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Launched just over an hour ago is a Crowdfund appeal to fund a Judicial Review against NHS England’s Accountable Care Organisation contract. Set out below is everything you need to know courtesy of Leaky Awards 2017 winners Defend Our NHS – Wirral.

Also note : On SATURDAY 3RD FEBRUARY there will be a national day of action in support of the NHS with various local activities. In WIRRAL this will involve a gathering outside ARROWE PARK HOSPITAL from 1.00pm to show DONHS solidarity with NHS staff, to alert the public to what’s happening to our health service, and to continue to #DefendOurNHS.
The next PUBLIC MEETING  will be in Birkenhead on Friday 2nd March from 7.00pm. More details soon. PLEASE put the date in your diary now.


Defending the NHS nationally and in Wirral

A judge has granted permission for national campaign group 999 Call for the NHS to bring a Judicial Review of NHS England’s draft Accountable Care Organisation contract. The group believe this is not only unlawful under current NHS legislation, but would threaten patient safety standards and limit the range of available treatments. The case will be held in Leeds High Court at some date after 16 February.

Wirral’s NHS campaign group Defend Our NHS support the Judicial Review; they recognise that the legal challenge affects everyone – patients, public and NHS Staff.

Kevin Donovan from Defend Our NHS urged people to support the appeal to fund the Judicial Review. He noted that, “The leader of Wirral Council, Councillor Phil Davies, says he opposes the government’s so-called ‘sustainability and transformation’ plans which are the framework for the Accountable Care Systems and Organisations. Yet, behind closed doors he has been supporting the development of the whole apparatus. The documented policy of Wirral Council – in collaboration with the local clinical commissioning group (and quoting from Council papers) – is now ‘the development of a single ‘Accountable Care System’’. Wirral Council acknowledges that, ‘The STP will operate at Cheshire and Merseyside level’.”

“Defend Our NHS members are yet to find anybody in Wirral outside of a campaign group who has heard the initials ‘STP’ or ‘ACO’ or ‘ACS’, let alone understands what they will mean for our beloved National Health Service. The issue is that Accountable Care Systems and Organisations are being planned secretively, including right here in Wirral. They are a new form of local NHS and social care organisation; the intention is to cut costs by managing demand for health and social care. This will speed up the creation of a two-tier system – where those with money will use private providers and the rest will be left with reduced health and social care services.  Protecting the NHS as a fully funded public service of comprehensive healthcare is vital for us all.”

The Judicial Review and the national campaign

999 Call for the NHS and internationally recognised public law firm Leigh Day are launching the third and final stage of their ‘crowdfund’ on 12 January, in order to cover all the costs of bringing the Judicial Review, and are appealing for £12,000. This amount, when added to existing funds donated by hundreds of generous members of the public in 2017, will cover the £37,000 cost of the Judicial Review.

The link to crowdfund is: Crowd Justice Healthcare4All Stage 3

Recognising that it is in the public interest to establish if the Accountable Care Organisation contract is lawful or not, the Judge has awarded 999 Call for the NHS a capped costs order of £25K. This limits the costs that the campaign group would have to pay NHS England, were they to lose the case.

999 Call for the NHS were originally well known as the Darlo Mums who organised a 300 mile Jarrow to London People’s March for the NHS in 2014. This culminated in a rally in Trafalgar Square attended by 20,000 people.

Jo Land, one of the original Darlo Mums who marched from Jarrow to London, said,

“In 2014, 20,000 people felt so strongly about the devastating effects of marketisation on the NHS that they joined us at the end of our 300 mile march to London to take a stand against it and spread the word.

Please join us again, in marching on the courts to challenge the Accountable Care Organisations contact.  This is a big step for us and we need your support. We believe it is vital to determine if the new contract is lawful or not. We all have to fight this together for the sake of the nation’s health and democracy.”

What is an ACO?

