Marmalizing the Bullies : St Frank or Sir Diddy ?


Let the marmalization commence.

The previously leaked report written by ‘experienced independent investigator’ Carole Taylor Browne that prompted the departure of Wirral University Teaching Hospital (WUTH) chair Michael Carr was officially published today. Read full report here : NHSI WUTH Final report

Ms Taylor-Brown has her own consultancy specialising in ‘Executive and Group coaching, Workplace Investigation and Mediation’ called Tamarix People which sounds like a John Wyndham novel or interplanetary baddies in an episode of Dr Who. Read more here: Tamarix People

However it would appear that essentially Taylor-Brown is your classic ex-NHS poacher turned gamekeeper.  We’re not sure her report tells us anything we didn’t already know about the bullying culture (particularly at Arrowe Park Hospital). Read more here : WUTH – Carr Crash OUT, Sir Diddy IN

However our interest in the story was reignited with the inevitable sneering soundbites from Birkenhead MP Frank Field on the appointment by NHS Improvement of new troubleshooting chair Sir ‘Diddy’ David Henshaw.

“At last we have a proper soul-searching report on Arrowe Park which has been many a year coming. I’ve been campaigning for years for root and branch reform at Arrowe Park. Had MPs been consulted on a new interim Chair, we would not have advised in favour of Sir David Henshaw. We badly need an interim Chair who has a track record of opposing and dealing effectively with bullying and poor behaviour.I will be asking the Secretary of State to appoint such a Chair. How will the hospital now deal with the bullies? I have been given a list of names, who maybe account for only some of the bullies, but we need a Chair in whom those members of staff who have been bullied can trust. I call again for one of the companies dealing with this all the time to come in as an independent body to kick-start a recovery in standards”.

Whilst we agree with Frankenfield on one thing ( that’s a first !) – and that is Sir Diddy is definitely not the man for this particular job – we had to laugh at his whining that if he (and presumably other Wirral MPs ) had been ‘consulted’ on the Sir Diddy appointment that it would not have got their seal of approval. Sorry to have to tell you sweetheart this ain’t Wirral Council – not everything gets run past you first!

As for Field’s ‘Bully List’ – perhaps we should start one up with names of bullies ,both officers and councillors , past and present  ,  who have  been responsible for destroying people’s lives and careers at Wirral Council.  Then we can send it to him and wait for him to tell us with an innocent face that he doesn’t interfere in Wirral Council business!


16 thoughts on “Marmalizing the Bullies : St Frank or Sir Diddy ?

  1. Just a simple copy and paste from one of your articles to underline the hypocrisy of this man … helping the bullied in Arrowe Park ohhhh please 🙄
    …”might we remind him of his role in a series of cover-ups involving Wirral Council – like the time he wrote to a constituent :” I am a bit miffed with you ” because the person who had whistleblown about the unlawful 4 week delay dared complain to him that Wirral Council were still (and are still) covering up that shameful episode.

    And although he obviously hopes we will – we mustn’t forget his starring role in the ongoing and utterly corrupt Wirralgate whitewash…..

    Let’s be frank about Frank – we think it’s time to exit stage left – or in his case stage right!……..”

    I wonder did that “constituent “ feel intimidated by the mighty pantomime dame coz constituents miffing mps it’s a dangerous game

  2. G’day Leaks

    I fell asleep laughing last night.

    At Clowncillor “Pretend Friend” “Pretend Santa” “Pretend Nice Man”, scum bag arsehole Jones who couldn’t vote quick enough to close Lyndale School and Girtrell Court in line with his barely deloved “Missus bilong The Pretend Friend Nurse Rat”, a disgrace to her “career”,

    Ecca the old fool and probably your senior cheat and ex dunny chain wearer once, twice thrice who tells “Highbrow” you don’t understand how it works boyo.

    Blinking CEO he is now wondering around in a haze saying that Wirral “Funny” Bizz was all fine because it says so in the minutes.

    Well fuck me there is over 700 hundred pages of reports vindicating the two whistle blowers and saying there was criminality, asset stripping in the knowledge of the clowncils ill Legal Department, forged documents etc., and the old cretinous old moron says

    But the minutes say everything is ok.



    Come on you old fucking idiot put in print to complete your “AUDIT TRAIL” that you really believe your dribble and should be de-selected at least “Crapapple” was open honest and transparent.


    They are going on tv Lordy, can you imagine, Emergency Ward 10 (Year Old), Story Time with Little Matty Patty, bare knuckled boxing with the Foulkes’, Master(bater)s Golf with “Philly “Fucking” Liar” Emmerdale with Phil (Dingle) Gilchrist, that guessing tv show Who is the Conservative Leader?

      • You Barstards

        Teasing me.



        If it is one of the evil lying barstards I hope it is permanent.

        Yep I mean permanent after seeing my blood pressure records from the height of Wirral “Funny” Bizz clowncil bullshit and evilness.

        May they rot in fucking hell and they know who they are.

        Luv you boys though XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

        So tell me NOW X

    • G’day Mate

      You and your offsider The Great Leaks should run for wirral Clowncil you have all the qualifications one needs.





      Tell me it is Ecca “Interested” and they are getting someone honest, fair and decent?

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