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How lovely of the local MSM to join the local party (and we all know what party that is don’t we boys and girls?).

OK so the Liverpool Echo and Wirral Globe are exactly ONE MONTH late in dancing to Martin Liptrot’s tune after Wirral Leaks exclusively revealed that Muse Developments were Wirral Council’s preferred partner – in what exactly? Wirral Growth Company – apparently !

Our thanks go to ‘Frankie'(not that one obviously) for saying this  :

I know you’ve moved away and hope your enjoying being away from the rat race…. just to give you an update looks like the clowncil are about to appoint the partner this being MUSE who seem to be the front runner in the shenanigans.

Loves ya leaky


Wirral Council placing public assets and development programmes under the control of a private company –  what could possibly go wrong?  Just don’t mention Carillion ! Full story here :  Dispatches from Dystopia

However it wasn’t us who noticed that the orchestrated media message about Muse Developments was embargoed until it could be better managed . As one of our (many) sources said after picking up the story from Martin Liptrot’s Facebook page : ” He’s headlines in all our local fearless news outlets today….”

Cabinet to consider appointment of Wirral Growth Company partner

Stunning new images

Isn’t he just ? – but we just wish he’d spare us yet more bloody artist’s impressions. Our favourite quote was from Wirral Council ‘leader’ Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies who is in the Liverpool Echo saying that the Wirral Growth Company “would be accountable to the public”.

Wirral Growth Company – A PRIVATE Limited Company

Well that would make a change wouldn’t it? We can’t even get a public body to be accountable let alone a private limited company. Moreover the Wirral Growth Company appears to be a one man operation (or should that be be one man bandit?) as it is registered in the name of the eternal Wirral Council frontman David Armstrong. A man who when it comes to being held accountable on behalf of Wirral Council at a forthcoming Tribunal said he’d call in sick if asked to do so ( didn’t he Rosemary?)

We’d also like to ask as to why Wirral Council had to resort to a solicitor in Bristol by the name of Christopher Harper (Bevan Brittan LLP )to set up this thoroughly flimsy looking operation.

Having said all that what we’re particularly interested in is the role of Power Boy Pip’s friend and neighbour Martin Liprot (aka Liptrotsky) who according to his LinkedIn page is no longer the ‘Lead Investment Officer (Interim)’ at Wirral Council and has now resorted to being a ‘Communications, Stakeholder Engagement & Public Affairs Consultant’. That’s ‘Spin Doctor’ to you and us. Although somebody still needs to explain how ‘Wirral. Well made. ‘ fits into all of this – even if it is Col Regis Davies ( are you still going with that hilarious nom de guerre, Martin?)

However at this point we really must direct you to Liptrotsky’s vainglorious Facebook page – 98 Republic

All we’d like to say is that you’d think a ‘Communications, Stakeholder Engagement & Public Affairs Consultant’ would know the difference between an ‘article’ and an ‘advertisement feature’ paid for by us wouldn’t you?

Liptrot Shit 007

We’re left feeling that that we should send out a message to the various inadequate protagonists involved in this increasingly sordid story and ask them to listen to a song written appropriately enough by ‘Propaganda’:

Sell him your soul, sell him your soul, sell him your soul
Never look back, never look back


28 thoughts on “Muse Musings

  1. G’day Leaky

    It’s clowncil tax time and election time.

    “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” will treat all of wirral as idiots as usual.

    What does a half wit like Fuckwit of low intellect do?

    Philly will talk super shit about markets and housing and crap.

    Hasn’t the half wit gone over to St Johns to see markets are a thing of his childhood and just as pathetic as him these days?



    If they didn’t have a leader at all it would be better than “Phil the Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive and LYING Dill”.

    Luv you now eeven mor Lordy now you are INTERNATIONAL man of MAGNIFICENCE.

    • Hi James,

      Glad to see you’re leaving comments again.

      It’s not lost on me that Birkenhead Town Centre and indeed Birkenhead Market is in Birkenhead and Tranmere ward, where Cllr Phil Davies is a councillor.

      However the proposals for the Wirral Growth Company involve property Wirral Council own outside Birkenhead too, such as the North and South annexes either side of Wallasey Town Hall to give two examples.

