Come To Sunny Birkenhead

Grafitti 016

We understand that it was a typical Bank Holiday Monday back in Blighty. Bleak,wet and miserable. Indeed we’ve been sent the above picture which not only seemed to reflect the general  mood but also served as an antidote to all the idealised artist’s impressions of Birkenhead we’ve been seeing all over the press lately.

Apparently the picture was taken at the bottom of Holt Hill , Birkenhead – ironically the scene for  one of the most famous pictures ever taken on Wirral when Cammell Laird was an industrial powerhouse and the town’s main employer.

Holt Hill 2

Although it ain’t Bansky we think the graffiti speaks volumes about post-industrial nihilism and the challenge that faces those who optimistically seek to transform Birkenhead . Meanwhile what a dispiriting and depressing experience this must be for those who have to pass this vulgar ugliness every day.

The obscene scene also reminded us of the Philip Larkin poem ‘Sunny Prestatyn’  which presents a bleak picture of the harsh realities juxtaposed with the false promises of glossy advertising. Just don’t expect to see this picture reproduced in Wirral View or in a wraparound advertising feature paid for by Wirral Council.

Come To Sunny Prestatyn
Laughed the girl on the poster,
Kneeling up on the sand   
In tautened white satin.   
Behind her, a hunk of coast, a
Hotel with palms
Seemed to expand from her thighs and   
Spread breast-lifting arms.
She was slapped up one day in March.   
A couple of weeks, and her face
Was snaggle-toothed and boss-eyed;   
Huge tits and a fissured crotch
Were scored well in, and the space   
Between her legs held scrawls
That set her fairly astride
A tuberous cock and balls
Autographed Titch Thomas, while   
Someone had used a knife
Or something to stab right through   
The moustached lips of her smile.   
She was too good for this life.   
Very soon, a great transverse tear   
Left only a hand and some blue.   
Now Fight Cancer is there.
Philip Larkin, “Sunny Prestatyn ” from Whitsun Weddings. Copyright © Estate of Philip Larkin. 



9 thoughts on “Come To Sunny Birkenhead

  1. G’day Leaky

    Don’t you just love purdah.

    The only time of the year that “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” is not doing what he does best.

    No Leaks not that…….LYING.

    No bullshit about golf resorts and European Super Super Duper Markets.



    Remind me L what are his achievements again after his intolerable tenure?

    Wirral Gate
    Wirral “Funny Bizz”
    Girtrell Court

    Has anyone gone to the Gold Coast to get the commonwealth Games Everpeel football stadium money?


    • James, it’s odd but every time I see your name, this bloody BOOMERANG just seems to come flying by….

      ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lied.’

      (The Aussie, on the the Wirralbiz/Council scandal)

      Ha ha…

  2. G’day Leaks

    I have been leaving comment on the picture above of the outhouse to others like “Interested”.

    There is already a plaque on the “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” and “Ankles” Foulkes” Commemorative Dunny down the North End.

    “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, Lying and Deluded Dill” wouldn’t allow it in his Hoylake.



    The three remaining useless stumps are Davies the Turd, Williamson and of course “The Pretend Friend”.


    • The three tree stumps…I wonder what they will be singing? Will they be popular on an International level?

      Perhaps they will be opening at the World Cup?

  3. G’day Leaky

    Didn’t you get any pf the photos of “Philly” and “Ankles” opening the Dunny?

    The one above with their names emblazoned.

    If there was no free pies I don’t suppose “Ankles” could make it.

    And “Philly” was probably watching their favourite team going to another Champions League Final that don’t need a sinking football pitch paid for by the taxpayer.



    If only “Philly “FUCKING” Liar’s Uncle Joe had got the Commonwealth Games we would have Everpeel building Utopia…….

    Not Europa you silly boy.

    Luv ya anyway Leaksvlle XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    When they have built and sunk their pitch there will be no evidence.


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