Null and Void in New Brighton?


We had been contacted by Paula Walters the UKIP candidate for the New Brighton ward in this week’s local elections prior to Wirral Globe updating  its original story from 23rd April about Ms Walter’s alleged ‘hate tweeting’ .  Today , a week after the article, Wirral Globe have also issued an apology to Ms Walters – see here
The upshot of all this hoo -ha is that depending on the outcome of the election that Ms Walters may well have to petition to have the  New Brighton election declared null and void (see below).
We won’t comment on Ms Walters’ statement to us other than to say that we fully concur with Ms Walters’ final line :
I was contacted by Liverpool Echo that Christine Spriggs accused me of hate tweeting and would I like to comment. I asked to see the article so that I could respond. They refused but did send the tweets which were from 2015. I responded to each and every one of them which to be fair was a bit like ‘War and Peace’. I was then advised by Tom Houghton from the Echo that he was unable to honour my right to reply and went ahead to publish – on April 22nd see here –  what in my opinion is an unfair,unjust article. The Globe reproduced the article in its entirety but went further in their headline that I am standing down. There has been no sign of an apology for trampling over my reputation (until today –  a week after the original article ) and the Police are now involved, also The Independent Press Standards Organisation. I often attack policies of other parties but would not attack other candidates as a way of point scoring. I find this abhorrent. Feel free to publish my statement
STATEMENT : It has been falsely alleged by Christine Spriggs, The Liverpool Echo and by the Wirral Globe that I have posted ‘hateful’ Tweets. These Tweets have not been reproduced by the paper. I tweeted that Halal slaughter, in which animals are conscious when their throats are cut, should not be allowed in this country. I tweeted that money should be given to those needing cancer treatment, pensioners and the homeless rather than illegal immigrants. I tweeted that illegal immigration jeopardises our security, as ISIS has pledged (again last week) to send jihadists into our societies. I tweeted that people who have multiple wives – a criminal offence in this country – should not be paid extra benefits for them. The Wirral Globe/Echo did not reproduce these Tweets, because they were aware that huge numbers of Wirral voters agree with them, wholeheartedly.
Instead, they have propagated the lie that they were ‘hateful’.  They have additionally now stated that I am standing down as a candidate in the forthcoming election. This is another lie, and an illegal interference with the election, contravening Section 106 of the Representation of the Peoples Act 1983 I cannot now do anything to change that, so on the Town Hall’s advice I will be petitioning for the election to be declared null and void. I regret the cost and inconvenience this will cause, but if someone lies repeatedly and breaks the law to affect an election, it is the only proper course to take. These people will stop at nothing.
Paula Walters, UKIP candidate for New Brighton

16 thoughts on “Null and Void in New Brighton?

  1. This is what occurs when money-driven newspaper organisations clamber into bed with crooked bastard councils nursing a toxic political agenda. Democracy is eroded. Voter apathy is created. Mistrust is sown. Turnout plummets. And we end up with the election done and dusted, Robinson’s wallet swollen and the same abusive hard right Labour disability discriminators and liars elected, protected and emboldened in their shitty behaviour.

    So hearty congratulations go to Christine Spriggs who blocked us on Twitter years back, (targeted doses of the truth did for us here) and her deployment of Angela Eagle style dirty tricks and nasty smears inside the pages of an amenable, council-captured ad sheet.

    I despise UKIP and everything they stand for, but in a head-to-head with a council partner masquerading as an “independent newspaper” and engaging in smear tactics cos its petrified of losing its lucrative council advertising to Wirral View, they look positively attractive.

    • I have to be honest Paul and say that half the time I skip over your comments. Not because they are not valid but because it can get boring over and over again. However this is one of the best, most honest and brilliant posts ever posted on Leaks. Love it xx

  2. G’day The Great Man


    You crack me up mate.

    Null and Void in New Brighton you say.

    Why not say it as you mean it

    Hackett and Spriggs.