      • G’day John

        Trust you and Leonora are well and still keeping an eye on these low lives and scum bags in the Clown Hall.



        It is quite appropriate that the likes of Jones, Jones, Adderley, Davies, Davies, Armstrong, Foulkes are called the wirral Growth Company.

        Malignant growth of dross and crud.

        Luv ya work boy and girl XXXXXXXXXX

        Leaky you must feel so good being away but please don’t leave us. X

  2. I just checked out the 98 Republic ‘mission statement’ as these types like to call it, but Facebook only gives the writer a ‘Story’ heading – not that it stops the over eager use of cryptic, meaningless jargon. If your thing is “engage stakeholders”, “position organizations for growth and success”, “bring about meaningful change”, “strategic planning”, “stakeholder and influencer outreach”, “media relations”, “issues mapping”, “crisis management” “flawless execution and activation” then this is the real deal.

    If you like pragmatic plain-English communication that cuts to the chase without wasting time on decrypting and converting for real world use, then you might want to give these a miss.

    Can’t wait for the bubble to burst for this BS peddling.

    • *high five*
      If you think the Facebook page is bad you need to Check out the LinkedIn page – Facebook for the BS generation Having spent 12 months consulting with Wirral Council to identify and secure a regeneration and economic development joint venture partner, the challenge now is to establish and deliver Wirral Growth Company. Key responsibilities are to lead the creation of a strong compelling brand; provide engagement and interface with investors and developers; deliver corporate communications, media and public affairs programmes; and coordinate stakeholder relations and consultation planning strategies to deliver investment, job creation and development schemes which drive economic growth in the borough. Deliverables will include high quality sales and marketing collateral, events and communications programmes leading up to MIPIM Cannes in March 2018.

      • How does one become so brainwashed to consider that meaningless reinvention of a language – English or otherwise – is an acceptable form of communicating to the outside world? Then again, this form of communication only seems to make any sense in exclusive Management bullshitting clubs. They need casting adrift upon the high seas to seek new lands where they can build their own exclusive society away from reality. The rest of us would be far better off without having to come into contact with any of their kind.

  3. Another report well put together- when will they ever stop and think about us wirral tax payers, so Armstrong is the director of wirral growth company Liptrots whipping boy no doubt

      • G’day Fabs

        “Legweak” is a pathetic angry little specimen of something even I wouldn’t mention.

        He is so so angry and puerile.



        The man is a cretinus suck hole.

        And a proven LIAR like his feaful leader.

        I am not back full time until the week after next My Good Lord but you will all know exactly when, much luv to you and yours XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      • Heard on the jungle drums that Lipdick is going to be the new MD of WGC? Any more on this?

      • He’s the de facto MD via ‘Wirral Well made’ – the PR arm of WGC – as far as we’re concerned.
        There’s more info coming in all the time on this one – we’ll keep you posted.

  4. Oh Lordy

    Stunning new images of how Birkenhead could look in future as billion-pound deal is agreed

    Lord save us Phil Davies is at it again.

    The rubbish paper from over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters alternates between the Uncle Joe Scoccer Arena and Looney Tooney Davies Golf Resort/Market Super Emporium.



    By the way Leaky what has happened to their weekly comic?

    There is possibly more chance of getting one delivered in France.


  5. Have we not been down this road before?
    Much publicity, masses of unintelligible Council speak and artists` depictions of the finished scheme.
    Last time it was the £175 million International Trade Centre to be constructed in Birkenhead with prestigious partners of Peel Holdings and a major Chinese firm .
    Peel Holdings pulled out and the C.E.O. of the Chinese firm, one Stell Shiu , turned out to be a con artist.
    And so ,not only does the Local Government gravy train go around and around but the same grandiose schemes, in a slightly different format, also recycle over time.

  6. Very good question from My Lord…

    How come a Bristol solicitor to set this whole thing up? A question worth repeating…..

