Rising and Falling Stars


It was three years ago that Wirral Council was named  ‘Most Improved Council’ at the Local Government Chronicle (LGC) awards and anyone receiving an email or a letter from Wirral Council will see they are still desperately trading on this tired and bogus accolade.

As you know we are deeply suspicious of awards and titles as they often serve to provide a veneer of credence to the least deserving. This is something we deconstructed when the LGC award was first announced. Read here : The Bamboozlers

Might we suggest that it would have been more appropriate – or at least in the interest of balance – to include ‘Rated Inadequate by Ofsted 2016′ on official Wirral Council correspondence. After all what would be more indicative of the true state of Wirral Council – a rigorous full inspection of Children’s Services by a team of qualified and experienced inspectors or a 20 minute presentation to a group of gullible local government gurus at Grosvenor House  ,London ? The LGC  judge’s comments from 2015 read :

This is a council that has broken the mould of old ways of working to deliver a dramatic improve to its governance. Under a sector-led approach it has gone from being an abnormal authority known locally as the ‘insular peninsula’ to an organisation that seeks help and inspiration from others and is working with residents in a way they have never done before with impressive results in terms of new jobs.

And yet one year later Wirral council gets slated by Ofsted. But then a LGC award is a notorious kiss of death. It’s just a shame we didn’t get to hear the full story about how Wirral Council got this dubious award . Maybe Jo Miller the CEO of Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council -who were ‘Highly Commended’ by the LGC judges -will one day tell us about the backstage wheeler dealing that went on to ensure Wirral Council won the award. Apparently the judges thought “they’d had a hard time” . So it was the sympathy vote that won it. Bless. No wonder Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies looks so proud in the picture above. Read more here: Most Improved Council 2015

Is it any wonder that the ‘Most Improved Council’ award has subsequently become so discredited that as far as we understand there hasn’t been such an award since? This includes this year’s shit-glittering ceremony  which is to be held tonight : LGC Awards 2018

As you can see Wirral Council’s sole nomination this year is in the ‘Rising Star’ category and the honour goes to Sally Clark. Wirral Council’s pitch is as follows:

Sally Clark has recently been promoted to assistant head of communications but joined Wirral when it was undergoing major internal redesign. Her role was to help the council engage with employees to help communicate the challenges, the necessary redundancies and reshaping of services. She very quickly embedded herself across the organisation and her work on shaping how those messages were delivered had a huge impact on the final outcome and how the council was perceived. Ms Clark has been key to driving and maintaining pace in changing the way the council engages with staff, and has helped to set up new organisations that enabled Wirral to become a commissioning council.

We’ve got to admit that trying to improve how Wirral Council is perceived is a tough gig and it will be interesting to see whether Ms Clark fares better than last year’s Wirral Council  ‘Rising Star’ nominee, Strategy Manager Lucy Barrow , who we understand is now ‘all things culture’ . We also understand from a source that reclusive Wirral Council CEO  Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson has a ‘special liking’ for Ms Barrow and “can’t stop singing her praises” . But then according to last year’s LGC award pitch “People at every level of the organisation rely on her advice,support and talent” . As no doubt does her husband Mark Barrow – who just so happens to be ‘Campaign Manager’ at Wirral Chamber of Commerce’ ! Proving once again to us that if you impress the right people and have the right connections on the insular peninsula you’ll go far. Is Wirral ‘s talent pool really that shallow? Sadly the answer appears to be yes! Read more here :  Rising Star- Lucy Barrow

Now we can’t comment on the merits and attributes of these ‘Rising Stars’  but we do think it is revealing about what kind of roles are valued and relied upon by Wirral Council  – salespeople and spin doctors.

However such is the mysterious workings of the universe it would appear that it is a truism that for every rising star there is a falling star. And apparently disappearing into a black hole is former Wirral Council Super Duper Director Kevin ‘Addled’ Adderley who having being exiled by Wirral Chamber of Commerce to Egerton House as a glorified facilities manager, has we now understand, gone altogether . Perhaps he didn’t fit with the slick ,glossy image that the aspirational Chamber are promoting. As Her Ladyship said : ” I fear that burgundy cummerbund at the LGC Awards 2015 may have been the beginning of the end for him”  

Burgundy Cummerbund

Sue Perkins points to the offending item (take your pick as to what we mean by that)

If this is the case it’s lucky for Adderley that the £250,000 pay off he received from Wirral Council in 2015 will mean that (unlike others) he won’t have to darken the door of the DWP for whom he worked for 29 years. Perhaps he can give former Wirral CEO Graham Burgess a call to see if there are any jobs going within his burgeoning property empire (Torus /Bamboo Lettings etc;) …….on second thoughts, perhaps not.

But as the stars are going out

And this stage is full of nothing 

And the friends have all but gone 

For my life, my God, I’m singing






30 thoughts on “Rising and Falling Stars

  1. Rumour has it that Adderley was ‘bored’ with his role at the Chamber and will re-emerge fronting an Asif Hamid venture shortly…….anything going on on the Liverpool side by Everton’s proposed site I wonder?

      • Oh “Interested” and Lordy

        Where do I start on AdderleyDadderleyDooLally and his side kick and bum lick peroxided wing woman “The Chamber Potty”?

        The Stinking Ashtray himself and master law breaking asset stripper.



        Not to mention his fucking ridiculous kiddies football shirt with his name on the back


        and on the away shirt


        Luv you Leaky and “Int” see what I did there…….. on the away kit I got his asset stripping mate “Sir Git” in who’s iLL Legal Department was all over Lockwood Engineering. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

        See what you have to do “Squashy McCourt”?

