Pit of Despair

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After all this week’s talk of Wirral Council’s ambitious plans we thought it be a good time to bring them down from their ivory towers/skyscrapers/ drug-fuelled (?)hallucinations and remind them they need to walk before they can run (up a big bill to be paid for by us).

We say this as we publish this salutary tale about what it’s like to try and report safety concerns about a Council run facility and ask the question as to how, as a society, did we reach the point where someone who wants to raise genuine concerns about the health and safety of children is afraid to do so in case there are repercussions for their family and reprisals for Wirral Council staff? Not for the first time – we despair!

The specific concerns are as follows were originally reported to the local press and local MP ( Margaret Greenwood) :

As a concerned parent of a two year old girl I would like to bring to your attention a concern I have had for a number of weeks now.

I use the swimming facility with my family at Woodchurch, have done for many years. I sometimes, like most parents lift my daughter out of the water and on a count of 3 she jumps into my arms.

On the occasion in question, I was stopped by the lifeguard, he came over to me, asked not to allow my daughter to stand on the side, on the grounds of Health and Safety I initially thought he was stopping me , ridiculously having my daughter jump into my arms and I took issue with the person.

He then pointed out a large drop that runs the length of the pool, highlighting that if she fell she would be seriously hurt. My stomach churned and I felt physically sick. I thanked him.On leaving we highlighted the concern to a staff member, who just stated  : ” Yes I know, its terrible isn’t it? Living local we often see staff out and about and we always exchange pleasantries. On this occasion my husband took it upon himself to further discuss the large drop at the back of the pool. The staff member confirmed it’s a problem , further offered up information that staff on duty are terrified of it also and have been complaining about it for years,also that there have been numerous incidents and accidents and still management will not do anything about it. We asked why, the reply was ” They are all D heads” and also that it will get sorted one day, but it will be too late then.Could you please warn the public of this, as it terrible, It’s just a case of finding the right vehicle to channel a public safety concern , whilst protecting yourself and we have done enough now. Hopefully something will get done.

It’s a sobering thought to think that we’re considered a right vehicle for such concerns – but it would appear we are. For obvious reasons we’re not confident that this issue will be resolved as it has now been raised by a third party as a ‘safeguarding’ concern with Wirral Council social services . However we are reassured that the external agency the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are now involved.

When we asked our source how they wanted to cover this story they replied :

It’s up to you.It’s all true and don’t want to get staff in trouble by giving too much information as they have already started asking who said what.However everyone is talking about it know . HSE have been out I am informed and condemned it also. So that’s all I can tell you really. Do it if it helps to get it sorted – run it. It’s cost I am told. Cost to protect people just by a cover. Ridiculous!.

When we asked about about our sources thoughts about how difficult it is to raise genuine concerns in the public interest they replied :

Sad society we live in I am afraid .

And so it would appear that giving a damn about children’s safety remains a problem and especially the case if you live or work on Wirral !

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12 thoughts on “Pit of Despair

  1. Leisure will soon be a thing of the past low in priority and ready to be outsourced to the lowest bidder that can be found. Close the pool and then get it condemned/ I believe some people have fallen down the gap only to be told ‘oh be careful’ mind the gap please. What a society we live in; pay your council tax on time; increase our council tax as you see fit but then blow the lot on the latest pay increases that will he issued come April / why oh why do us Wirralians always have to suffer!!! My wife has dementia and I’m house bound yet I cannot get any support due to having a piss poor council that is run by fuckwits. Makes me so annoyed living in a place that we should call Great Britain

    • Who said the leisure will be outsourced we haven’t been consulted in any of this? Pissed off worker!!! Does this mean we will loose our jobs? Who’s idea is this?

  2. Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together and commented:
    What’s stopping the Wirral Globe and the Liverpool Echo from hilighting this in their pages?
    They must know about it?
    And what is Margaret Greenwood doing right now since she was told?
    Surely they are ALL sat there poised, waiting to hear from us and keen to act in the public interest …..aren’t they?
    Presumably the local press would be very eager to cover a seriously injured child or worse at Woodchurch baths. So why not get in before hand and report such an obvious threat to life and limb?

    Cynics would say It would help the Echo’s sales enormously emblazoning a local, avoidable tragedy up in banner headlines, then returning to squeeze the aftermath dry.


  3. Europa pools once Wirral councils flagship is being left to rot the 2 million upgrade for leisure announced by Cllr Control Room Meaden a few moons back was to attract outside agencies with a few splashes of paint here and there without interest.
    This is what the council do best leave services underfunded and in decline then announce how costly they are to run and lack of service users…Lyndale and Girtrell court..then spend millions on consultants to advise them how to despatch the services they have ran into decline.
    Their first major plan for Birkenhead involved knocking Europa down then rebuilding a new pool 100 yards away with nandos,frankie and bennys and Kfc moving in…no thought to staff who they hold in such high esteem or patrons who are no better than council tax cash cows.

  4. Having attended Council officer meetings for the implementation of grant funded projects I can only report they were like episodes of W1.

    I fail to connect such meetings as I attended and any proper actions.

    I can imagine that thedangerous drop having been mentioned by all and sundry, and on many occassions at meetings expensively attended by up to a dozen officers, and that it remains a

    Point arising and things to do

  5. G’day Leaky

    Just got 5 minutes of internet so you were the first person I thought to write to to remind

    There are 66 clowncillors and a few senior officers with their piggy snouts in the trough of LOBO.



    I will never consider 65 of them decent people until they speak up and apologise publicly to the Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers.

    They will forever be self centred pigs, scum bags and arseholes.

    Watch them all run squealing like in deliverance when the loans get called in. ha ha

    Not a decent bone in their bodies between them and boy has their been some bones shared.

    Just sayin AdderleyDadderleyDooLally, Philly “FUCKING” Liar and Burg (lar) ess.

    Got to go till March Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Luv ya X

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