The Judicial Review is a direct challenge to NHS England’s introduction of a model contract for use by new local NHS and Social Care organisations, known as Accountable Care Organisations (ACO).

ACOs are based on the business model used by the USA’s Medicare/Medicaid system, which only provides state-funded “managed care” for the elderly and people who are too poor to pay for private health insurance. “Managed care” involves a variety of mechanisms used by managers of American healthcare companies to get doctors to avoid expensive forms of treatment.

In granting permission for the Judicial Review, the Judge commented that it would not consider the merits or demerits of the ACO model, but would focus on the lawfulness of the method for paying Accountable Care Organisations. 

The group say that the current lack of a legal framework for Accountable Care Organisations – and in particular the way they would be paid to provide local NHS and social care services – is simply not compatible with democratic control and oversight of the resources and future of our biggest public service. And the government has backtracked from its 2017 Manifesto promise of new legislation for this radical shake up of the NHS and social care.

The Wirral campaign

Defend Our NHS has existed for seven years. It was formed in January 2011 by a small group of people concerned about the changes to the NHS proposed by the then Tory Health Secretary Andrew Lansley. The warnings given by the Group’s founder members (who included Margaret Greenwood, now MP for Wirral West) about the likely damage to the NHS have sadly come true.

Since 2011 the group has been active in informing the public about the growing local and national crisis in the NHS. It has a large mailing list and massive support for its Facebook page. Scores of people attend its public meetings and demonstrations.

In recent years Defend Our NHS in Wirral has:

  • Joined the junior doctors on their picket lines as they campaigned for safe conditions for patients;
  • Uncovered the hidden involvement of Richard Branson in Wirral general practice;
  • Challenged Wirral Clinical Commissioning group over its implementation of government health cuts;
  • Identified the now public crisis at Arrowe Park Hospital;
  • Supported the community campaign to re-open the Eastham Walk-In Clinic;
  • Revealed (in 2015) Wirral’s invitation to and involvement with Advocate Health Care, a US organisation well known for its ACO dealings; and now:
  • Exposed the secretive plans by the leaders of Wirral Council to defy their own party’s policy by implementing the STP/ACO.



1. 999 Call for the NHS is a grassroots, volunteer-run campaign organisation. It has been actively campaigning since 2014 to restore the NHS as a properly funded, publicly owned, managed and provided comprehensive health service that is free at the point of need for everyone with a clinical need.

2. Defend Our NHS was established in Wirral in 2011 and is also entirely volunteer-run. It has attracted a large and active group of supporters. As well as concerned local residents its supporters now include a significant and growing number of doctors and nurses, outraged by what is being done to the NHS. Its Facebook page is at

3. From 6pm on 12th January, the crowdfund will be live at: Crowd Justice Healthcare4All Stage 3

4. Campaign groups are concerned that the contract, if implemented, would threaten patient safety and force hospitals and doctors to restrict treatment, making decisions based on money not clinical judgement. They believe that this new contract is unlawful under current NHS legislation.

This is because the new ACO contract does not link payment to the number of patients treated and/or the complexity of the medical treatment they need, as required by the 2012 Health and Social Care Act,  but is based on a fixed budget for an area’s population.  This budget would be  geared to helping to meet the £22bn+ funding shortfall by 2021 that the government is imposing on the NHS in England.

5. As well as bringing this Judicial Review, 999 Call for the NHS – all unpaid volunteers – is also campaigning with other grassroots groups across England for the passage of the NHS Reinstatement Bill, the restoration of proper levels of NHS and social care funding and the protection of NHS healthcare for all – not the fragmentation and downgrade of our NHS to something resembling the USA’s Medicare.

6. A Judicial Review is a process of examining in court whether the government and/or its agencies are acting lawfully.

7. CrowdJustice is the only platform dedicated to raising funds and awareness for legal cases. CrowdJustice has established legal crowdfunding as a powerful tool for citizens to access justice and lawyers take cases that otherwise would not be heard. CrowdJustice is democratising the justice system by empowering people and communities to champion and build support for legal issues that matter to them. CrowdJustice has raised more than £4 million from over 100,000 backers to support legal action in the courts.


