Wirral Leaks Weekly Dispatch #8


Our loyal readers get us and know exactly what – and who – we like (and don’t like). Accordingly the following information was sent to us by a few members  of the Leakerati and was described as an “open goal” by one and came with the message “please, I implore you. Have some fun with this….” from another. So channelling that laid back Sunday vibe here goes : Wirral Council are commissioning a pantomime.

Panto 006

As you can see we are not making this shit up . Yes, yes we know it’s always panto season at Wirral Council but we’ll leave you to do your own punchlines . Suffice to say this year’s pantomime has been confirmed as ‘Aladdin’. Freud would have a field day with that choice – keeping the genie in the bottle , the rubbing of lamps etc. For future years might we suggest that ‘Sinbad’ would be the obvious choice (think about it) …..then there’s  ‘Pinocchio’ (the audition for the lead would be right down New Brighton prom) or how about old favourites ‘Spinderella’ and  ‘Puss In (Ugg) Boots’? Indeed someone going by the name ‘Dazzler’ suggests to us a bawdy retro look at how car parking charges at country parks are impacting on the local dogging community with a production of ‘Babes In The Wood’. What does Wirral Council Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies think ?

Pip's panto


Talking of outmoded sexism (and racism) we’ve been asked how the Wirral Council delegation got on dans notre coin de pays at this week’s MIPIM (‘Le marche international des professionnels de l’immoblier’) event in Cannes. Unlike last year where they were seen flogging themselves all over social media like a Cannes courtesan (see below) it appears that curiously they’ve been keeping a low profile. They even left the latest ‘Wirral Waters ‘announcement to Peel’s Richard Mawdsley . Read more here : Wirral Waters

Despite the fanfare it was merely confirmation to us that what we have here is a private housing project kick-started by public money. Although we did note that all concerned are still including a ‘speculative industrial project’ as part of future plans. Let’s face it ‘speculative’ is the word – and when it comes to ‘Wirral Waters’ it has been all along !

Checking out the #MIPIM tweets and social media posts it would appear that when it came to Wirral it was as usual case of the Wirral minnow and the Liverpool whale (no that’s not a reference to Mayor Joe) as Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram and Liverpool City Council’s Mayor Joe Anderson took centre stage – although when it comes to the latter we have to ask – who on earth thought that was a good idea?

During our research we couldn’t help notice that there was there was a great deal of national coverage – including The Financial Times and The Guardian – about how sex workers had been banned at this year’s MIPIM event as the sleazy property industry tries to shed its sexist and racist image. As one delegate named Jane said : “What other industry on the face of the earth in 2018 needs to remind businessmen that they can’t bring prostitutes to an industry conference?”

Might we question that whilst the Wirral Council delegation might have felt at home at why did Wirral council tax payers have to pay for this sleazy jamboree?

The most prominent Wirralian we could find referenced on social media was Wirral Olympian Chris Boardman who rocked up to speak on behalf of er…..Manchester. Although we suppose we should be grateful that at least it wasn’t the ubiquitous Sam Quek.

One thing we did find out is that the outfit responsible for all those bloody artist’s impressions are called Uniform Architectural Visualisation . Didn’t you just know they’d be called something like that ? This latest one one is for Egerton Village/Square  – about which we expect to hear much more.

Egerton Visualisation


One of the twitter feeds we checked out for MIPIM news was  @WirralWellMade which is as far as we can make out is the Martin Liptrot-led  PR arm of the Wirral Growth Company .The latest Tweet we looked at goes like this :

Sunday Times 012


It transpires that this refers to Heswall being named fourth best place to live in North West in a poll published in today’s The Sunday Times. What we are waiting for Marty is an accurate reflection of what it’s really like to live on Wirral. Relentless positivity is all Wirral well made and good but might we suggest that accurate reporting and reflection of reality is even better ? Even The Sunday Times described The Wirral (sic) as “a different world” .

Sunday Times 016

Ain’t it just! and one we don’t recognise or no longer care to be part of !


West Wirral

We’ve been sent this screenshot from this week’s West Wirral Constituency meeting. Now either that’s a misplaced seating arrangement or we need to send Wirral Council’s Deputy Chief Executive David Armstrong our best wishes on his/her transitioning as currently this is the least convincing gender reassignment since boxing promoter Frank Maloney decided to become Kellie.



17 thoughts on “Wirral Leaks Weekly Dispatch #8

  1. Surely you meant “Corporate Director for Delivery Services and Assistant Chief Executive” for David Armstrong rather than “Deputy Chief Executive”?

    Alisha Butler-Ward wasn’t present, so David Armstrong sat where she would’ve say. I’m not sure if there was a nameplate in the box with David Armstrong’s new title (as he’s only had it since the 6th March 2018).

      • God Leaky

        I hope I am there when karma strikes this angry little ****



        Someone tried to tell me he was a good bloke ha ha ha ha

        I do hope all the shit he knows about them crashes down on him from a great height.

        The pathetic chip on the shoulder I was never good enough for the job despite having more dirt and effluence on them than Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters.

        The vile orrible person…..up there with Jones pretending to be decent.


  2. Interesting that the artists impression of the proposed Egerton Village doesn’t actually have the building that ‘Egerton Village’ is to be named after…..ie Egerton House…

  3. Even more interesting is the fact Alisha Butler-Ward is the solicitor representing against LRJ.
    She was the legal representative at the overview and scrutiny committee on 30th October 2017.

    So we have solicitors acting as community reps now, while they have there noses in the troff, Working for Burd Ward solicitors and setting up her own Phoenix solicitors in West Kirby.

    Very interesting how this unfolds!!!
    Question remains has LRJ been set up??
    All seems a little odd, matron with her fingers in the pie 🥧

    • Whilst we can’t verify private individual’s legal reps this is very interesting.
      How does someone become a community rep? Was there a vote? Do other constituency committees have a community rep?

      • Bespoke treatment.

        Behold, an area blessed with mucho moolah, which can be deployed to sue the incompetent bastards with. Hence the extra suits, the adoption of subdued, listening poses and the careful attention to detail. Twas ever thus.

      • Gets in to bed with the Labour group to get rid of, and discredit Councillors who support Corbyn. It’s a bigger victory if they are women or disabled, or both!!!
        Councillors Reecejones and Johnston know just how that feels.

        Community reps are appointed I believe when they have helped them screw someone over. The last one from Pensby was abused by Councillor Sullivan after she dared to challenge him. The Councillor thought it was ok to hurl abuse through her letter box and try to frighten her, what happened to her complaint??? Was he healed before any committee??? NO is the answer because he is a sheep to the Labour group. He is no leftie so don’t be deceived. Cllr Sullivan is an abusive nasty bully.

  4. G’day Leaks

    Getting back to “Legweak” the little weasel of a deputy to “Spotty Dog” “the Blinking CEO” who are both puppets to “Ankles” Foulkes why does he bother going in 4 days a week with all those consultants?



    Rats in a sack each and every one.


    What’s the word over the water there Leaky about the Russian spy?

    Was it just food poisoning?

    Politicians don’t tell lies do they “Philly “FUCKING” Liar?

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