        Anything they say legal or not.

        May karma fuck you “Squashy” like “Addles” and his dogsbody.

  2. Lucy Barrow (nee Beed)! She has absolutely no expertise whatsoever. She flit’s from job to job depending on whose arse she got her nose firmly shoved up at any particular time! Seems it’s the Chief Exec this time! She got the engagement gig as she was cosied up to Ms Degg and before that she was writing policy when under Russ Glennon. So now to hear she’s “all things culture” is another joke as she’s definitely not qualified for it. Lucy Barrow is very typical of a certain type of Wirral Council officer in that she will do anything to get on and that includes shitting on her subordinates and turning a blind eye when required. Horrible person!

    • A touch of jealousy I sense in your blood Stevo, move with the times, suck a bit of ass and you to will also flourish with the rest of us – he who sucks harder rises no pun intended

      • Dear Dave Rim More
        We don’t like to speak on other people’s behalf but some of us (Stevo included) like to retain a bit of human dignity.
        Your mum must be so proud.

      • I like your wit Leaky ‘ Dave Rim More’ you political goons are all self righteous, work shy arse kissers yourselves. If you could highlight any good things you have done for us people of Wirral other than rob the poor to feed the rich then please speak up. Most of you have an axe to grind because your not in power and if you was then I’m sure we would be in it up to our necks. Yes I think it’s fair to say over the last 6 years this place has had its fair share of incompetent directors of which I know will be changing for the better.
        Just for ref no need to get personal and bring mothers into it, rest assured that I’ll be telling yours when she gets out of my bed this morning. x

      • The Dowager Duchess is dead.Is necrophilia your bag? We don’t judge ( Ok we do).
        Actually we quite liked your honesty as to ‘how things work’ on Wirral even if we can’t condone it. Surely isn’t the fact that Wirral Council ‘has had its fair share of incompetent directors over the last 6 years’often been due to a ‘kiss up, kick down’ culture? Can’t see how advocating a dextrous tongue is going to change things for the better.
        As for politics – it’s all bollocks as far as we’re concerned.

      • Hi Dave. Thanks for the advice but not my style to kiss arse. At the end of the day I have to look myself in the mirror and be a role model for my family. Kissing arse doesn’t fall into that category. I speak as I find and I don’t believe im saying anything that’s not truthful. Lucy is definitely not a strategist or game changer of any kind and she is absolutely not a people person so the community engagement gig was not at all suitable. You mention the lack of decent directors over the past six years. It’s been going on longer than that and by promoting the arse lickers will not makes things any better. In fact the opposite is true. I hope you are right about the future of Wirral as there are some good people there. Unfortunately they don’t get the promotions they deserve but at least they have their integrity still intact.

  3. G’day Leaky and “Interested”

    Now that “The Stinking Ashtray” has moved on it might be time for “Spotty Dog” “The Blinking CEO” to publicly apologise to the Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers.

    He could just say that he bullied Davies, Davies, Jones, Jones, Armstrong, Tour, Wilkie, Norman.



    Its not too late Ecca almost 7 years on to do the right thing.


    • Kevin Add rupt may have ‘moved on’ but The Mighty and high vis Highbrow can add up (along with yourself James)

      And things don’t add up….do de?

      (Sorry for stating the obvious)

  4. Oh Lordy

    Where are you when things go from the ridiculous to the fucking insane.

    Watched the news for about 20 seconds and Bolton is getting the Ryder Cup on their Peel Housing Estate.

    Joe is getting a floating footie pitch on his Peel Commonwealth Games site.

    We are going to stop everyone royal or political going to Russia but were letting the dunder head footballers go.



    Oh to be a politician like Little Matty Patty or Clowncillor Emergency Ward 10 year old what a fucking ambition and career.

    Lying, bowing, nodding, agreeing, copying bullcrap.


    66 of them Leaky with the intellect of one ten year old.

    • The honesty is blinding I like that ! But what he “Dave” says , to all the Stevos of wmbc, the type of employee tax payers are screaming out for, is an incredible insight as to why uk is austere.

      He doesn’t appear to work for wmbc , thank goodness

  5. G’day Leaks
    I was just walking past a school turning out and I thought.

    Some of these kids could be the kids and grand kids of Clowncillors the cream of society.

    How will these children ever be able to admit that an apology needed or a thank you to people trying to protect their hard earned money.


    Admit they have made a mistake.



    wirral are a disgrace to themselves, their families, their alma mater and the human race.

    Not one sincere apology to the Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistle blowers and I do hope “Philly “FUCKING” Liar that you have minimal contact.


    the Everpeel goalie can finish his national career like AdderleyDadderleyDooLally before it even began.

  6. I’d like to know whe you are not having a go at this bloody bridge farce at Birkenhead. Presumably you, like the senior offcials and councillors, live in leafier suburbs and are not inconvenienced by this disaster.

    • This is life as we know it contractors shafting the council of over run projects a bit like in that transformers department lack of capable staff of delivering in anything total shambolic and shameful!!!!!! Give us some evidence of succession in the council from 2014 to date I’ll tell you ‘fuck all’ but it’s a constant drain on funds having to bring all these contractors in I’d like to see permanent staff deliver and be successful.

  7. I can’t see a few council bods being able to build a bridge but the Big Red stupid is just sitting there by the side of the road everyday. Work has halted on that yet they appear to be creating a new road alongside the current dick. Wtf are these idiots doing?

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