Children’s Services : The ‘Real’ Reality Check

In the light of information we had received about Wirral Council’s Children’s Services we thought we’d do a bit of further research which included reluctantly checking out the John Brace footage of Children’s and Families Overview Committee held on January 25th .

We admit we couldn’t get past ‘Part One’  – but it was enough to introduce us to the new Director of Children Paul Boyce (forgive us but his title is giving us flashbacks to ‘The Childcatcher ‘ character in ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’). Wirral Leaks readers will remember that Boyce was appointed back in October 2017 following the long overdue departure of the previous Director Julia Hassall. For further information read here :  Old Boyce Network

So what was our first impression of Boycie? Well, put it this way – as far as we’re concerned it’s never good when you can’t remember the original question asked by a councillor after Boyce has answered it .The repeated use of the terms ‘ improvement journey ‘ and ‘narrative’ didn’t help. So in answer to your question we thought the BS quotient was particularly high , even for a Director of Wirral Council .

Needless to say the councillors present appeared to be soothed and reassured . Laughably (and tragically) Cllr Moira ‘Matron’ McLaughlin thanked Boycie for his ‘realistic’ presentation. Because as we know Matron spent many years being duped by incompetent,dishonest Directors in the Department of Adult Social Services (DASS) and thus allowed vulnerable people to be abused over a prolonged period of time .

In the understatement of the year so far Boycie admitted there was ” a bit of work to do” and ” we’ve got a way to go” in Children’s Services . There was some ‘tough talk’ about not wanting social workers who don’t know what good practice looks like to work for Wirral Council anymore .

Whilst Boycie reminded councillors of the reality visits they would be undertaking to check the claims that Children’s Services was heading in the right direction on their ‘improvement journey’ and that there was ‘depth to the rhetoric’ ( see what we mean about the BS quotient?) can we ask him whether Sandra Dykstra is what ‘good social work looks like’ ?  (see below)


Therefore we challenge Wirral councillors to consider the ultimate Children’s Services reality check. In answer to the simple question “Why are there so many looked after children in Wirral”  this is the response they won’t get on their carefully managed visits. Simply because the quality of management in Children’s Services is – and always has been – appalling and your much lauded new agency recruits are motivated simply by money and we guarantee will be out the door when it all gets a bit messy. And believe us – it will.

Reality Check 1

Reality Check 2

12 thoughts on “Children’s Services : The ‘Real’ Reality Check

  1. Would I be correct My Lord in stating that “no Domestic Violence programme” is a massive advance on the situation when they actually did have an alleged “Domestic Violence programme”?

    I fervently hope the bullying twats that turned up for work here were rounded up, disciplined, sacked and offloaded cheaply.

    • Didn’t Stressed Eric say he was going to take PERSONAL responsibility for the improvement programme as his background was in Children’s Services?
      All we’ll say on the matter is that it’s easy to rise through the ranks in Children’s Services – not that it’s not demanding ,complex and challenging work but because anyone with any sense wouldn’t want to do it.
      This might explain why the likes of Stressed Eric get to where they get.

  2. I gathered from your comment that Sandra Dystra is an employee in the Children`s Department of Wirral Council.
    Having read your link to her misconduct hearing when employed in Wrexham, I can only comment that this council seem to attract a large number of discards from other councils.

    I will not mention York City Council as I may well be deemed to be “vexatious” by the fragile and sensitive beings that deal with Freedom of Information requests on the Wirral.

  3. If you’d all care to return to John’s fine coverage, turn the volume up at 2minutes and thirty seconds, you can all hear the sound of the Wirral Council production of Blazing Saddles where my contracted artiste Mayor Joe is playing Mungo. At the time you hear the bovine beast howl I can report that my artiste is straddled across its broad rump.
    Have a listen! It’s great.

  4. G’day Boys

    “Highbrow” is right I am only temporarily off the air waves.


    “Philly “FUCKING” Liar”
    “The Pretend Friend Jones”
    “Ankles” Foulkes
    “Phil the very slimy, elusive, and deluded Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell Davies”
    et al

    will be the buttt of my abuse and humour again next weekend and until the Blinking CEO “Spotty Dog” publicly apologises to us Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistle blowers.


    It is very touching that you boys care about my well being


    Luv you boys.

    Just between me and ewes I am a really good bloke but they have damaged me.

    Luv you to Leaky more than you can believe XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. James lad, you say you’re damaged. Aren’t we all. The reason we all ask about you is because we know you’re a good lad. You can easily tell these things James so you don’t have to explain anything. Not to us! We’re your comrades in a futile pointless quest to see someone in a position of authority fall from grace and become as fucked up as we all are.
    Now, probably next month, I’m popping up to the Pool to visit the Catholic side of Edghill cemetery where all the good lay buried. I’ll let Cardin know when I’m up, I’ll pop through the tunnel and stay overnight on the Wirral and perhaps we can meet up in a,proper Ale House and I can spend an evening talking about my favourite subject Me!
    How’s that grab you? If you can get hold of Nigel John and anyone else we can create a table full of gibbering mendacious oddities and spend the entire evening ranting about these passionate bastards who are driven by an unquenchable desire to take us on a transformational journey toward a positive and robust outcome.
    We could even celebrate the imminent passing of His Lordship, Ladyship, and all who dwell in Leaky Towers.
    Good to read you James. My warmest regards. Your friend Rob.

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