8 thoughts on “Defend Our NHS – Latest News

  1. I wonder whether West Kirby’s Phil Davies uses the bumper public money allowances he draws to tap into private health care provision for himself and his family? Or shares in Virgin Care perhaps?

    This very well could be the case because it would explain he and his ‘Labour’ colleagues’ curious behaviour when discharging OUR INTERESTS, which would appear to jar with every one of our heartfelt wishes as users and defenders of the NHS.

    This entryist, hard right ‘Labour’ council leader may as well be swanning about on his own private yacht, taking potshots at us, pulling the ladder up, and leaving vulnerable and ill people to fend for themselves or drown, as his ideological fellows in central government starve the NHS of its vital funding and desperately ill people die on hospital trollies.

    It’s tragic isn’t it, that the people of Wirral have voted for and endorsed the likes of him and his 38 colleagues in their dishonesty, and when doing so, were under the reasonable impression that the position of the NHS locally would be strengthened and defended. After all, these are supposed to be Labour politicians !

    How dispiriting it is to find that this was never the case, and that the opposite is true. In voting ‘Labour’ they have in fact signed their own death warrants, because his colleagues, cowards one and all (some of them apparently “Corbyn supporters”) are being whipped into voting for what Theresa May, Jeremy Hunt, Slasher McVey and the Tory government are imposing upon us, because it will help them to secure their own personal fortunes as their private health investments come good.

    Does our own Phil Davies have a huge private bounty to pick up if and when his crooked activities win through?

    Can I just remind the people of Wirral that in May 2018, these TRAITORS can at long last be consigned to the nearest dustbin, where they belong, and you can pick somebody else, someone who doesn’t have TORY blood and their own GREEDY self-interest coursing through their veins?


    • Apparently, after a month, there has been no reply to this message:
      To: Councillor Phil Davies, Leader of Wirral Borough Council

      Dear Councillor Davies

      I don’t expect you to reply to this message; you have never had the courtesy to respond to, let alone acknowledge, any previous communication. However I need to ask you some questions and seek clarification.

      Assuming I will not hear from you I am copying in my ward councillors, the Labour shadow health and local government spokespersons, the four Wirral MPs, and officers of the four Wirral Constituency Labour Parties in the hope that somebody who understands the Council’s and your Party’s decisions may be able to help me and to clear my confusion.

      Why am I confused? Apparently at Monday’s (11th December 2017) Wirral Council meeting it was agreed to press ahead with changes to local health and care services and you told the meeting the Council was implementing Labour national NHS policy by working with local NHS colleagues to integrate health and social care services.

      Earlier you had emailed every Wirral member of your party to say, “In addition, Labour Party policy nationally is to halt and review the NHS ‘Sustainability and Transformation Plans’ (STPs), which are looking at closing health services across England, and this is fully supported by the Labour Group in Wirral. It is the Wirral Labour Group who have already led the fight to reinstate Eastham Walk-In centre after its closure.”

      Taking the above into account can you please explain the following?

