Her Ladyship’s Thoughts From A Broad : Gang Mentality

3 billboards

The second part of our movie review double bill is ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’.

The film tells the tale of Mildred Hayes (played by Frances McDormand) , a grieving mother of a murdered teenager, angry at the lack of progress made in finding her daughter’s killer, who erects three billboards outside town, calling the local police chief to task. Now it’s not just the influence of our foulmouthed butler Eldritch and his Anglo-Saxon tendencies but this film really hit home with us (and if you are easily offended could we suggest this film, this blog post and the trailer below might not be for you).

Having said that there are many reasons why we think you should watch this film (not least of which are the excellent script and performances ) . Whilst the issues raised in the film  – anger , guilt, grief, retribution and the abuse of power has many resonances for us ,there is one particular scene that nailed one of our recurring themes and made us wanna holler  , stand up and clap our hands (see below) .

We’ve previously established our uncompromising views on Wirral’s gang mentality when we published C.S Lewis’ eloquent analysis about how ‘The Inner Ring’  operates :  Wirral Council Scoundrels : Five Years On

However we maintain there is a gang mentality which is about more than just members of a particular political party who happen to follow the same religion and the same football team (although it must be said there are a few Wirral Leaks regulars who fit this particular demographic) . It is the means by which the powerful across all of our local institutions protect each other knowing that if they’re part of this gang they can never be criticised and can never be culpable. 

SPOILER ALERT !  This is Mildred’s response to Father Montgomery who comes to visit Mildred to voice his disapproval at the billboards . Whilst this may be a less eloquent modern counterpoint to C.S Lewis and ‘The Inner Ring’ we consider it no less powerful.
I know it’s been hard for you, Mildred,
this past year. We all do. The whole
town does. And whatever it is you need,
we’ll be there for you. Always. But the
town also knows what kind of a man
William Willoughby is. And the town is
dead set against these billboards of
Took a poll, did ya, Father?
If you hadn’t stopped coming to church,
Mildred, you’d be aware of the depth of
people’s feelings. I had a dozen people
come up to me on Sunday. So, yes, I
took a poll. Everybody is on your side
about Angela. No-one’s on your side
about this.
Y’know what I was thinking about,
earlier today? I was thinking ‘bout
those streetgangs they got in Los
Angeles, the Crips and the Bloods? I
was thinking about that buncha new laws
they came up with, in the 80’s I think
it was, to combat those street-gangs,
those Crips and those Bloods.

And, if I remember rightly, the gist of
what those new laws said was, if you
join one of these gangs, and you’re
running with ‘em, and down the block
from you one night, unbeknownst to you,
your fellow Crips, or your fellow
Bloods, shoot up a place, or stab a
guy, well, even though you didn’t know
nothing about it, even though you
may’ve just been standing on a
streetcorner minding your own business,
those new laws said you are still
culpable. You are still culpable, by
the very act of joining those Crips, or
those Bloods, in the first place. Which
got me thinking, Father, that whole
type of situation is kinda similar to
you Church boys, ain’t it? You’ve got
your colors, you’ve got your clubhouse,
you’re, for want of a better word, a
gang. And if you’re upstairs smoking a
pipe and reading a bible while one of
your fellow gang members is downstairs
fucking an altar boy then, Father, just
like the Crips, and just like the
Bloods, you’re culpable. Cos you joined
the gang, man. And I don’t care if you
never did shit or never saw shit or
never heard shit. You joined the gang.
You’re culpable. 

So , thinking particularly about a file in our possession,  Her Ladyship is currently channelling Mildred Hayes and wondering whether to organise a Crowdfund page to hire some billboards as ‘the more you keep a case in the public eye, the better your chances are at getting it solved ‘………………………………………………………………..    

25 thoughts on “Her Ladyship’s Thoughts From A Broad : Gang Mentality

  1. Yep Leaky it is a gang

    The scruffy little Gilchrist feigned disgust and should have retired when I told him to.

    All he does is make the cheap suits in the chamber look smart.

    Gruff old Green was to busy puffing away with the Stinking Ashtray that is yesterdays man AdderleyDadderleyDooLally and Ugh Boots that also stinks like an old worn out wellie.

    A gang it is Lordsville all of the same sick mindset.



    I thought I missed insulting and laughing at this crud dross and crap of wirral L, but I didn’t they are so vanilla and nothingness.

    Luv you Leaky most in OUR GANG. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


    My Lord,

    Her Ladyship may be giving crowdfunding for a ‘three billboards’ type protest some thought. ( Sounds good to me) so I thought I should mention that I have recently noticed a billboard/advertising hoarding available next to/ near Birkenhead Park railway station. It is advertising itself for hire at approx 30 pounds a week.

    I realise that it may not have the same dramatic sweep as three billboards but Her Ladyship may wish to consider starting small….

    Hopefully the desired result may prove to be comparable….

  3. Wirral Leeks. I watched this film last night. On your point about hiring some billboards of your own, I’ve had exactly the same thoughts. There are two right at the end of my Rd. I live in New Ferry. Twelve months, massive explosion and still no help.

      • All political parties suck!!!! Is what I’d put on the billboards.
        Regardless who comes into power your all the same and play the system – money for old rope as the saying is.
        What would you bring to the party if you came into leadership- probably all the dross that comes out Wirral but with a more elegant slant on it.

      • We agree with you – it’s all bollocks.
        However we aren’t cut out for modern day politics (and modern day life if truth be known) but thank you for the backhanded compliment.

