The Leaky Awards – All Time Best Quotes

One of the most satisfying aspects of reviewing our past body of work is identifying the consistent thread of delusion and deceit associated with those from Wirral Council that weaves its way through our posts like words through a stick of rock

Wanker rock

To highlight this  we present the past winners of ‘Quote of the Year’ 2013-16

 2013 – ” No evidence was made available to the investigation to substantiate a serious allegation regarding inappropriate language” – Wirral Council ‘leader’ Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies

Full story here: THE LEAKYS – WIRRAL LEAKS AWARDS 2013

2014 – ” (I was) played an excerpt of the recording (and) an adverse comment (was) made by a senior member (of the Labour group)” 


Power Boy Pip – a hearing impairment or a truth allergy? 

We’ve added some annotations (in bold) to the comments on our original post just to highlight the extent of the denial and deceit that’s going on here :

Wirral Leaks followers will recall that the Quote of the Year in the 2013 Leaky Awards came from Power Boy Pip and was in reference to the Wirralgate tape – ” No evidence was made available to the investigation to substantiate a serious allegation regarding inappropriate language” (This investigation will be the unheralded Peter Mackay investigation from October 2013 – about which much more in our upcoming Wirralgate For Dummies guide). Then having thought he’d cleverly boxed off that little local difficulty Pip’s plans were dashed after someone (that someone tipped off Tory leader Jefferson Green about the Wirralgate tape just before last Christmas and by the new year it suddenly appeared that Power Boy Pip had recovered from a bout of amnesia and suddenly recalled being “played an excerpt of the recording” and that “an adverse comment (was) made by the senior member” of the Labour group” !!!

We were more coy in those days. The ‘someone’ who tipped off Green was none other than Liam Murphy who at the time was working for the Liverpool Echo but as you all now know works for the local Labour group!

Oops! the “adverse comment” must’ve slipped Pip’s tiny mind during the Mackay investigation in October 2013.

So having been rumbled Pip was forced to concede that the Wirralgate tapes went from an “unsubstantiated rumour” to “inaudible” to him admitting that he was indeed “played an excerpt.”

What we find frustrating is that the then Tory leader Green or indeed any other councillor didn’t think to refer the matter to the Standards Panel as Pip had clearly lied to investigator and to elected members. But then they didn’t when Cllr Steve Foulkes had evidentially done the same during the first Thynne investigation and they were ALL witnesses!  

Is it any wonder that the runner up for Quote of the Year 2014 was this :

“We wanted justice but you wouldn’t give it to us”Whistleblower Nigel ‘Highbrow’ Hobro speaking at Audit & Risk Management Committee in October whilst exposing Wirral Council’s inglorious record of thwarting whistleblowers by means of delay, obfuscation ,denial , minimisation and total lack of scrutiny or challenge from opposition councillors (see above).

Full story here : THE LEAKYS 2014

2015  – “You really don’t expect this sort of thing from a Labour Council.” –  Paddy Cleary ,Unison Branch Secretary commenting on proposals to close disabilities respite unit Girtrell Court , which we all know subsequently closed. Last time we heard carers weren’t happy with replacement services. 

As we said with such prescience at the time :  Is this what passes for “slamming” round here?.Seriously Paddy – where have you bloody been?. Oh !-  sitting in Wallasey Town Hall on the Council payroll !Memo to Paddy : This a Labour Council in name only and it is exactly the type of “thing” they’ve been doing for years. We deserve so much better and so do your members and until you all realise this your membership and influence will continue to dwindle. # UNISON #USELESS #FACEPALM 

Full story here : THE LEAKY AWARDS 2015

2016  From the brink of intervention, to the pinnacle of local government”  – Eric Robinson CEO Wirral Council. 

As we said at the time : Now we don’t know whether Stressed Eric has been buying some powerful hallucinogenics with his megabucks salary but this can surely be the only explanation for this ludicrous claim that Wirral Council is the pinnacle of local government. When it comes to public service peak performance we’re talking more Moel Famau than Mount Everest!

Of course this claim has gone from ludicrous to insulting as it was made before the publication of the damning Ofsted report which deemed local Children’s Services to be ‘inadequate’

Stressed Eric was also the runner up last year with this howler :

” It might seem an unusual step to revert to a printed product, and even I queried this at first …….” (Eric Robinson talking about Wirral Council’s decision to publish Wirral View ) “Until I was told to get back under my desk ….”  he might of added to prove once again why he’s the perfect CEO for Wirral Council.