      “To halt and review”? This phrase was included in your party’s last manifesto but now is simply NOT correct. At its annual conference this year the Labour Party agreed the motion (Composite 8) which said, inter alia: “This Conference Calls on our Party to restore our NHS by reversing all privatisation and permanently halting STPs and ACSs.” There is no mention of a ‘review’. The policy is for ‘permanently halting’. STPs and ACSs don’t need to be reviewed; they are acknowledged to be the government’s way to “slash, trash and privatise” the NHS (with over £900 millions of cuts planned for Cheshire and Merseyside alone and advised – as are your officers – by the infamous PWC).
      But if you do oppose the STP can you explain why you and the overwhelming majority of your councillors have been unable to answer an unequivocal ‘yes’ to this simple question: “Do you support [the] campaign to stop the STP/ACS and oppose the further near £1 billion cuts?”
      Could it be because, in fact and unbelievably given what you claimed on Monday, the documented policy of Wirral Council – in collaboration with the local clinical commissioning group (and quoting from Council papers) – is now “the development of a single ‘Accountable Care System’”?
      Or because your officers and you acknowledge that, “The STP will operate at Cheshire and Merseyside level, commissioning some specialist services. Primarily operating on the basis of a Strategic Health Authority – holding the local Wirral system to account…” (You might also tell me whether you are happy that the fate of Wirral’s health and care services is now ultimately under the control of this person:
      In summary the Council is planning to implement by April 2018 the very things which you claim to oppose and about which the public remain largely ignorant and have never been consulted.
      This comes as no surprise. To give just one example from recent years (there are sundry others), what were you doing at the 9th March 2016 (yes, 2016) Wirral Health and Wellbeing Board? The minutes tell us that, “In his role as Chair, Councillor Phil Davies suggested the focus be on how, as a Board, members could add value to the whole emerging NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plan agenda”.
      You have never replied to earlier questions (which I asked you originally in April 2015) in relation to the Vanguard project: “Why has Wirral granted enhanced entry to our local health services to major US and/or US-owned corporations, especially one representing the ACO model? Surely this and “testing of a capitated budget approach” are the logical precursors to a health insurance scheme?”
      And, by the way, to say that, “It is the Wirral Labour Group who have already led the fight to reinstate Eastham Walk-In centre” is at best straining the reality.
      I await your full response.

      Yours sincerely

  2. Pingback: Liar Phil Davies, “Labour” Leader of Wirral Council Wants to Privatise the NHS. Don’t Let Him Get Away With It | Wirral In It Together

  3. G’day Leaks

    Hey Ecca, Eccles Cake Face yer Blinking CEO, from the rubbish paper over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters

    Arrowe Park Hospital says sorry for culture of bullying and harassment

    So Ecca it can be done.

    You could practice by apologising to the Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers.

    It won’t hurt Spotty Dog but it might make your skin erupt again.

    Adderley lied, Tour lied and if not had not read the report or he couldn’t recall asif, Davies lied, Basnett was an airhead, Jones lied and 65 clowncillors aided and abetted the lies.

    Sorry is not that hard to say you £200,000.00 pa muppet.

    They have even apologised to the Aboriginal people after living those lies for 200 years.



    And you could stop “Philly Liar” from trying to emulate his Uncle Joe, killing the markets, killing China Town, the hospital is in the shit, no sprinklers before the horses bolted and the football stadium ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Don’t go Lordsville XXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. G’day The Good Lord

    Saturday night Robinson and your leader “Philly “Fucking” Liar” is probably out in Hoylake with his family in some posh restaurant telling the maitre’d to tell the boss to come and see him with the bill so he can tell him how business will be booming when he builds his posh housing estate disguised as a golf resort on green belt.

    It is all my doing he will be saying can we have a discount because my family think I am not a fucking liar and you will make a fortune from the new tenants on the green belt and those hippy walkers won’t annoy you just having a bovril.

    Whilst Ecles Cake Face you dill brain I am drinking cheap cider and probably never meeting some of my grandkids.




    So to summarise “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive and LYING Dill is just a cunt.

    Got that Ecca, not too late to apologise for


  5. Thanks for supporting this great cause. How embarrassing will it be when the judges decide that what Wirral Council is secretly pursuing is entirely illegal? Apparently the Judicial review appeal has raised £5k in 24 hours.

    • G’day nive

      They don’t do embarrassment.

      They do denial and move on.



      They are worse than kids they can’t admit a mistake, a criminal act or any shit.

      Six and a half years on from the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 they still won’t say sorry or explain why no one is in jail.


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