Wirral Leaks Weekly Dispatch #11

Apologies for the late edition of our weekly dispatch. A bit too much pastis over le weekend – that’s the French spirit and not the Gregg’s delicacy obvs !


Marks 004

So farewell then to Birkenhead’s Marks and Spencer. And what a sorry sight you leave behind. No more sourdough bread and sturdy gussets. Even the intervention of Birkenhead MP Frank Field couldn’t save it from extinction. Is Frankenfield losing his touch ? After failing to get ‘Sir’ Philip Green stripped of his knighthood  and as yet not succeeding in getting car parking for nurses at Arrowe Park Hospital scrapped he’ll have to go back to getting his own way with Wirral Council and DWP .

However the good news for the down town trackie-clad denizens of Birkenhead is that they will be well served by JD Sports moving to larger ,refurbished premises.


Imagine Wirral

Although being a contributor to the cultural life of Wirral (!) we unfortunately couldn’t attend the February launch of the Wirral Council programme Imagine Wirral which apparently is about celebrating culture,creativity and ideas. Other than the re- branding of ‘The Leisure Peninsula’ and the website there hasn’t been an awful lot going on at #ImagineWirral since its launch so we’re left using our imagination as to what it’s all about – other than promoting established events and gegging in with a bit of opportunistic branding. If Wirral Council leisure guru Cllr Christine Spriggs could enlighten us further we’d appreciate it……


So with the news that central government has allocated some money from its £100 million pothole fund to Liverpool City Region out of which Wirral Council gets a whopping £184,000 (which judging by the state of Wirral’s roads we all know won’t go very far), especially when we consider this example sent to us from Tranmere :

Pothole 002


Excellent work here from the Peel Group. There are so many buzzword bingo boxes ticked with our headline of the year so far:


Exciting new ‘pop up’ leisure hub for Wirral Waters


As an added bonus there’s the obligatory artist’s impression :


Float on

Find it in all its glory here

and finally….. HOLE OF THE WEEK

Yes – we’re sure you’ve all seen the guy having sex with a hole on the Brackenwood golf course. As this is a family blog (!) we’ll leave you to find the footage on Youtube for yourself. But when it comes to leisure and celebrating culture,creativity and ideas on Wirral perhaps we can expect find it , er,popping up on the Imagine Wirral website soon!

7 thoughts on “Wirral Leaks Weekly Dispatch #11

  1. Message to the lying leader…

  2. G’day Leaky

    What you sayin?

    I said what yo sayin?

    “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” has finally holed out?

    Is that My Good Lord at Brackenridge or the pot hole in his electorate Tranmereiedre?

    Must be Brackenridge he wouldn’t be seen dead in Tranmereiedre.



    He probably sends his boy “Clowncillor Emergency WARD 10 year old” although he wouldn’t be seen above the pothole he probably sends “The Pretend Friends” little mate “Little Matty Patty” after school.


    Can’t wait to see who the Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers are going to target come election time with a leaflet drop etc.

    Don’t anybody vote in any more kids that leaves more swag for the old hard heads. X

  3. My Lord,

    I am impressed…..you have used the phrase ‘gegging in’ when writing about Imagine Wirral. I would ‘imagine’ that the Mighty Highbrow will file away this phrase and perhaps refer to it in a scholarly manner at some future point…..

    0h I am in a good mood this morning… best wishes to all Wirral Leakers..!

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