April Fools


Whilst we’re familiar with the old refrain – ” April fool is past and gone , so you’re the fool for carrying on….”  we felt that the following leak was too significant to be included in our  Wirral Leaks Weekly Dispatch #10 and have instead chosen to post separately, if belatedly , today :

“I’m not in the Labour Party and have no wish to be drawn into their internal rows. However I notice that the final item in the screenshot in your post below refers to  Cllr Phil Davies vowing  “that Wirral council are doing all they can to stop ACS’s in the NHS…..  


Some people might say he’s a fool. Others less charitable might say he’s a liar. Some would use stronger language.

He’s opposed to the ‘STP’ (Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships), he’s opposed to the  ACS (Accountable Care System)  , so how does he explain his own Council’s policy to implement both – from 1st April 2018 ?

See the screen shot above from a presentation to staff by Wirral’s  Director of Adult Social Services Graham Hodkinson (who by the way, also from 1st April 2018 , becomes the deputy at Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) , thus committing  Wirral Council into NHS England’s plans to ‘slash, trash and privatise’ the hand that feeds them very well indeed).”

Perhaps Pip can feed this back to the Birkenhead Constituency Labour Party (CLP) at their next meeting or is he quite happy to continue to make fools of both his Labour colleagues and Wirral’s constituents?


5 thoughts on “April Fools

  1. Davies is a fool & a Liar & worse. I felt when labour started interfering with “OUR” NHS it would end in disaster & by all accounts it is going to hell on a handcart. WTF to these labour idiots now about administering the health service when they cant even run their own council.
    I despair What with stupid golf course ideas, Lobo loans, disabled school closures, Loans to fellow labour councils at rock bottom rates the list is never ending. And the labour party embroiled in an antisemitic debacle with their leader JC no pun intended not to crush these wicked factions. Lord Julian I feel so frustrated that I can only try to vote them out at the next local elections but I am a voice in the wilderness.

  2. Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together and commented:
    Liar Phil Davies appears to have been caught out in another bout of dishonesty. This time, it could mean waving goodbye to the local NHS services we’ve been relying on for the last 70 years. Phil Davies will personally be fine. He is wealthy, resides in an area where citizens last 12 years longer than they do here in Seacombe, and he won’t be losing any sleep about having to fork out for costly health insurance.

    And who knows? He may have taken early precautions and bought some shares in private health companies.

    He could be waiting expectantly for the value of his stock to go through the roof as the NHS collapses around us !!

    That would certainly explain this unusual behaviour for an alleged *Labour* politician.

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