Wirral Leaks Says ‘Au Revoir Mes Amis’

Ce n’est pas un adieu, c’est qu’un au revoir 

As we finally pack our bags for our new life in the South of France (and boy do we have baggage) we feel to need to finally clarify what the situation is with regards to the future of Wirral Leaks.

After extensive discussions with interested parties the situation is this  – we have reached the abyss. As our friend Fred said :

“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”

However – our work is not done. Why should Wirral Council have an easy ride into the abyss – and on a less philosophical note we want a million hits on our WordPress site (and we’re so very,very close).

So let’s peer into the abyss a little longer. There is unfinished business.

So whilst our faculties are failing and it may be a case of ‘begone dull care’ we understand our public service responsibilities (unlike those at Wirral Council) .

Not only are there are local elections in 2018 there are some unresolved matters that as much as Wirral Council and their influential partners want to shove as far away as they can – we’re having none of it!

Having said that any future leaks we receive have to be on the Exxon Valdez scale of damage. We just want to be in a position to raise ourselves gently up from our sun lounger , take a sip on our pousse-café and press the publish and be damned button.

Meanwhile it has been agreed that there will be an occasional column from His Lordship titled :

” Thoughts from Abroad”

And one from Her Ladyship titled :

“Thoughts from A Broad”

We also welcome contributions from approved campaigners and our esteemed regulars – The Prof, The Doc and Highbrow and any others who are able to meet the high standards of our regular roster of writers.

We particularly look forward to the work of Wirral Guerilla who tell us they’re taking our fight to the streets and as much as they admire satire they think that direct action is much more effective. We wouldn’t disagree. Go, Wirral Guerilla!

In the meantime you’ll have to endure expensive advertisement features  such as this:

Advertisement 017

and expensive sponsored features disguised as journalism featuring the likes of Simone ‘Rhyming Slang ‘ White :

Post Its and BS

….and which of course WE all pay for!

But finally we’d like to give all of our readers a great big send off and thank you for all your kind comments and support over the years. Let’s just let’s hope our brakes haven’t been tampered with as we travel ‘La Grande Corniche’ to our place in the sun!

Keep on leakin’ !

MM wave




9 thoughts on “Wirral Leaks Says ‘Au Revoir Mes Amis’

  1. Bonne chance. A très bientôt – et merci pour tout.
    Vous etes completement maginifiques, tous les deux.
    A la tienne, Etienne.


    La patrie en danger!!

    Vous avec escaladee la montagne pour etre digne de Marat


    Ne laissez jamais entrer telle personne qui se nomme Corday

  3. Julian:

    I wish you ,and your good Lady a very happy semi- retirement in southern France.
    Thank you for all the superb work you have done over the years.
    I guess that the celebratory party in Wallasey Town Hall will be somewhat less convivial when they learn that you are gone but far from forgotten.

  4. My Lord,

    Please enjoy your time in the (no doubt warmer) south of France. Please be wary of any Wirral visitors with ice picks. Avoid baths and stick to showers.

    Thanks for the continuing and further education…

    Best wishes


  5. Wirral Leaks and the ‘Chronicles of Wirral Council’…

    Chronic being the operative description.

    More accurate than any Council minutes and more incisive and enlightening than any Peer (I really mean ‘End-of-the-Pier’) Review.

    I know the answer to this question, but the question has to be asked. How have you been able to maintain the intensity of such frequent publishing, and almost achieving 1,000,000 hits in only 7 years, with a focus on only one local organisation?

    It beggars belief, but it says it all. You have exposed sufficient squandering of public money to produce a sequel to the Hundred of Wirral, entitled the Hundreds of Thousands of Wirral Council – The Golden Handshakes and Where to Find Them.

    But you are now off to your Villa in the South of France, and well-deserved in my opinion. This is a good time of year for a change, or a fresh start. May is also a good time for a change in Wirral Council with local elections this year. Maybe you have done enough!

    I wish you bon voyage and good luck for the future.

  6. There’s definitely a hint of “I’ll be back…”

    In the meantime, thanks for the inspiration and helping those of us who feel we can do nothing, actually feel empowered and able to fight back. The stuff I would never have known about if it hadn’t been for a couple of council employed friends who told me to visit the site…! The fact that you have influenced people in believing they can make a difference, have a voice and ‘not go quietly’ should be be a valid testament for the time spent publishing. Even though ultimately, it will be the ballot box that decides the future of our obsfucating Council Cabinet, they must know there are few places left to hide when legitimate methods of scrutiny are employed to find the awkward details. Anyway, at least we still have Brace on the case, another source of inspiration to a lowly fool, such as myself.

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