…

      1. Formidable, collective, Neo-Liberal powerhouse, the EU
      2. The 2010 Tory / Lib Dem Government
      3. The 2015 & 2017 Tory Governments
      4. The Last three ToryLabour Governments
      5. Tony Blair and his savagery
      6. David Cameron and his infamy
      7. Theresa May and her bribery
      8. 10 x terror-connected, anti-abortion creationists, dressed up as ‘respectable’
      9. The ongoing spectre of divisive nationalism / racism, used to generate xenophobia and for sinister political ends such as propping up invasions abroad
      10. MPs of all parties who have invested our cash and theirs in private ‘wealthcare’ with the intention of making a fat profit from the NHS sell off
      11. Tax avoiding billionaires of the press (owning 80%) and media with the desire / facility to sway the minds of gullible voters (those daft enough to lurch to blaming immigrants for ALL of our ills, and who then vote UKIP, Tory or right wing Labour / Frank Field, etc. as a kneejerk reaction and because they end up wrongly pigeon-holing fellow humans as ‘economically inactive’ or worse)
      12. Donald Trump (or whatever POTUS, post impeachment) and their prospective ‘trade’ deals

      Not unholy, not evil…

      A. Immigrants, i.e. human beings desirous of a better, more secure life, good healthcare
      B. Oppressed, vulnerable, stolen from, cheated citizens needing change, but opposing the sell off of the NHS which could make millionaires of 10. above and impoverish them still further
      C. Gullible voters at 11. above
      D. Whistleblowers.
      E. Lord Leaky and his commenters (some are just deluded aren’t they Teresa?)
      F. Refugees, fleeing selfish, savage wars created by 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. above to plunder wealth, oil, minerals, topple governments, spread propaganda and thereby infect the minds of biddable populations resembling the voters mentioned at 11. above.

  5. G’day Tess of the D’Urbervilles

    Why don’t you read the Beverley Edwards Report and the Grant Thornton Report that was hidden for years and go talk to Davies, Davies, Foulkes or Jones and they will tell you like what they told “Highbrow”

    “You don’t understand how it works boyo keep out of party political shite you don’t understand”.

    “Now fuck off”

    When you have read it like that solicitor did over Xmas please explain why their was no convictions, no action on the asset stripping and reports hidden for years and senior officers lied publicly on 7 October 2014.



    Talking of reports Ms D’Urbevilles how much did the Report from Horseguards want to claw back for wirral’s misdemeanours?

    Or, are you still negotiating?

    You should have been at “SIr Git’s” whistleblowing farce in the courthouse over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters where he either had them all coached or they are incompetent nincompoops Himself included, Blott on the wirral Landscape, HR et al repeatedly saying
    “I can’t recall” “I can’t recall” and Blotto saying he never took notes.

    I must remember that one.

    Which one?

    I can’t recall.

    Mother Theresa go tell Ecca, The Blinking CEO we Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers are still open to public apologies.


  6. Teresa, my dear sweet girl. You’ve made a mistake and I’m not entirely sure you realise your error. I’m here to help you.
    On these here pages that are visited by the bewildered, the dispossessed and the possessed, those that bet on uncertain outcomes and those that don’t because they’re lacking any need to spend their last quid on the 3.30 at Redcar, we don’t ever, under any circumstances single out our James Griffiths for criticism.
    We don’t do it! We wouldn’t ever do it. Not even his Lordship, her Ladyship and their staff would ever take to their keyboards and aim a barbed comment toward our James. Furthermore, not even Cardin, the menace of the Wirral and proprietor of Wirral In It Together, a man not known for mercy or kindness when addressing the issue of The Bastard Council, would even think for a single moment to aim an arrow at our James.
    Why? Because they just wouldn’t. That’s why. You see Teresa, our Griff enjoys a very special status. If you like, he’s not to dissimilar to the Sacred White Cow that wanders around the Sub Continent, grazing where it wants to, doing as it pleases, saying, if it was equipped to speak,exactly what it wishes to say and generally speaking worshipped by the local villagers who’d never ever try and milk it’s udders in an effort to shut the bovine beast up.
    Yep! Our James is out of your league and you’d do well to remember that after years of fighting against injustice James has rightly earned the status of deity on the mighty Wirral Leaks and nobody should ever try and shut him up!

      • Teresa and Human took me back to the heady days of Little Dave…or was it Tiny Tim or Little Dick, and the other one whose name escapes me… and escaped her at the time.

        They never contribute anything of substance to the issue, except the petulance of someone who realised they hadn’t been invited to a ‘best friend’s’ party last weekend because they act like a twat.

        A pseudonym…Teresa Woodburn (marginally more imaginative than Theresa Green) and Human Cannon…well that is just asking for trouble on this page.

        I am totally supporting Bobby47 and his eloquent exercise for the educational benefit of Teresa Woodburn(ing stove) regarding Mr Griffiths considered and informed views. As I saw on a FB page…

        All this and more could be yours by following your employer’s policy directive if you become a WIRRAL COUNCIL WHISTLE-BLOWER…”

      • We resisted Human Cannon Fodder. Well until now anyway.
        Ooh which FB page is it you refer to (email details to us if you can) sounds like a candidate for ‘Quote of the Year’ in our upcoming ‘ Leaky Awards 2017’

  7. G’day Bobby

    “Highbrow” has always remained decent and given them the opportunity to question his/our accusations.

    They have abjectly failed on every level so they write their own rules, ethics and morals.

    I thank you so much for your support but they won’t listen to the Oxford educated whistleblower’s evidence, politeness, openness and transparency by staying in a political gang that includes all sides.

    They are all fucked Bobert in what they believe is good politics.

    I had my sixth grandchild in Australia today and I believe due to them in part I will never be able to afford to meet the last two.

    As they are in a big gang saying nought I feel it is fair to mention them personally the ones that went out of there way to thwart our attempts to save wirral £2,000,000.00 knock off..

    They are no better than scallies on the street except they do it in what they think is a posh manner.

    Their families should be ashamed of how they make their money but their families probably cower under their desks as well not saying boo.



    Luv and respect you Bobster XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    God Bless You boy X

  8. Thanks to you Good Lord

    As I told Bobby they won’t listen to Oxford educated “Highbrow” tie them in knots (you can’t get better than that) so I feel the likes of “Ankles” and Davies will understand me in their own talk.

    Thanks for allowing me.



    Luv you to the moon and back XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    They stink like a dead dingo’s donger Lordy.

  9. I do hope this pregnant pause on the part of “Teresa” will eventually give birth to:

    1 Apology
    2 Non-grudging acceptance of her erroneous ways, backed up by details of where, when & how
    3 Pledge to research for facts in the future before spouting off
    4 Tying the ‘umbilical cord’ & embracing of 1. 2. & 3, a bouncing new baby, needing much love & care

    The Wirral public are also expecting.

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