Rich Pickings On Animal Farm

Animal Farm House

As a companion piece to yesterday’s story we have been sent a link to a story on the Guido Fawkes website by a gobsmacked Wirralian. And yes we know Guido Fawkes has an agenda, so does The Canary and so do we. Deal with it! For avoidance of doubt our agenda is to highlight that modern (and particularly local) politics is complete self serving bollocks.

However for your delectation here is the story that was brought to our attention:

Back in October Guido ran one of our “through the keyhole” looks at Esther McVey’s Wirral home, the four bedroom house was on the market for £615,000. With our help promoting the property it sold the very next month in November for just below the asking price at £605,000.

In a strange twist, the buyer of this suburban dream home was Catriona Davies, the daughter of the leader of Wirral’s Labour Council – Philip Davies* – who, in the 2010 General Election, lost out against the now-Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, for the Wirral West seat. She bought it for cash, no mortgage needed…

*not her boyfriend Philip Davies, the Tory MP.

Link to Guido Fawkes story : here

So much we’d like to say – much (if not all) are contained in the comments below the Guido Fawkes article.  However the story strikes us as very Orwellian. ‘Animal Farm’ made flesh with the extra frisson that Birkenhead councillor Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies’ daughter allegedly now lives in the house that was once occupied by the woman who thwarted his political ambitions. As we know at the subsequent General Election McVey was ousted after what was a particularly hostile campaign co-ordinated by Pip’s West Kirby neighbour , Martin Liptrot – the man who first became Pip’s personal PR guru before being appointed to a ‘transformation’ policy wonk role at Wirral Council after a couple of ‘grace and favour’ appointments.

And so it all worked out well in the end for everyone (including McVey) didn’t it ?  – as it always does with those with the ‘right’ connections , who live in the ‘right’ areas and say – but don’t necessarily mean – the ‘right’ words. For those who don’t – and who won’t play the modern political game – not so much……….

10 thoughts on “Rich Pickings On Animal Farm

  1. I lived in Wirral West for around half my life (at least a decade of those in which I was too young to vote).

    So I’ve lived through a lot of the Labour-Conservative politics about the constituency.

    It has got personal at general election time, indeed in these more recent years even more personal.

    As to what happens behind the scenes during election campaigns as political parties try to convince the public to vote for them, I’m not sure what the reaction would be if they knew the full stories about what happened was published.

  2. Crikey. Where does anyone who is circa 25 years plus old get £615k without mortgage?

    I presume Catriona or spouse have an income of over £100,000 pa She obviously does not work at a Labour coop!!

  3. Odd as this sounds, and it is a very odd thought and even very worrying, particularly for her father, does anyone know whether or not dear Catriona wants to adopt and build a happy family home filled with love and joy on the back of all this wealth.
    Whilst I am no infant and on the wrong side of sixty I’d love to be adopted by Catriona and live inside her mortgage free home. Calling her Mommy and supping my ale inside the small bedroom presents no hardship to me.
    It’s taken me decades to pay my mortgage off and I did it getting shot, stabbed, beaten and generally getting placed in harms way witnessing all manner of horrors in the hope that one day I could open the door of my three bedroom semi, cross its threshold and console myself knowing that despite it all, despite the cost, this pile of shit belongs to me.
    Clearly, whilst we are all equal, some are more equal than others and some of us do drift through life going about wealth creation in the wrong way.
    How’s it done? Other than pulling a pair of my wife’s tights over my fat face, hurtling into my local Chippy screaming, ‘give me all your money you barstards’, I’ve absolutely no idea how you can acquire this sort of money in such a short span of life.

    • Win the Lottery?

      Is it possible that contract seekers wishing to suck on the nipple of public contracts find they cannot imburse public servants serving but can be generous to their offspring?
      I know not for Catriona may be a brain surgeon or married to one.

      Does anyone know?

      • I’ve no idea dear Nigel and nor do I now care, because for the now, I’m intent on being adopted. Course, I’ve long given up on Madonna or Angelina Jolie tapping on me door, directing me to gather up me Ale, me tobacco pouch and telling me, ‘come with me you fat drunken twat. Your life’s about to change for the better’. I want this prosperous and mortgage free young woman as my adopted Mother and if it comes to it, yes,,,I’m happy to call Phil Grandpa!
        I want what they’ve got and I want it now. No amount of humiliation or sucking up to others is too much for me, and if she is a Surgeon, perhaps a Brain Surgeon, she can get to work on me and my cranium and finally discover why I’m able to author and transmit this shit with such effortless ease.
        My warmest regards to you Nigel. Rob.

  4. Have you seen the article in the Echo where it says she is an advisor to The Samaritans?
    One of the comments likens her to Herod being put in charge of Mothercare

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