    I bet they have their clinics in that empty club where they got Wirral “Funny” Bizz to do 3, 4 or was it 5 business plans at £3,000.00 a pop for a club with no punters.

    Thought me and “Highbrow” had forgotten you Pattie, the ex Dunny Chain wearer.

    You nothing man.


    Mr Null Hackett and Ms Void Spriggs woo woo sitting in the dunny

    at that little dunny club with no customers.

    • And then there is Cllr Tony (Lifeboat disaster) Jones, who helped lose 300 years of lifeboat crew experience. He makes up the New Brighton ‘unholy trinity’ of shit Labour representitives. And what happened to the investigation into his dodgy electoral leaflet practises?

      • G’day “Int”

        Sounds like your mate Jones is like my mate Jones and Missus bilong him Nurse Rat.

        Fucking useless.

        Just sayin.



        He must have been in on the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off scandal too if he is a labor no hoper.

        Sorry mate looks like ya stuck in the Thatcher days in Harry seacombe.


  3. Apologies to Penelope, who I now adore, but here’s some news for the people of Harry…

    • G’day Paul

      So that’s who’s responsible for BirkenBloodyHell.

      Foulkesy stands out like a dog’s ball.

      I am still on “Philly “FUCKING” Liars” BirkenBloodyHell’s grand market case Paul.

      So I went looked at his Big Uncle Joe’s extravaganza at St John’s today.

      Can’t wait to see what Joey’s star pupil comes up with.

      St John’s is quieter than the two cathedrals and the library.



      I think “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING and Deluded Dill” is living in the past, markets are for church mice and prayer rooms which St John’s has a very pleasant one.

      Golf courses are for egotistical pricks.

      Keep at em Paul X

      Missing you a lot Leaks, I bet your not missing wirral?


  4. George Harrison wrote a song called Party Seacombe… guess what you can hear if you play it at a higher speed?

    It says the words….

    • ………’No votes for Cllr Adrian Jones. No votes for Cllr Adrian Jones. No votes for Cllr Adrian Jones.’

      And then it says ‘Paul McCartney is dead.’

      Ha ha

      • Harsh “Interested”

        It probably says Paul McCartney is just in a deep sleep like “The Pretend Friend” Cllr Adrian Rolly Polly Jones most of the time.

        That’s probably why he is no longer a kitchen cabinet member.



        He kept sleeping through the crud and dross about elitist golf resorts and Missus Bilong him Nurse Rat would have to sit next to him nudging him awake from the deep cheap cider coma and dreams about being as clever as his mate “Highbrow”.


        I say vote for Rolly Polly and get what you deserve

        With an audit trail covering his massive gluteus maximus.

  5. G’day Leaky, Paul & “Interested”

    More bad news from that rubbish paper from over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters.

    It relates to my BirkenBloodyHells market watch.

    Southport new market is as dead as a dodo.

    Just sayin!



    Move into the 19th century “Philly “FUCKING” Liar”.

    Stop dreaming of getting a directorship at the home of golf and giving the poor people a market.

    But don’t worry with a couple of days to go to the erection Everpeel are showing the photos of their dreams and waiting for Uncle Joe to give them the dosh.

    Big high flats, tiny little flats, flats for all and sundry massive football stadia and in one photo a little hockey pitch for all those female labor people to pretend to be “Jolly Hockey Sticks”.

    Can you imagine jones and williamson in little hockey skirts.

    On that thought.


    Just feel so sad for HARRY seacombe but heck you get what you vote for and he won’t be arsed knocking on your door to thank you he has a combined £60,000.00 allowances to spend on cheap cider and always has to catch up on his sleep its hard work covering your arse all day.

  6. Ha ha ha Lordy

    The best picture ever in that rubbish paper from over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters.

    A football banner not sure if it is their blues “losers” or a Liverpool Champions League banner.

    Who is in the european cup final?

    The banner reads



    Says it all.




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