Defend Our NHS : Heads Up On Pop Up

Our Birth Rights and Wrongs story caused quite a stir . Fortunately there are people better informed than us to to tell you about the pop up /pop out birthing centre in Seacombe.  So we are giving you the heads up about a public meeting organised by our friends Defend Our NHS and to also tell you to watch BBC1 North West Tonight tomorrow night which will feature a report about the opening of the centre and hopefully featuring a well informed ,dissenting voice facilitated by Wirral Leaks.

Dear Friends of the NHS

  1. Please find attached a leaflet for our next public meeting which will discuss the controversy surrounding the new Seacombe ‘pop-up’ Birthing Centre*. Please attend if you can – and share this information widely.
  • Wednesday 28th March at 7.00pm in St Paul’s Church Hall, Church Road, Seacombe, CH44 7BA.
  • Guest speakers: Felicity Dowling from the Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital campaign and Stephanie Miller, retired local midwife.
  1. We had another successful open meeting last week. Those present discussed the outcomes of the previous meeting, which had agreed a set of local and national concerns about the NHS as well as what we could do about them collectively and individually. The results of our deliberations will be available as a file on our Facebook page – and we’ll see the results over the coming months as we continue the fight to defend OUR health service. It all depends on YOU.
  2. Defend Our NHS was represented at the recent second meeting of campaign groups from around the Cheshire and Merseyside STP ‘footprint’. We shared information about how our services are being ‘slashed, trashed and privatised’ and how some councils are collaborating in this.
  3. One thing all local groups are determined to do is celebrate the NHS’s 70th birthday – and ensure it continues in good health. Some of our supporters will be attending the massive march in London on 30th June; on the same day many of us will be holding a ‘picnic in the park’: an NHS birthday party with fun for all the family. More details soon.

Best wishes on behalf of Defend Our NHS



Twitter: @DefendourNHS

* The centre will be opened by this week, at the invitation of Wirral Council and Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group, by Conservative Baroness Cumberlege. We wonder if Wirral Council (which has voted to oppose the privatisation of the NHS) has read this:

Seacombe pop up 9



7 thoughts on “Defend Our NHS : Heads Up On Pop Up

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  2. And, if Councillor Mooney really thinks that this Pop Up or Push and Pop Out Birthing ‘hub’ is such a good idea for the girls and their much cherished unborn babes, let’s see some commitment from her to the cause to show the Wirral people that it’s a sound and sensible idea rather than just yet another slice of blue sky thinking that’ll result in another glorious badly thought out expensive failure.
    I challenge this good woman, when she engages in her next act of lovemaking, to deliberately get pregnant and be the first happy expectant mother to tip up at Seacombe, announce, ‘I’m here and me bloody waters have broke’ and demonstrate how safe the whole idea really is.
    If I were a gestating foetus bloody nuzzled up in the womb of my birth mother and I had the ability to communicate to the outside world from the safety and tranquility of the womb, I’d be saying something like, ‘I’d rather get me first glimpse of life somewhere else thank you very much’.

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