LRJ : An Unofficial Announcement

Resignation letter

Here we have a social media post from our old friend and correspondent Cllr Louise Reecejones (LRJ). We’ve omitted 2 paragraphs ( containing either personal details or plugs for her charity) , other than that all words , as far as we know, are LRJ’s own. We’ve decided to publish in the public interest mainly because it would appear that LRJ has “made the move to withdrawn (sic) from politics” and therefore surely the local electorate need to know exactly what this means:

Last night I made the move to withdrawn (sic) from politics due to the extreme stress the constant targeting I have faced personally that has put extreme pressure on my health , this is not stress from those residents that I have served as that has been an absolute pleasure.

I would like to thank the one Labour councillor who had wished me well ……., it shows there is at least one good person . I won’t name them as I wouldn’t want them targeted. (Although I believe they can hold their own)

I believe in Jeremy Corbyn and what Labour stands for , I have principles I will not push to one side in order to make friends , I will not stand by an watch bully’s (sic) at work and I will not keep quiet to stop myself being bullied as I was not brought up that way.

My purpose was to make change and make a difference to children and adults with disabilities. I don’t believe in the current climate that there is any intention to change things on Wirral. I see so many children and their families in crisis and more energy is given to try and discredit me through the press , than change a way of working xx

I’ve not gone anywhere and will be back stronger than ever ,just without the noose … 

First thing to say is that we have no problem believing that some local Labour councillors ” can hold their own” – let’s face it many of them don’t have a choice! The second thing to say is that LRJ doesn’t paint a pretty picture of what it’s like being a local Labour councillor does she?  However we don’t appear to have had any official confirmation from the local Labour group or Wirral Council that indeed LRJ no longer features among their ranks . Whilst LRJ is still listed on Wirral Council website as a councillor for the Pensby and Thingwall ward – and presumably still collecting her council allowances  – she was a notable absentee from this week’s annual Wirral Council budget meeting held earlier this week.


The Nolan Principles in motion : Comrade LRJ putting on a show of solidarity with Comrade Foulkesy (mate of Comrade Crabby)  – awks!

If she is true to her word we have to say we will be sad to see LRJ go ( pass us an onion) as she was such good source of stories for us if nothing else. Who could forget her epic feud with ex – Labour councillor Jim ‘Crabby’ Crabtree  and how that ended up with him getting a criminal conviction ? LRJ then went from victim to victimiser and ended up falling foul of Wirral Council’s pisspoor ‘Standards’ ( ha!ha!) regime, refusing to apologise to either members of the public that she’d badmouthed on social media or councillors who feigned being ‘appalled’ at her conduct. Let’s face it the councillors were just miffed she didn’t meekly ‘ Do-a-Foulkesy’ and say she’d been very naughty and she wouldn’t do it again……..until the next time. She then threatened Wirral Council and former and current Monitoring Officer ( Surjit Tour and Philip McCourt respectively) with legal action. We also understand she made further allegations against another Labour councillor ( but respect and decorum prevents us from pursuing that particular story any further).

We have to say that from our first post that mentioned LRJ and which dealt with her original suspension by North West Labour Party in May 2015 we always thought her days were numbered. Therefore she appears to have done well to have lasted this long before apparently throwing in the towel. As we said at the time her only hope was to foster a friendship with Frank Field. He wasn’t keen and her fate was sealed. Read more here : Suspension Suspense

Whatever the situation we suspect that the local Labour group will want to keep very quiet on this one – at least until after the local elections in May.  But will LRJ?

Social media strategy

13 thoughts on “LRJ : An Unofficial Announcement

  1. Principles ??? Where were these much vaunted principles when as a person with disabilities she voted at every council meeting to close Girtrell Court ???

  2. Rats in a sack The Good Lord

    Why would anyone want to be involved with this scum, dross and crud.

    Why are the taxpayers so gullible?



    It wouldn’t matter how much good they “did” the likes of “Philly “FUCKING” Liar bring the shite into disrepute.

    Bring in ADMINISTRATION non-political.

    Luv your decency Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx

      • Maybe Frank Field could use his contacts at the thoroughly independent Wirral Globe and Liverpool Echo to blow the lid on this bullying?

        My oh my, being such a paragon of political virtue, he must be massively frustrated at not being in a position to influence these errant councillors

        I do hear he’s close to Councillor Moira McLaughlin though. Then there’s his election agent, Deputy Council Leader and alleged #racist George Davies.

        Perhaps their considerable, esteemed, combined pressure could be used to set up a conduit of goodness, fairness and wholesome values, injecting welcome change from the inside?

  3. “I don’t believe there is any intention to change things on Wirral” relating to vulnerable SEN Kids. There was an attempt through CAF until all the money went missing so families had no voice. Where did it go? Hmmm?

    Also as a councillor it was LRJ’s role to exact change. I understand she did that by voting to close the services that supported the vulnerable (Lyndale, Girtrell) claiming it was political pressure.

    The hard done to act is pathetic. The public have read the reports from the standards panels and there is definitely a bully here – Louise! Bragging about being a councillor to gain position. Good riddance but I have no doubt we havent heard the last of this one. If she was vocal when loosely leashed by the council then goodness knows what she is capable of when she doesn’t have to keep up appearances.

      • Actually this is my first comment!
        Although whoever KItty cat is has hit the nail on the head.

        I will comment further…..

      • Its actually not. I suggest wirralleaks remove the name you have quoted as this is further harassment of a person who has already been proven to be the victim of LRJ’s lies and targeted attacks.

        She is not the only one to know what LRJ did its all publicly available. In fact it would seem you are one of the few who still believes the innocent act even in the face of overwhelming evidence. I actually pity anyone that woman gets involved with as the destruction she leaves in her wake can be devastating for the victims.

        If she really was in politics to make a difference how is it Wirral are as bad as ever and who was the voice of the vulnerable? Not the local neighbourhood councillor who scuppered them at every vote!

    • There is:

      FAR more than one bully
      FAR more than one racist
      FAR more than one sexist
      FAR more than one throwback
      FAR more than one hypocrite
      FAR more than one knuckle dragger
      FAR more than one liar
      FAR more than one thief
      FAR more than one God botherer
      FAR more than one Frank Field puppet

      We boast the whole, colourful selection box, across all moribund parties.

  4. She defo made a difference for kids and adults with disabilities she voted along with the flock to close Lyndale and Girtrell court.
    The door for pensby ward councillor coming soon in May could be open (hopefully a double door) for ex community patrol senior officer Michael Collins who will be representing the Conservative party, with more skeletons in the closet than Landican has in the ground.
    #Metoo would love him

  5. Eh up….!

    Mothers Day BOOMERANG….

    ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.’

    (The Aussie, on the Wirral Biz/Council scandal.)

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