3 thoughts on “Welcome to Neverland

  1. I placed an FOI.


    Dear Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council,

    Please see the following excellent blog post from the highly informative “Wirral Leaks” website.


    Within it you will see an important news item which appeared in the highly-respected Financial Times dated 1st February 2018.

    Despite the undeniable impact of such alarming news – the end of ALL Chinese involvement in the futuristic £multi-billion Wirral Waters scheme – absolutely NOTHING has appeared referring to this news in the following council-serving publications:

    ◾On the Wirral Council website
    ◾In the Wirral Globe
    ◾In the Liverpool Echo
    ◾In the Wirral View – despite its promise to address an *alleged* information deficit, being experienced by what in reality turned out to be a couple of hundred people who responded to a £25,000 *alleged* “survey”.

    Anyway, like Wirral Leaks, I genuinely see it as my duty to ensure that the Wirral Public are fully appraised of your incompetence and are kept informed of this catastrophic failure. I will do this via my blog http://www.wirralinittogether.com once I have the information I need.

    To this end, please provide me with:

    1. A copy of the relevant media statement / press release which is referred to within the excellent FT article above

    2. The amount of public money squandered on ALL the intercontinental flights, hotel accommodation, expenses, coach journeys, including the one where Councillor Foulkes could be seen slumped “at rest”, in his seat.

    3. The amount of public money squandered on ALL futuristic artistic impressions of the future Wirral Waters scheme, with the city of Liverpool magically *gone* from its usual position in the background a couple of miles away,

    Yours faithfully,

    Paul Cardin

    p.s. As you should be fully aware by now, despite Mr Tour’s assertions – which were proven to be wrong three times in a row – I may like to engage in purple prose, but I am not vexatious.

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