Wirral Leaks Weekly Dispatch #13

Mr T


Our Wallasey Town Hall (WTH) fixtures and fittings expert contacted us to say :

Sorry not able to get a picture ..but for over a week a team of carpet fitters have been fitting the most luxurious carpet in the council chamber at WTH .
It’s very thick, predominantly black with gold swirls, must have cost a fortune, it looks and feels like top end! But what else would you expect from these self righteous t****.
Perhaps one of your contacts will be able to get you a pic.
Just sayin’….

Sounds like it was designed by Wirral Leaks’ favourite motivational speaker Mr T !

The first person to provide us with a pic of the new carpet gets to roll around on it with a chief officer of their choice . Let’s bring back the glory days of municipal rumpy-pumpy (Shake’N’ Vac not provided) .


The appointment of of highly paid consultants to perform statutory tasks on behalf of Wirral Council officers continues. The latest insult brought to our attention involves the appointment of Mott MacDonald (not a euphemism) to complete a Traffic Network Management Plan at a cost of £22,745.19 . Apparently they were the only ones to submit an application. And what do you get for your money you might ask?

Wirral Council are looking to appoint a consultant to produce a Traffic Network
Management Plan. The objective of the commission is to undertake two
distinct stages of work. This will include an audit to review against the current
legislation to ensure that Wirral Council is discharging its responsibilities. The
second element of the work is to produce a Traffic Network Management
The Traffic Management Act 2004, Part 2: Network Management by Local
Authorities imposes a duty on traffic authorities to secure expeditious
movement of traffic on their network and to appoint a Traffic Manager. It is
important that the authority undertakes its duties under Part 2 of the Traffic
Management Act satisfactorily, and in the event of an authority failing to
perform its network management duty the Secretary for State has powers to
intervene. This work will identify what is required to pass the duty.

Read more here : Network Management Plan

By the sounds of it it is basically an arse-covering exercise in case central government intervenes yet again ( see also ‘Local Plan’) and asks why local government officers haven’t got a Mr Magoo as to what is required to cobble together their own Network Management Plan.


We understand  BCEGI  is an international property developer and construction company with foundations in China who hoped to be Wirral Council’s joint venture partner in the Wirral Growth Company . However as we reported it was Muse Developments who got the gig – Muse Musings and More Muse Musings . You will also note that the runner up in the bid was BCEGI/ Scarborough and we noted that there were some problematic areas with bids .Sure enough we have just received the following leak from a well placed source :

So a letter has been sent from BCEGI (the other company competing for Wirral Council’s assets) complaining about several serious issues relating to the whole procurement exercise. Now who was the person heading up the procurement exercise? ………..
Oh dear – we do hope these allegations prove unfounded. How many times have Wirral Council cocked up a procurement exercise and uttered those immortal words : lessons have been learned. We certainly hope they didn’t put the procurement in the hands of a highly remunerated consultant with a chequered past or we could be looking at yet another potential failure of due diligence couldn’t we?
We’re best not commenting on news of this Tribunal found on John Brace’s blog . Suffice to say we believe a forthcoming Tribunal in that there London is likely to feature many of our recurrent themes /recurring nightmares. Who needs a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) bout when you’ve got Martin Morton v Information Commissioner’s Office and Wirral Council . There’ll be blood and snot flying everywhere – hopefully anyway……. 

23 thoughts on “Wirral Leaks Weekly Dispatch #13

  1. G’day Leaksly

    Was the old carpet the one that got laid in the Burgess, AdderleyDadderleyDooLally and Ugh Boots days?

    Did it hurt when he hit the deck.

    Was it hard on the knees.



    I would like to see sandstone floors as old as the dinosaurs in the clown hall, Davies, Davies, Jones, Foulkes.

    Have a great day Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx

    • My Vote is for Davies all the way and all his minions who kneel before him – Liptrot, Robinson, Armstrong, Halliday, Satoor, the list is endless….. your vote doesn’t count it’s a done deal

      • It is.
        You must be so proud to support this dynasty of incompetence/corruption/ineptitude.
        As long as you’re on the winning side eh? – as long as it makes you feel so much better about your own manifest failings as a human being.

