A Blott On The Lauries

Set out below is the (feeble) response to a complaint from Wirral Council Super Duper Director Joe Blott to the long running ‘The Lauries’ story . Blott is, laughably,allowed to describe himself as a ‘Managing Director’ of Wirral Council. As far as we’re concerned this inadequate little man will always represent to us everything that is wrong with local government. How did we get to the stage where we reward ‘public servants’ with six figure salaries – not to serve the public – but to advance their careers by protecting a   public institution’s reputation?

And if Blott wants to complain to us  directly – can we suggest he does so from a legitimate email address  Blotto?

We offer in evidence that Blott will soon be on his way out of Wirral Council with a £390,000 reward for what exactly ?  Certainly his role in helping cover up the Wirralgate scandal will no doubt have helped his cause (and particularly his participation in the first Thynne investigation and dealing with the aftermath of the second one).

However the background to Blott’s  Lauries response can be found here :

The Sorry Story of The Lauries

The Sorry Story of The Lauries Part Two

However this is his final kiss-off for Wirral Council . What a luxury it must be to treat those who have paid your overinflated wages for years with such utter contempt and drag out an ‘investigation ‘ for as long as you can. By the time this reaches the Local Government Ombudsman – he’ll be long gone.

Oh Laurie 2 007

Oh Lauries 013

Oh Lauries 010

Now we’re not legally qualified to comment on much of this response but the fact that even Blott concedes that Wirral Council have allowed trustees to act ‘de son tort’ is deeply worrying as it would appear that Wirral Council and their agents have allowed trustees to act wrongfully : https://thelawdictionary.org/de-son-tort/

But then when it comes to Wirral Council it’s a case of  : ‘plus ca change ,plus c’est la meme chose!’

6 thoughts on “A Blott On The Lauries

  1. All very similar to the peppercorn rent on Egerton house where the chamber are making an income hiring out office space.
    Why dont the council retain the building and create cash flow by using the exact same idea??
    If someone from the council could explain how it benefits us taxpayers and the council by leasing buildings for peppercorn rent to the Wirral chamber i and many others would be grateful.

  2. “A trustee de son tort is a person who may be regarded as owing fiduciary duties by a course of conduct that amounts to a wrong, or a tort. Accordingly, a trustee de son tort is not a person who is formally appointed as a trustee, but one who assumes such a role, and then cannot be heard to argue that he did not owe fiduciary duties. – Wikipedia”.

    As you rightly say, Joe Blott admits that the current trustees/directors of The Lauries Limited (TLL)(Paula Basnett, Asif Hamid and appointees of theirs from McEwan Wallace) have gained control of TLL and thereby The Lauries Centre (TLC) wrongfully. Regardless of wrongfully obtaining this control, the current directors cannot avoid responsibility for their actions in relation to the operation of the charitable company.

    A complaint has been submitted to the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) by the Birkenhead & Tranmere Neighbourhood Planning Forum (the Forum) and accepted (ref: 16 017 837). The complainants seek the following actions by the LGO:

    1) That, within a strictly defined timescale, the Council removes Wirral Chamber of Commerce
    (including people with significant control of it) and its advisors from any role in controlling TLL and TLC;
    2) That an independent person or persons is/are appointed in conjunction with the Forum to reinstate governance of TLL and TLC in accordance with TLL founding principles;
    3) That membership is reopened on the same basis as originally existed and that new Trustees are appointed to oversee the future management of TLL and TLC in accordance with TLL founding principles, and
    4) That financial compensation should be awarded to the Forum in recognition of the excessive amount of time taken to determine our complaint.

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