Wirral Leaks Weekly Dispatch # 14

Dispatch 14 029

We’re sorry to have to do this to you folks but it’s you lot who suddenly started sending us election stuff and which included the above picture from a clearly disillusioned potential voter. Therefore this week’s dispatch will mainly be an election special . However we’ll start off first with a follow up to last week’s Wallasey Town Hall carpet story  :


A Wirral Leaks reader writes :

A shiny new black BMW Mayoral car floating about the Borough….is there no shame this local Labour council will stoop too? Had to do a double take in New Brighton tonight and yep it’s a new GERMAN BMW …..no chance of this upstanding gobshite of a council supporting struggling Vauxhall whose livelihood of about 1/4 of Wirral residents are hanging in the balance.

Am sure someone will supply pics of the car and the carpet! 😃


Meanwhile we’ve been receiving news of former Wirral Council staff who fancy their chances when it comes to being councillors. Presumably on the grounds that they couldn’t be any worse than their former political paymasters!

One such candidate is this handsome chappy who is standing for the Conservatives in Pensby, Thingwall and Barnston :

Mike Collins

Not sure it will go down too well with ex-Wirral Council staff who he screwed over. But it will certainly explain the hasty retreat by former and current Conservative councillors who feigned support for the ‘Control and Patrol’ staff who were shamefully made redundant.

However in the interest of political balance we’ve also been made aware of a Labour candidate who was previously an employee of the Department of Adult Social Services (DASS) . This fact alone sets alarm bells ringing for us. However we’re reliably informed that this candidate is being cruelly indulged for their loyalty to the party than for any real prospect of victory. This would seem to be the case as they are contesting the Heswall ward which as we all know is a ‘Momentum’ hotbed. However our informant tells us that in the highly unlikely event that they succeed in getting elected then we all need to order the cyanide capsules (well you lot do anyway).


Shocking news arrives that current Pensby , Thingwall and Barnston councillor Louise Reecejones (LRJ) could be losing her mobility vehicle! #sadface


Fear not LRJ.  Labour MP Frank Field loves to challenge this kind of injustice. Perhaps you can give him a tinkle (not a euphemism, obvs). Or perhaps not – you’re not part of the ‘Inner Ring’ are you? Have you got any compromising and incriminating recordings handy? That might help! Just sayin’!


We’ve been asked about our  Wirral Leaks Election Selection – 1 week to go story and to justify the fact that Green Party councillor Pat Cleary appears to give an actual shit. The first thing we have to say is that we don’t have to justify anything we write. We just have to evidence it. Much as Cllr Cleary appears to have done.  From what we can gather all councillors were required years ago to report problems in their own wards and submit all cases through Councillor.Net which is an internal Web portal for use only by councillors. What’s more any councillor who claims to be reporting stuff in other ways is ignoring official advice and increasing costs to the council because it is alleged that Councillor.Net is apparently very efficient – which let’s face it is a first for Wirral Council!
Dispatch 14 032
Take your pick as to which Wirral councillor this quote applies to. All we will say for now is that the facinorous nature of some local election candidates (and their agents) will be revealed tomorrow in all its sordid glory on Wirral Leaks ………


8 thoughts on “Wirral Leaks Weekly Dispatch # 14

  1. Looking forward to seeing that !

    Meanwhile, I sent eight of these before I got fed up. The difference is I do this for nothing, so I’m allowed to be lazy.

    Soo too are 18 hard right Labour and 7 Tory councillors, deadbeats one and all, who did no casework at all in 2017….. but still had the damn gall to claim at least £8k each from the groaning public coffers !

  2. AH Mr Collins the scourge of the Community patrol.
    Left parks and gardens before he was lynched after weaseling out his work colleagues and earned him the nickname Flymo.
    Pulled the same tactics in Community patrol getting his sup role as the class snitch.
    The sheer misery this fella has caused within Community patrol with his underhand tactics and bullying nature is legendary for all the wrong reasons and giving rise to many personal attacks including being pulled from vehicles,bullets and put in headlocks by supervisor colleagues(former Mayors best control mate).
    Ultimately the bullying of female members of staff bringing many to tears and one actually walking from her job sums him up as the spineless bully he was and also part of the senior management Community patrol cabal who enforced rules and procedures they failed to carry out themselves.
    Absolute ideal fit as a Conservative councillor with his background i am sure he has a political future.
    All this is true and can be backed up by every former and currently serving community patrol officer.
    Dont vote for Collins

    • Oh indeed sir all truth every part of it lets not forget when he when he ran for the eastham ward he spouted that he wanted the council to stop funding the unions and of course we all now he was a rep for both unison and unite and used this to get out of all his duties.And he now runs courses on dealing with stress yes the same person who caused untold stress to others and then left the council with stress and walked out grinning like a wanking kamikaze pilot after handing in his sick note.He would make a maggot yak.

  3. G’day Leaks

    In election week let me be the first to congratulate Cll “The Pretend Friend” “Adrian Rolly Polly Santa Fake” “Lying Little welsh Egit”

    For retaining his seat in “Harry” seacombe and letting them remain in the Thatcher days.

    May they have a new planetarium, or oceanarium or even a new clown hall full of labor puppets.

    Good luck to them.



    Go and congratulate him yourselves at his clinic if you are one in a thousand you might find him awake.

    Better go see him at the cheap cider club he is a regular (liar) there and acts feigned decency when half pissed.

    That soon changes when he gets with
    Davies Davies Jones Foulkes Armstrong Robinson Abbot and the ugly williamson.


  4. G’day “Interested” & Leaky

    Seven years ago after “The Pretend Friend” Clowncillor Adrian Rolly Polly Jones feigned disgust about Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocking off £2,000,000.00 of your hard earned and he was in on the employing of independent investigators (their own auditors) Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton at another cost of £50,000.00 plus to palm off me and “Highbrow”.

    They vindicated us whistleblowers “Highbrow” and I and found criminality and dodgy business but never acted on any of it and continued to pay the criminals for a further 18 months.


    Just another of your £50,000.00’s wasted.

    Ten of thousands of pounds avoiding FOI’s of your dosh

    The “Sir Git” ill legal department did nothing about asset stripping that Adderley et al were all over.

    Jones doesn’t care.
    Jones doesn’t care
    Davies doesn’t care
    Davies doesn’t care
    Foulkes doesn’t care
    Armstrong doesn’t care
    Adderley doesn’t care
    Basnett doesn’t care
    Bradbury doesn’t care
    Wilkie doesn’t care
    Norman doesn’t care
    Ball doesn’t care
    Burgess doesn’t care

    Robinson doesn’t care

    Its only your money

    Or to quote the idiot AdderleyDadderleyDooLally

    “Its not our money anyway.”



    Good luck “HARRY” seacombe if you vote the little fat welsh egit back in for more years.


  5. A choice for Cllr AER Jones…

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