      • Show us the proof WirralLeaks all we have is bitterness, resentment and false allegations. If corruption, incompetence and ineptitude has been the case previously then I accept that but we are talking about the NEW WIRRAL, new staff, new destiny, new vision. If you cannot accept that you will never move on in life. Granted your blog drums up people’s views to vent off and given we are in a democracy it’s our right to do so let’s just let bygones be bygones and stand proud of being British. Even if you did receive an apology for wrong doings, would that be enough to say the old Wirral was wrong?? Doubt it!!!! We are slowly but surely sifting out the crap and in with the new forward thinking, proactive and intelligent workforce. Thanks for listening- Jack

      • Thanks for that fascinating insight into the NEW WIRRAL.
        We just wonder what are readers make of the comment “stand proud of being British”.

      • Who is In it to win it? Use your own name, I do. If you talk shit maybe you will be known as Jack Shit…you know it makes sense.

  2. G’day Leaky and My Mate “Inty”

    Well lads Clowncillor Adrian “The Pretend Friend” Rolly Polly Jones has been there since about 1995 and haven’t things improved?

    NO NO NO

    The shit hole just gets shitier.

    Give someone else a go that doesn’t spend half the day asleep in the Clown Hall and the other half building an “Audit Trail” to cover his big fat arse before he ever jeopardises his cash cow in allowances.

    Time to give someone younger……..by about thirty years.



    Can he still walk up the hill to work or does he have to go by car?

    Like Arsene its TIME


    ‘No votes for Cllr Adrian Jones.’

    (These are my words.)

    As the Great “Int” says

  3. I am starting to think that there is a lot to be said for kicking a man when he is down….haha

    ‘No votes for Cllr Adrian Jones’

    (These are my words)

    • Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha “Int”

      You kill me.

      The little welsh egit scumbag stab my mates in the back, just ere for the allowances and to save on winter heaters isn’t down.

      Thats him standing up.



      Our loss is wales gain.

      Vote for anyone else in Seacombe except the lying welsh barstard.

      Luv “Inty” X

  4. All in all I’d rather have been a councillor than a miner. And what’s more, being a miner, as soon as you are too old and tired and sick and stupid to do the job properly, you have to go. Well, the very opposite applies with councillors.

  5. Then there’s the election time opportunism of the New Brighton offering.
    Pass the sick bag somebody……….

  6. G’day “INIT”

    No “not much” resentment

    No false allegations

    Just allegations and hundreds of pages of proof over the “Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off scandal.

    Pages and pages from Horse Guards on the dodgy giving of the contract to Wirral “Funny” Bizz.

    No acceptance of any wrong doing by the “NEW WIRRAL”


    Until all the crud and dross fesses up and is removed

    wirral will be the shitest clowncil in the country.

    ‘Knew wirral’ would never fess up.



    Not hard to admit is it INIT?

    Then we can have New wirral.

  7. Some more factual stuff on L.E.D lighting. Big business doesn’t hang around to contemplate the dangers when there is a large, brimming pot of public money to plug your corporate nozzle into, before switching to *s y p h o n* !

    Councillors Davies and Whittingham are merely greedy, deluded lambs being happily L.E.D to slaughter. Pun intended.

    • G’day Paul

      Well done!

      Its a bit like “The Pretend Friend” the little welsh egit telling the genius that is “Highbrow”

      “You don’t understand how it works boyo.”



      Yep politics and local government is a very very ugly business that attracts very very vert ugly people

      Crispy Creme Doughty
      Adderley & Burgess
      Robinson (take ya pick which one or both)

      For the uglies if you have been left out please let me know.

      All had their fingers in the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 scandal.

      Apart from the altenate Robinson.

      Paul X

      Your quiet this week Leaks trust all is well XXXXXXXXXXX

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