Wirral Leaks Election Selection – The Results


Local elections 024

Phew! we bet you’re all glad that’s it’s over and you can all get back to what passes for normal on Wirral.

It seems to be very much a case of ‘as you were’ with no gains or losses for any political party in the local elections . However considering the effort that Labour put into trying to topple lone Green councillor Pat Cleary in Birkenhead & Tranmere this has to be considered a huge moral and political victory for the popular and hardworking councillor deep in hardcore Labour territory . Although superannuated  Birkenhead MP  Frank Field was in attendance at the count and said he hoped for Labour success in his constituency even ‘The Field Effect’ couldn’t save them. This must come as a bitter blow to someone who is used to getting his own way in what he regards as his own personal and political fiefdom.


Everything’s Gone Green : Green in the background and Green to the fore makes reds go green with envy !Pic courtesy : Wirral Globe

Cleary thanked the people of Birkenhead and Tranmere for re-electing him “in the face of a horrible,negative campaign by the Labour party” . Meanwhile Wirral Council leader  Cllr Phil  ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies stood by with a face like a smacked arse as Wirral CEO  Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson read out the result .

We were left wondering which one of the following options that Stressed Eric will choose to do with his mega electoral expenses :

a) deposit in an offshore bank account

b) donate to a local charity

c) prop up the bar and order trebles all round in ‘Brew Dog’

The closest result of the night was in the Pensby and Thingwall ward where Labour candidate Kate Cannon held off the challenge of Conservative candidate Michael Collins by a mere 23 votes. Close but no cigar for the poacher turned gamekeeper . Suffice to say that some of our most devoted readers were very pleased indeed that their former colleague experienced the bitter taste of disappointment.  Schadenfreude can be such an unseemly emotion but can be so,so satisfying.

Meanwhile ambitious Labour councillor Gillian ‘Gilly’ Wood came over all stateswomanlike as she was (inevitably) announced the victor in the Claughton ward and starting channelling the Pankhursts. Unfortunately the gravitas was somewhat undermined by the reporting of her profound words as follows (full report read here ) :

Local elections 033

Suffragits ? Faught?  Listen guys and guyesses from the Globe we know it was a late night – but really?  As Her Ladyship said : ” The rousing speech ended up not so much Emmeline or Christabel but more Emily Davison .” Perhaps suffragits was a subliminal message about the gits that Gilly has to suffer .  Those gits being Gilly’s her fellow ward councillors – Cllr Steve Foulkes and Cllr George Davies.

As you know a couple of the reasons that we continued Wirral Leaks whilst in self imposed exile is that we wanted to cover the local elections and reach a million hits . It looks like that serendipitously that both events will coincide within a few hours. So it will be just a case of tying up a few loose ends and we can finally enjoy our day in the sun.


5 thoughts on “Wirral Leaks Election Selection – The Results

  1. Herr Collins 0 from 2 tries now sure the conservatives will drop him into another ward next May.
    Only 23 votes between them just a guess but they are probably the ones that actually opened the door and had the mis fortune to meet him.
    Shows the man he is as an ex union rep for both Unison and T£G – poacher turned gamekeeper is apt.
    The former and current staff in the Community patrol will have a little skip in their step this morning knowing he lost.

  2. Don’t go Leaky

    wirral needs you as much as the little welsh turd from Harry seacombe needs his heart starter of cheap cider each day and his midday sleep, meeting or not.

    You can’t go yet your work is not done.

    You have to outlive these barstards.




  3. I see that Angela Eagle has been been tweeting her congratulations for the Adrian Jones ‘victory’ in ‘Harry’ Seacombe. Ms Eagle is crowing (or whatever it is Eagles do) about the 77% of the votes that the dead donkey has got his victory by. Mmm. I have just looked up the ‘turnout’. Guess what? 25% turnout…. so that makes….

    Where is the Mighty Highbrow when you need him?

    Sorry and shocked you are thinking of going My Lord….. but a million hits is…. a million hits….is light years….. yea if I want to say it is…it is…..

  4. Strange times.
    UKIP nowhere to be seen.
    Even so, the Wirral hard right – including an alleged racist deputy leader – are rejoicing !

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