    I reckon the Mighty Highbrow could have done the paperwork for all this for about 50 quid… (In a manner of speaking)

  7. Well done the staff leaking all this .. how does Armstrong dictate when he does or does not attend court on behalf wmbc ?? do as you are told !!! going to have to lie are you ?can be the only reason you don’t want to attend ???David Armstrong you greedy fool all these years and yet now when you leave (soon)your reputation is on the floor in tatters ,shame on you …on behalf of tax payers of Wirral may you rot with the rest of them .. smiling assassin . I hope that your big part in wmbcs chronic reputation haunts you .. off you go David your staff think you’re a dangerous joke or as one of them said “kiss arse has been “ 😆

    • “Hear hear” Alison; one would hope that a few more would fuck off and do the right thing so Wirral can once again flourish and be that council of the year like in 70’s

    • I am in a postion of needing to make a complaint to the Council about something serious and have been asking around about who I should send it to ,to ensure it is dealt with honestly and without it being buried. No-one has been able to come up with a name yet of whom they feel would do this. Is there no-one with integrity left?
      The worst of all this is seeing people post that someone is a “proven liar”. I too have two senior officers on record as stating information and later admitting they lied. FFS the place is riddled with liars.
      You see the leaks, the lies, the cover ups, we hear about are common knowledge within the hallowed halls. Yet no-one gets taken to task.

      • When the leader, Councillor Phil Davies is a proven liar, and he remains in post, there’s no going back.

        All the brain dead lackeys think it’s okay to do the same and inside their tiny minds, they interpret it as full license to lie, deceive and deny when caught out.

        So until the hammer falls and squashes a few of them, and provides a deterrent, they will continue to spiral deeper into the gutter…………….

      • You need guidance don’t do anything until you have spoken to someone, I’m sure Martin Morton or Wendy neill , James take your pick , ex council employees purely because they whistle blew but who would help anyone.. Those that passionately comment here who are regular to this news site probably understand how frightening it is to put your neck on the line for the sake of what’s right , all truly decent people ,some completely shafted by senior officers , unions and by default ,councillors , just speak first to someone who has been there .. absolutely not about what your whistleblowing is about that’s confidential to you and tbh it doesn’t matter .. public concern at work, call them they have a huge dossier on wmbc. They will tell you ,know what your exit strategy is ! you will have read enough on here to know to be careful.

      • Brian,
        Feel for you mate myself and ex colleagues approached opposition councillors about our stonewall case and at first they were very interested asking questions in council meetings but as we told them more info in meetings they all of a sudden went very quiet and eventually palmed us off with the not much we can do excuse.
        Later we realised the evidence we had implicated friends of friends, so anywhere you turn in WBC the established guard although enemies in the pulpit behind closed doors when the scotch is flowing mix is the same murky waters.
        We approached our local papers and Mps who after looking at the evidence realised many allies would be implicated.
        The new leader of the opposition Cllr Lewis seems to be up for a scrap maybe contact him?
        As for the unions they are upto their necks screwing over their own members.
        All the best..

  8. Truly, I hate those that speak and communicate in this strange nonsensical language. And hate or hatred, take your pick, doesn’t bloody bother me, isn’t to strong a word to describe the deep angst ridden hatred I feel for these purveyors of bollocks.
    Oh some of you might say, ‘we hate them as well’. But you bloody don’t! Not anywhere near the hatred I’ve got deep down in the depths of my guts. The bastards!
    I’d like to fight them all. One after another. Line them up behind the apron, sit them down in an orderly queue and let them onto the canvas, one at a time, and allow me to fight them.
    I’d fight them all. Every single one of them that’s once uttered or transmitted some undiluted rancid codswallop that’s readily acknowledged as being bollocks. I’d gladly fight them all. No Second. No Stool. No Towel and no cat gut to stitch and piece together any part of my fat facial bits and bobs that might become separated or bloody detached from the face upon which my head is mounted.
    Yes! I’d fight them all in the name of Simple Language. Folk from the Wirral, who diligently recycle their rubbish and read Wirral Leaks would sing songs and cheer whenever I punched one of them so hard they’d have to pay to get back in. Yes! All done in the name of plain easy to understand English language that has nothing to do with passion, the journey, transformation and outcomes.
    Yes. People would come. People would most certainly come to watch me fight them!

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