Birth Rights and Wrongs

Paddling Pool

Is this what they mean by a pop-up birthing pool? 

News reaches us of an interesting meeting held in Wallasey last week.

Apparently there were speakers on the night, but very early on, just after the initial apologies, etc. someone (it’s been suggested a plant) asked a question about the new “UK-FIRST” birthing unit in Seacombe Children’s Centre.  Cllr Bernie ‘The Bruiser’ Mooney’s hand spontaneously shot up (we suspect a few people may have flinched) and said authoritatively  :  “I’ll answer that!!”
It is alleged that she then went into a rambling, Trump style : “Let’s Make Seacombe Great Again” sermon about what a wonderful idea they were…
o the women of Seacombe keep telling her how desperate they are to have it 
o the women of Seacombe are over the moon and so happy they now have ENHANCED CHOICE
o Blah, blah, jargon,  “community-focused birthing options”, blah, blah, more jargon….
Also there and speaking even more authoritatively , because they were a retired consultant with 40 years service in the local NHS and so actually knew what they were talking about , informed the assembled throng  about these “pop-up non-medicalised birthing units” and how this one just popped up in Seacombe and there was NEVER any consultation with Seacombe residents.
They eloquently put across their knowledge and expertise re: childbirth, birthing units and the potential dangers involved for both mother and baby and how the safe option is to have your baby in hospital where the full range of expert staff are on hand, no matter how handy or convenient these units are (or how more cost effective it was for NHS managers).Read more here : Pop Up Pool
There’s another one planned for Kirby apparently – whaddyaknow, another economically deprived area.We wonder why if it’s such a wonderful idea why isn’t it being ‘pioneered’ in council leader Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies very own WEST Kirby, where they live an extra 12 years compared to people who live in Seacombe, and where life is obviously far more precious. And another thing why aren’t people up in arms about the lack of consultation –  could it be that unlike the proposed Eastham Walk-In Centre closure there wasn’t any political mileage to be had out of the issue?
However back to the meeting and Mooney having got the first blow in was equally eager to get the first round in and ‘wet the baby’s head’ so to speak at her usual Friday night rendezvous .
After she’d gone and during his speech, the NHS veteran politely said, “I was hoping Councillor Mooney would stay and answer some questions”…..
However a source tells us :  “She f*cked off just before the retired consultant stood up to talk, vanishing in the same way Pip did (to Martin Morton) at that hallowed “Improvement Board Meeting” all those years ago.”
This can only lead us to wonder as to exactly what questions are being avoided and why a story about the birthing unit which appeared in the Wirral Globe, has been strangely DELETED. See  here :  Deleted story



13 thoughts on “Birth Rights and Wrongs

  1. HAS there been a cost benefit analysis taking in the risks to babies and mothers against the cost of payouts and lawyers fees if, heaven forbid, harm occurs. This must be made public. Apparently in the past a large car company decided it was more cost efficient not to recall cars that they knew were faulty as so few exploded it saved money to pay out in the case of catastrophic accidents!

    • Wirral council have a bottomless pit for external solicitors, judges, independent (🤥) external investigators .. they get rid of staff when the books don’t balance but year on year spend extortionate amounts on “help” .. wouldn’t you think the unions would be interested in a cost benefit analysis on following the rules v not!!

      • Alison:

        £1.3 million on consultants in 2017 that we know of.
        One at least, who I will not name in case I am considered, yet again, vexatious by those of a delicate sensibility who inhabit the hallowed halls of Wallasey Town Hall and who obviously trawl local media and sites such as this, is on £188,000 a year. This amount was leaked to me by a senior Councillor.
        (A recent survey, for what it is worth, claimed that the average annual wage in the N.West was £27.500)
        That twelve months contract was extended by three months and now again by a further six months.This works out at £329,000 in total.
        That is the equivalent of the annual current Council Tax of no less that 230 Band “C” properties.I am sure those householders will be delighted to know how much they have contributed to yet another consultant who is, allegedly, carrying out work our lavishly remunerated senior council staff appear incapable of doing.
        Bearing in mind that many of these parasites are recycled rejects from other local authorities; they snuffle deep in the trough of OUR money and then move seamlessly on to another extravagantly paid consultancy.

      • Hey Nunny that wouldn’t be Happy Halidays would it? well you’ll be pleased to know Wirral now has a saving of about £150k now that Clayson has departed the sinking ship of Children’s let’s rejoice and praise the Lord ‘say Hallelujah’ amen and god bless keep pressing Charles we will eventually tip them over the edge

  2. See another management restructure is on the table at employments committee the irony that sickness absence and a supposed plan is also being tabled .. bets on for Armstrong and Hyman going .. oh to hear what the councillors will thank them for !! Just as long as they don’t thank them on tax payers behalf or indeed on behalf of decent staff .

      • Well, if it’s the Hymen, and I’m pretending it is, a thin fleshy membrane, located somewhere deep deep down within the vaginal cavity, then let’s let our imaginations run a little wild and add a small but functional kitchenette to this latest slice of bollocks, hire a Cook, fire up the cooker ring, get the frying pan out and let all who sit on the Council to be forced to feast upon this medium to rare cooked and highly nourishment filled placenta that the happy parents agreed to donate following the birth of their lovely little baby.
        That I’d like to see! Let’s see how passionate and keen they all are with that!

      • Gosh sorry not typing on a keyboard ! .. good to see she is held in such high regard clearly staff with standards !

    • Both a total pair of incompetent individuals who have got away with doing things over the years at the expense us tax payers on Wirral im sure Uncle Dave as they call him in Hamilton Building will try and smoosh his way to stay; as for Hyams then she’s as much use as split condom in a spermbank. Wasters the pair of them. Need huge shake ups and couldn’t come sooner. Pissed off Bill

  3. As a resident of a far distant place, I was unaware of the un-‘personalised pregnancy journey’ (thanks Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust). I am now curious as to the habits of the local women?

    It sounds like there is a worrying phenomenon of random women giving birth to other’s children. I had always assumed that a baby growing inside you was quite a personal thing, but apparently not.

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