  4. G’day Leaksville

    I was just thinking how wirral’s fearful leader “Philly “FUCKING” Liar was keeping a low profile and not talking shit about his posh suburb built around a golf course.

    Then lo and behold he pops up in that rubbish paper from over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters talking about an estate of crack houses and slums on the very same Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters.

    Can see it now Lordy with the main road in being called Davies Highway to Hell.



    Everybody knows L that the best brown envelopes are in the building industry.

    Which reminds me about Wirral “Funny” Bizz when I first started there and the lady who knew where the brown envelope was going every pay day.

    Anyone at wirral nervous?????


  5. I would love to plaster the Wirral with billboards.
    Some suggested titles.
    Who employed Stewart Halliday as a consultant without checking his background in York city Council?
    Who thought he was worth £188,000 a year?
    Who authorised two extensions to his contract which will now total 21 months?
    What the firk does he do to justify his projected £300,000 total cost – so far- to the Council Tax payers.?
    Why are the Conservative opposition in Council so silent on this and other scandals?

    But then, if I did, the Legal Mafia in Wallasey Town Hall would deem me to be “vexatious” when they consider my recently submitted Freedom of Information request on this very subject.

    • I need to understand this Halliday guys story… could someone provide a photo of his office… or better still a kind of a virtual reality tour of the floor/ corridor he is on…. (oh I think I have suggested/invented the early stages of a computer ‘shoot em up’ game) ha ha

    • Old boy not sure what you have got against this Halliday chap. I read many a bad thing about him only from you Charlie Boy from what I read in the FOI I take the following Wirral Council Employed him through a framework.
      The authorised Manager would have sanctioned the extensions with a view to the diligent work he is carrying out for the council.
      Again from what I read he is bringing in a lucrative investment programme to regenerate Wirral for the better.
      Councillors are silent because they couldnt achieve anything of this scale (capabilities spring to mind)
      I think it’s fair to say Charles Nunn that you must hold a grudge on Mr Holliday either because you have admiration for him or your bored and lots of time on your hands to pursue something that has no mileage. Whatever it may be I wish you well in the matter. I’d rather be enjoying my retirement than making slanderous remarks that you know could end you up in hot water.

      Col. R Davies (Rtr)

      • Hey Col. Bogey
        So having slagged off Wirral councillors capabilities (about which we concur) could you please provide evidence of this ‘lucrative programme to regenerate Wirral for the better’?
        Notwithstanding that information might we suggest Mr Nunn is perfectly entitled (in law) to ask the questions about what Wirral council taxpayers are getting for their money without receiving threats about slander.

        It is a minor source of fascination to us the responses that we receive about Halliday ( Not Holliday – perhaps you were thinking ofthe jazz chanteuse) seem a little bit too ‘invested’ – no pun intended.

        PS Rtr – Royal Tank Regiment?

      • If Mr Nunn wants to understand the reasoning (I cannot bring myself to say “business” case) and subsequent blind validation by as you say incapable councillors as to exactly and transparently why Wirral mbc pay double for this man , I cannot see your issue ? if officers won’t answer and councillors can’t .. then who? .. I think vexatious should be challenged , when a body ie tax payers, have so many catalogued instances on inadequacy ( which is the least vexatious word I can use )within just one local supposed public service.. I can’t recall any mp on Wirral insisting on intervention !!. Perhaps also mr nunn is a father or a grandfather and can see what people are doing to ruin everything and retirement or not has got off his backside and used his intellect and right to challenge

      • Mr Wirralleaks


        Gives a little insight of regeneration…..along with being in attendance in the gallery at the latest Cabinet meetings.

        Ref Business Case not sure that would be relevant to you Alison but if it is then I’m sure this could be published under FOI

      • Ironically there’s nothing there. Perhaps you were a bit hasty in wanting to share with us.
        There’s really no need – we’ve visited before.Not so much a case of “gives a little insight of regeneration ” as “gives little insight of regeneration”

  6. Col.R.Davies (Rtr)

    I have never made any claims or statements about Mr.Halliday which are not already in the public domain.
    E.g The York Press. York Mix. Private Eye and our own Wirral Leaks.

    As a Wirral Council Tax payer I have a vested interest in knowing where mine, and others hard earned Council Tax ends up.

    Corporal (National Service) C.Nunn (Rtd)

  7. Hey Col

    You’ve been in the sun far too long.



    You would get more sense from a dead dingo’s donga

    Luv you to the moon and back Leaksly XXXXXXXXX

  8. 😁Gosh thank you for deciding relevance and you are correct I am not interested in a business case. I merely support anyone who challenges for the right reasons anything they consider improper and clearly mr Nunn does .Oh btw as a tax payer I shouldn’t have to foi a business case to understand how my council tax is being spent , keep up sir we live in a democracy.

    • Hear Hear Ali Pali

      You could be the “first lady” I have fallen in luv with on this site.

      You talk good shit.



      Stay hard at it Ali for the ” good people” of wirral.


    • I hear Martina Limptrot has got his name all over the Wirral waters gig nice work if you can get it – suppose it’s who you know what you know….is working for Wirral that bad!!

      • £4.4m on sickness absence , does that answer the question is working for Wirral that bad . But do not worry staff are now “monitored” and sacked that should really help those decent and good staff trying their hardest to keep their job. It is of course an absolute god send with knobs on for those responsible .. easy , bully them , they go off sick, sack them ! Where does an organisation begin to evaluate anything if the actions and results keep being thrown out the window or under a carpet.

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