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Blott Farewell

Joe Blott : Laughing all the way to the bank …….and at our expense.

As we exclusively revealed in February (2016) Wirral Council Super – Duper Director Joe Blott is about to escape. Most appropriately the article featured a ticking clock as we can only imagine that Blott must be counting the seconds until his exit as he knows all too well that the proverbial is about to hit the fan. Read more here :The Final Countdown

OK it’s been two years but it seems that it’s finally time to say : so farewell then Joe Blott – the last of the infamous Super Duper Directors appointed by failed Wirral Council CEO Graham ‘Burgesski’ Burgess.  Although you won’t be surprised to hear that Blott’s £390K bung is identified in the topsy-turvy world of Wirral Council as a ‘saving’.

The summary of costs in relation to above are as follows:

Severance £93,412.60
Employer cost £296,763.43
Total £390,176.03
Annual Saving £158,300.82
Recovery period 29.53months


To which we can only say  – “Oh it’s a saving all right – but of who’s skin?” because as we anticipated the proverbial may be FINALLY about to hit the fan!

Following on from the departure of previous failed Super Duper Directors Kevin ‘ Addled’ Adderley and Clare ‘Wet’ Fish we have to ask ourselves what did we get for our money?  Er ,not a lot ! From what we can gather Adderley was utterly appalling on every level except when it came to a left hook, Fish flailed around in shallow waters and laid the foundation for the inadequate rating of Children’s Services by Ofsted and as for Blott , well , Joe seems to have avoided blotting his copybook by being the chief co-ordinator of Wirral Council cover ups. But is that what we pay public servants to do? Are they there to serve us or their political paymasters?

Blott will forever be known by us for his infamous quote: ” No comment”  – Sorry  but you said it Joe and then lied about it to investigator Patricia Thynne and what’s more the ‘Wirralgate’ complainants have (yet another) recording to prove it !

Blott Quotes 020

He will also be known by the repeated use of the phrases : ” I can’t recall” and ” I have no recollection”  – which proves either  a)  a pre-requisite of a senior manager at Wirral Council is selective amnesia or b) Blott has early onset dementia

Nevertheless and needless to say we predict that with his connections and the favours he’s dealt Blott will find a nice little niche somewhere after his long anticipated but hastily arranged departure. We wonder if the previously alleged delayed hook-up with Labour councillor Paul Doughty will finally materialise ? See here : Blott’s Pension Pot

Of course , as we have done with many ex-Wirral Council employees who have previously featured on Wirral Leaks , we will be regularly checking where Blott pops up next . Any information will be gratefully received and it will be your chance to win a pair of Joe Blott endorsed ‘Personality Lifts’ – shoe inserts that will make the vertically challenged feel really, really important .

David Hamilton Personality Lifts

Life’s short but you don’t have to be!

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18 thoughts on “Spot the Blott

  1. Oh Leaky

    Who could forget the performance of Blott on the wirral Landscapes performance in that two week whistleblowing case in the court house over Kev and stellas Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters.

    His performance was only upstaged by “Sir Git”, his fucking ugly monster timepiece and his glued at the hip “friend” from his election cess pit.

    What was her name err Robinson err, Tour err, can’t recall but there wasn’t always one foot on the floor.

    Blotty kept saying to that wirral Judge I can’t recall, I can’t recall and I didn’t take any notes.



    Oh to have your own taxpaying judge.

    Thanks for editing my last piece Lordy XXXXXXXXX

  2. Happy Good Friday Leaky


    In their ex local rubbish propaganda sheet

    Wirral Council say they cannot afford food waste collection

    Why don’t the fat barstard clowncillors do a selfless act for a change and call round and dine with their sucker taxpayers.

    Have you seen the fat barstards, Foulkes, Jones, Jones, Williamson, Davies, Davies. Doughty, Abbey et al.

    They could hoover up the left overs like their allowances they hoover up for doing nothing.



    Some senior officers could help have you seen the size of “Humpty Dumty Ball” and Fat £200,000.00 man Robinson.

    Too fat to apologise.


  3. Thank all Lords !! this one had to be the biggest drain on local tax payers … worked with Graeme burgess’ wife , before he got this “job” .. how handy for all concerned !! ..

    I’m not being sarcastic but apart from his managing director role 😂😂😂😂😂😂 .. what the hell did he do??? I know what he didn’t do , as you sadly point out .

    I hope that everything he deserves and a bit more ,happens !! I hope on his death bed he is tourtured by his choices and failings .
    Good riddance you self serving FOOL

  4. Can someone explain what councillors do? I have seen them sitting at committee meetings where nowt happens, I have heard vacuous comments and what passes for debate in the Chamber but still I cannot form an argument that 66 is better than 0.

    Can any Councillor explain what they do save presenting petitions to the Chamber and announcing whether they have pecuniary interests or nay.

    Do they reign but not rule and is so why are there 66 of them?

  5. It won’t be a pleasant experience watching Blott “D a n c e a w a y” into the sunset whilst Doughty waits for his arrival somewhere in the shadows.

    We can only assume that unbeknownst to them now, an anonymous set of customers / clients / partners / tenants / service users will all of a sudden have their heretofore healthy looking finances or balance sheet “re-arranged” to suit somebody else’s hopes, dreams, wishes and desires.

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  7. I’m hearing that Pope Francis has just declared ………. THERE ISN’T A HELL !!

    Was that a gale or perhaps a tornado, suddenly whipping up, rattling my windows, frightening the children and sending the domestic pets scurrying for cover, OR…

    …was it a collective sigh of relief escaping the lungs of 66 rotten to the core human beings situated just down the road, in their serried ranks, with their arses planted on a row of crooked seats in Wallasey Town Hall?

    • Well there is an awful lot of them who hang on to the Pope’s word as if it were, er, gospel.
      We dread to think what they will get up to if they think there will be no consequences to their actions……oh hang on.

  8. Hope he’s taken his football shirt off the wall and enjoys the perks of the team box that us tax payers have funded. I hear he’s going to work for the Chamber with colourful shoes…. he knows too much so to keep him safe web need him close but just out of arms length. We love this system, create new jobs for corrupted highly paid staff, so he’s not on the scrap heap yet and still pulling in the £££

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