EricERic v3

One of these is under the control of unseen hands and speaks other people’s words. The other one is a ventriloquist’s dummy.


And finally here’s a potential winner for  ‘Quote of the Year 2018’ from someone who doesn’t and has never worked for Wirral Council  but fortunately for her knows somebody who did and which provides further insight into ‘how things work’ these days.

“This year Emma Degg took over as CEO of the North West Business Leadership Team (NWBLT). Over the years , Emma had offered me various work experience placements to help me advance and develop my network. It’s through NWBLT that I found out about The Juice Academy ….” Emma Green

From Pub to Powerhouse

We ask ourselves could Emma Green be in any way related to former Wirral Council Tory group leader Cllr Jeff ‘Kindred’ Green who could often be seen having a fag with Emma Degg round the back of Wallasey Town Hall ? I think we all know the answer to that question don’t we boys and girls? But isn’t it nice to see those who have moved on to pastures new courtesy of nepotism, sorry ,’network’ is able to give the leg up to the daughter of the former leader of Wirral Council?

8 thoughts on “The Leaky Awards – All Time Best Quotes

  1. Just to shed some much-needed light onto the evasive, euphemistic language carefully chosen by liar Phil Davies…

    Key (alleged):

    o No evidence was made available = Our man wasn’t looking for it
    o Serious allegation = A racist crime
    o Inappropriate language = Racism (criminal)
    o Adverse comment = Racist comment (criminal)
    o Senior member = Deputy Council Leader George Davies (alleged criminal)

    Probably the sickest part of this charade is that the target of the alleged racist crime knew he’d been singled out but was so far into the doo doo himself – right up to his neck – he chose to protect the nest of vipers, and was ready to quote “the public interest” if challenged, before bailing out later in his own sordid career interests.

  2. In an alternative universe a member of audit n risk committee today told me that it Was minuted the auditors reported that WBC had fully co-operate with their big isus audit.

    So that is OK then

    Save that
    No one got punished

    Council officers rigged the procurement process outrageously

    The council concealed vital reports as long as possible

    Etc etc

    To the deaf there is no point shouting g

    As in 1984 novel if the party sys three fingers are held up before you when there are two then indeed three fingers there are

    Julian Justice, you are right, 7 years of careful journalism cannot break the carapace of comfort sheltering some deluded councillors

  3. G’day Leaks

    Can you imagine the quotes you would have if Phil Davies had spoken at the public Improvement Board Meeting in answer to THE GREAT Martin Morton instead of sprinting to the door and colliding with the stinking ashtray Adderley in sheer pink faced panic.

    Can you imagine the quotes you would have if Phil Davies was allowed to be interviewed on that dreadful Roger Lightbulb’s radio station over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters instead of reading a prepared statement like his kiddies Little Matty Patty and Clowncillor Emergency Ward 10 year old.

    Can you imagine the quotes you would have had if Phil Davies had stood alongside Burgess, Ball and Adderley collectively lying at Burgess’s farce of a public meeting into BIG, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods.



    A debate between “Highbrow” and Phil Davies would be very quotable.

    Luv yo Lordy please don’t leave us XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. G’day Leaksly



    “Highbrow” bumped into Clowncillor Silly Old Fool.

    The old fool despite being in the cheap cider club was not even pissed.

    The half wit old goat on Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods said

    Quote of 2018

    Its been minuted that auditors were happy

    So everything is unky dory.



    The man should be sectioned they have probably spent £6,000.00 at least this year still defending their reputations over this issue, £250,000.00 in total and you just have to read the Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton Report to know it was all shit and criminal in parts.


    Guess who?

      • G’day Leaky

        I am going to be a smart arse.

        The independent auditors.



        They both get paid with the same money Leaksville……… not our money.

        That old welsh fool is one of the leaders for God’s sakes………

        He is so jealous of “Highbrow” going to Oxford, he probably went to Bangor Tech and failed.

  5. G’day Ecca

    Could this be the year of public apologies over Wirral “Funny” Bizz or are we going to continue this game of

    I LIE

    You would feel so much better and less of a fool when you say the clowncil has improved.



    Your “guilty” spots might clear up on your ruby cheeks.

    Don’t go Lordy XXXXXXXXXXX


      Or an over prescription of anti depressants by a solicitous doctor

      Or a panoply of drugs to quieten the inmates

      Comes to the same thing

      A minute a day to soothe your troubles away

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