Wirral Leaks Election Selection 2018 – 3 weeks to go


The ‘failure’ of course being Wirral Council ‘leader’ Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies who ‘launched’ Labour’s  local election campaign earlier this week. We’ve been sent the email and picture that was sent to Labour Party members and which found its way swiftly over to us from a number of sources, which is ironic as we understand Pip has been bemoaning the number of leaks emanating from the party faithless disillusioned with the local political ‘leadership’. The email was accompanied with the comment :  “Leaks? – oh dear Pip here’s another one!:    

Labour Rotheram pic

Hello –

Today, alongside Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram, I launched Wirral Labour’s local election campaign.

As you know, the choice for local people at this election is very clear – a Tory Party obsessed with austerity, cuts to the budgets of Merseyside Police and Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, falling numbers of nurses and doctors in our NHS, a crisis in teacher recruitment in our schools, and cuts to the Local Authority budgets which provide vital services to Wirral residents.

Read more from my speech here:  https://wirrallabour.wordpress.com/2018/04/10/labour-is-last-line-of-defence-against-savage-tory-cut…

On May 3rd, residents can choose a Labour Council which acts as the last line of defence for Wirral families and residents against these damaging Conservative cuts which are gambling with people’s lives.

I hope to see you on the campaign trail!

With best wishes,

Cllr Phil Davies
Leader of Wirral Council


From the same photo session as above comes this delightful pic featuring Labour’s Claughton councillors Cllr Steve ‘Foulkesy’ Foulkes ,  Cllr ‘Gorgeous’ George Davies and the other one. See here : Gilly Keeps Bad Company in Claughton

Line of tory

Line of Tory ? – well if you say so!

There they are basking in the successful electoral lustre of Metro Mayor Steve ‘ The Brickie’ Rotheram. Does the Brickie know who he’s mixing with? All we’re saying is that if you take Cllr Gill Whatsherface out of her picture we wouldn’t be surprised to see former British National Party president Nick Griffin standing there. Just sayin’!


We thought that a long standing mystery had been resolved when we’d been sent the leaflet below. Wirral leaks readers may remember our  Campaign Fail story from the 2016 local election  involving Labour  candidate (and now Labour councillor) Tony ‘Lifeboat Disaster’ Jones. You may recall that Jones distributed election leaflets without showing name of agent, candidate or printer on the leaflet . As we reported at the time :

The Electoral Commission takes these things very seriously. Section 143 of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 introduced a new requirement for all election material to bear the name and address of the printer, promoter and the name and address of any person on behalf of whom material is being published (and who is not the promoter). A candidate or election agent contravening this provision is guilty of an illegal practice.

Cllr Jones has subsequently proved to be very mysterious about his contact details. However we thought the mystery had been solved when we saw these details until we told this wasn’t an election leaflet but a newsletter and that fellow Labour Cllr Christine Spriggs resides at a different address . All very confusing :

Sprigg & Jones


Pip told us he was on the campaign trail. Little did he tell us he would be mainly conducting it from the gutter. We’ve already told you about how the local Labour group are focussing on ousting sole Green councillor Pat Cleary. We also told you a while ago about ‘gentleman’s club ‘Peachez’  here. These two unlikely subjects collide in this desperate electioneering ploy from Pip and gormless Birkenhead & Tranmere ward candidate Paul ‘Hand’ Jobson who are suddenly wanting to close down the so called strip-joint in downtown Birkenhead.


Peachez 016

The first thing we have to say about the Wirral Globe story :  Campaigners call for Birkenhead strip club to be closed down   is to ask – Who the hell is Pip to talk about ‘sordid business’ !?

Whilst a representative declined to comment on the Wirral Globe article Dustin Paul from Peachez did post this marvellous riposte on the Globe’s Facebook page :

I would like to offer anyone of the Wirral Globe readers free admission this weekend just say WIRRAL GLOBE on entrance to the club and you will be granted free entrance to see how nice the club is for yourself!!
Hope to see you all in Peachez this weekend!!
PS thank you Wirral Globe for the free advert last time we had to pay you to advertise Peachez in your paper!!!

Which just goes to show that those who take money for advertising are in no position to publish politically motivated stories judging those who take notes in the knicker elastic! Just sayin’!

11 thoughts on “Wirral Leaks Election Selection 2018 – 3 weeks to go

  1. No surprises at Davies speech – that pillock liptrot will have drafted it – when will we ever receive a decent view on labour instead of this spluttering reprobate the red face dipstick

  2. Talking of local elections the Conservatives top man for the job in the Pensby ward is the man with a thousand skeletons ex Community patrol sidekick Herr Michael Collins.
    The Conservatives background check officer must have been on a very long holiday when this application went in.
    Council rap sheet like the Krays, will fit right in just not very snuggly.

  3. My Lord,

    The Aussie has been teasing us. Where are the Wirral Biz Leakers going to be doing their leaflet drop? (He asks)

    Having read your Election Selection post… perhaps the Aussie may like to guess where I am going this morning?

      • G’day “Int”

        I know where you are goin?

        Yer off to find the truth.

        Yer off to Clowncillor Adrian Edward Rowland Jones.surgery to find out why the low life scum bag arsehole shafted his mate “Highbrow” where the sun don’t shine.

        How he a “Pretend Santa” can be so low, in fact, lower than “Ankles” Foulkes and we know what he is lower than!



        The cretinous moron can never be forgiven for being such a “see you next Tuesday” to a so called mate.

        What welsh rock this this creep crawl from under?

        Luv Ya “int” but not as much as my French letter receiver. XXXXXXXX

  4. I had hoped cold couples or Davies
    P were on the line
    But neither are so a generalist approach necessary to highlight labour leadership misdeeds in any ward? Suggestions?

  5. I can’t fault the reply from James/the Aussie but it is essentially wrong ha ha

    I agree with all he says though.

    I have been to the library.

    Yes, I have felt the need to have a look at the electoral register ( no photo copies allowed). I have wanted confirmation of what My Lord suggests. It is very confusing, Cllr Spirggs appear s to live in Birko. (Yes where I was born)

    All I know is, My Lord Leaks is a very wise man…..

  6. The Liverpool Echo ask if New Chester Road is “Wirral’s Messiest Street”?

    It could well be. And here’s why…

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