The Hole Truth

Mere Farm Before

The truth is beginning to emerge on one our Wirral Leaks Weekly Dispatch #2 stories concerning road repairs which we think shows how things work – or rather don’t work at Wirral Council. As you can see from the above picture these potholes in Mere Farm Road, Oxton were reported to Wirral Council’s ‘Streetscene’ department in December 2017 (and we understand had been raised as a concern months before that). A service request to address the potholes elicited the following response from Wirral Council in January 2018 :

An inspection of this carriageway has been carried out and although there are areas of wear, none of the defects are actionable at this time. No works to be undertaken.

Local  Lib Dem councillor Stuart Kelly followed up concerns raised by local residents at the end of January . Pictures were provided and incredulity expressed that the criteria for repairs had not been met.

Then suddenly without explanation to either residents or Cllr Kelly the road  is suddenly all marked up for repair. Perhaps the person sent by Wirral Council to inspect the site had gone to Specsavers in the interim. It has also been suggested that perhaps our intervention was foreseen as residents had vowed to contact a certain local blog . Which they indeed did and subsequently have done so again .


image1 (4)

When it was reported to us today that the repairs had completed we thought it was a case of all’s well that ends well.  However look at the pictures below and judge for yourselves.




A local resident writes :

Believe it or not , the attached shows the road AFTER it has been repaired.

The substrata is just perfectly exposed  for winter ice formation leading to further break up and another round of public money to fix what should have been a proper job six months ago !

We’re left wondering whether it’s laziness/incompetence of contractors  or BAM Nuttall giving on the highways contract after being controversially ousted in favour of bringing road repairs back in house in October 2018 . Whatever the situation it’s dispiriting to think it will be the same people responsible for inspecting and carrying out repairs in the future.

We’re reliably informed there are similar issues in Village Road , Oxton. Pictures from other sites around Wirral would be welcome. Perhaps we could introduce a new feature to Wirral Leaks  : Pothole of the Week.

4 thoughts on “The Hole Truth

  1. Pothole of the week?
    On behalf of the Aussie, I would like to nominate Cllr Adrian Jones….. (the Welsh scumbag)…..

  2. As is frequently the case, mostly to avoid doing anything, Councils up and down the Country are being directed to measure their failings, in this case bloody potholes in an unusual way, thus continuing the madness of public service.
    Now, because some yellow bellied, short haired, lanyard wearing ‘suit’ came up with the idea of how to measure the pothole that then decides whether or not the aforementioned hole requires immediate attention, they don’t measure the depth of the terrible hole. No! Not nowadays. The depth of the hole is of no consequence. Even if you could hide a domestic cat inside it or secrete an unwanted fridge beneath it, it doesn’t bloody matter.
    Why? Because this twat who first thought of the idea that Councils are now eagerly embracing to save us all bloody millions from repairing the holes, now measure the depth of the side of the dreadful pothole rather than the actual distance your bloody front near side wheel will disappear into whilst your driving along minding your own bloody business.
    So, if the side of your hole, no matter its size and circumference, is no more than a few centimetres downward from the horizontal to its first bit of grit or stone, then your bloody hole, the one you keep hitting over and over again causing you to scream, ‘the bastards’,no matter it’s bloody depth, will no longer require any immediate attention, thus ensuring the savings of bloody millions and the avoidance of the Council having to phone up their preferred private sector bidding bastards they once outsourced the problem to, ever having to leave their premises to do anything at all about the problem that they were once paid for long ago in a cosy little outsourcing arrangement that transformed the belief that we were getting value for money.
    And it’s not value for money. It’s nothing like good value for money. It’s no different to any bad transaction you might conduct in any shop in any street and in any town. If I walked into my local fishmongers shop and asked, ‘a kilo of your finest Clams you stinking old hag’, she took the money but then refused to hand over me bloody Clams, I’d be perfectly entitled to hurtle over the counter, throttle the old gap toothed harbinger of doom and scream, ‘give me my Clams you bitch or today you die of strangulation’.
    It’s no different between us and the Council. We pay and they provide. Or at least that’s the way it should be. As things stand, we pay, they don’t provide and I’ll be damned if I don’t say something about it all!

  3. Anyone with any sense (bureaucrats and councillors obviously exempt) knows that a broken road surface lets in water which gasp, shock , amazement then freezes in winter and expands. Expansion then leverages the tarmac extending the breach and causing greater damage which is then more costly to fix. It ain’t rocket science, just plain common sense.

    Here’s a thought – fix it right, first time and save money that us poor suckers pay in spades in council tax, road fund licence, fuel tax and bloody VAT.

    Oh and while you are at it, renewing the all but invisible road markings would be nice

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