Dead Wrong

Cabinet 019

Cllr George Davies hangs his head in shame. Correction : he has no shame. 

Today’s Wirral Council Cabinet meeting gave the powers that be the opportunity to respond to the criticism levelled at them by central government that they couldn’t organise a bunfight in a bakery when it comes to local planning issues with their failure to produce a ‘Local Plan’.

Unfortunately spineless council leader Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies , in his inimitable style, delegated the task of chairing this meeting to his hapless deputy , Cllr George Davies. But where was Pip? – New York? Reno? Cannes? China? Apparently anywhere but his ward in Birkenhead or Wallasey Town Hall! Consequently we’d like to send him an early Easter present – a petri dish. Perhaps he’ll be able to grow a scrotum in it!

petri dish

Inevitably it didn’t work out well as Gorgeous George hid behind his PC screen (which makes a change from hiding behind Frank Field’s skirts) and , as usual, embarassingly read out a pre-prepared empty speech which bore a remarkable similarity to an exclusive statement issued to Wirral Globe by Pip in his belated response to Sajid Javid, the Minister for Housing, Communities and Local Government,and his letter threatening government intervention which we exclusively revealed to the people of Wirral –  Making Plans For Wirral

The belated Wirral Globe story can be read here

The use of the term ‘dead wrong’ was a dead giveaway that this was a Martin Liptrot-scripted case of talking loud and saying nothing.  Watch in horror from behind the settee from 7.30 minutes in of the John Brace video as Cllr George Davies has the temerity to say that as a  government minister Sajid Javid is “entitled to his opinion” . Whereas the truth of the matter is that Javid is entitled in LAW to insist that Wirral Council abide by their statutory obligations and produce a coherent ‘Local Plan’ .

What we find to be ‘dead wrong’ in the above horrorshow is that someone who has used racist slurs and offered a sweetheart deal to scammers  in return for smearing a political opponent is deemed to have the moral authority and political gravitas to challenge the accusation that he is monumentally incompetent when it comes to fronting Wirral Council’s planning portfolio.

Just watch and tell us whether it makes you feel proud that the people above – and Cllr George Davies in particular  – are responsible for making decisions that affect you and your life.

Cabinet 005

Wirral Council ‘leadership’ in action. These are the people who make decisions about our lives whilst avoiding the public gaze from behind their (smoke)screens .

10 thoughts on “Dead Wrong

  1. G’day Leaky

    I do hope that Bobby comes back soon but in his absence I will try and say what he would, obviously not anywhere near as well.

    Have a geek at “Philly “FUCKING” Liars Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over From Hell” and see if you think this racist barstard could be honest about anything?

    If he wasn’t so ugly inside and out he would still be a scum bag arsehole like his mate “The Pretend Friend”,

    Both nearly men.

    Both cheating lying pricks.

    Nothing personal but they make “Crapapple” look normal.



    Can you tell I’m fuming Lordy?

    Bad news for me from Oz and I just can’t afford to go.

    Ecca do the right thing or go down with your shi(t)p


  2. That video with the alleged racist centre stage crouching low down, with the cowering body language of a dog caught ransacking a butcher’s shop is absolutely shocking to witness.

    There was bugger all ‘political’ about Sajid Javid’s letter or actions. They were entirely procedural and businesslike. Warnings were first given three years ago but nothing was ever done due to incompetence or insolence. This was simply the next stage in the process and the public all saw it coming.

    We are now witnessing hopefully the final stages of a broken council. By comparison, the George / Pip Davies response statement was overtly party political and slewing with hopelessly worded amateur dramatics done to curry votes and whip up hate in the hearts of the local public for “DEM TORIES”, when in truth the abject failure was all hard right Labour’s very own.

    But why let the truth get in the way of poltical opportunism and the May elections, coming soon? Foodbanks will be another cause celebre to cynically hang their hats onto while they smile for the cameras and pretend to be all things to all of Wirral’s starving men, women and children.

    I spoke to my mate Steve Rotheram on Saturday night and when told about this Local Plan catastrophe, without any prompting he knew immediately that the whole thing would end up “on his desk”.

    I can’t repeat here what his opinion was of Frank Field’s overdue censure for writing for The S*n newspaper and his subsequent refusal to apologise or back down. He was not impressed with Field one little bit.

    But obviously alleged racist, right wing George Davies doesn’t see a problem with being the election agent to a simpering, cap-doffing servant of Rupert Murdoch.


    • G’day Paul


      What you said

      so well

      Bobby would like that.



      I just know they never learn a lesson or care about anyone apart from themselves and their GANG.


      Lets hope “Philly “FUCKING” Liar was on sick leave.

      Cos the deluded lying arsehole is very sick.

    • Thanks “Int”

      You don’t have to worry yourself about fucking the clowncil it is totally self serving.



      Have you ever seen anything like that scruffy, tatty rat sitting behind that monitor and then their is the racist evil Field(er) sitting next to him playing with his (cricket) balls.

      Bet you wished you could comb your hair over like that ha ha ha ha ha

      All rats in a sack.

      Luv ya La XX

  3. As matter of opinion indeed! I have heard that one several times from councillors where black transmutes to grey and grey to white by the mere power of matter of opinion.

    Fancy a window fitter measuring an aperture not with a laser tape measure but with an eye estimate. The window frame jammed in but a bowling gap for wind to get in but you confront home with it don’t fit and back the answer

    That’s a matter of opinion

  4. Any errors errors as a matter of opinion.

    You say howling I write bowling
    You say him I write home

    You decking pedants it don’t matter just a matter of opinion

  5. G’day Leaky

    Did you get your rubbish paper from over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters delivered today Lordsville?

    “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” is at it again pre-elections.

    There going to build a fucking big office building down at the Stinking Ashtrays site probably three floors.

    The peroxided blondes lobby on the ground floor, Ugh Boots on the top and AdderleyDadderleyDooLally “SANDWICHED” between his two favourite flavours…

    peroxide and rubber…….. ugh boots.

    “Philly” really is deluded and thinks people believe his shit every public holiday.



    Stella will probably be in the basement casino.


    There will be much more media shite over Easter Lordy keep your eyes


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    Just spotted how the George Davies “hairstyle” seems to blend in with the drab Wirral Council wallpaper here.

    Have heard politicians described as ‘chameleon-like’ but this one appears to be taking it literally!!

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