York Paving The Way



With news filtering through that Wirral Council may have gotten themselves in yet another procurement pickle we thought it would be timely to catch up with our friends in the north – and it would seem that the procurement scandal that highly remunerated Wirral Council officer Stewart Halliday left behind at his former local authority, City of York Council (CYC), refuses to go away!  It would seem that Halliday whilst long gone from York Council is most certainly not forgotten!
Last week saw yet another attempt by CYC councillors to see a report into the scandal which has been withheld and then censored. Although as we know council officials all over the land like to use the term ‘redacted’ to make the act of censorship sound bureaucratically palatable. The report concerns the conduct of officers and members at the infamous 22 February 2017 Audit and Governance Committee meeting which we reported here
As we commented at the time : “That’s decided – we’re moving to York”.  OK it must be said we subsequently moved in the complete opposite direction but in spirit we are at one with the Yorkists. Not necessarily CYC  – but the eloquent, knowledgeable,challenging , citizens of York who are concerned about the not insignificant matters of openness, transparency, integrity, accountability, honesty and democracy. We do recommend Wirralians watch the highly instructive video of the Audit & Governance Committee held on 30 April 2018 and ponder on how they too can at least attempt to hold public servants to account.
Firstly note how CYC film their own meetings. Unfortunately they preface comments from the public with a reminder about making defamatory comments , which to us looks like nothing more than bureaucratic bullying.  As we’ve long maintained – those who want to control the public discourse want to control everything .
Note particularly the robust challenge of a CYC councillor and 4 ( count’em) members of the public and  note also it is the independent member of the Audit & Governance Committee who picks up the mistakes in the minutes . There’s also incidental pleasure to be had from the CYC councillor sporting a A Flock of Seagulls hair don’t!
From what we can gather from the video the latest twist in that scandal involves the continuing refusal of senior CYC staff to release a report into the conduct of a meeting on the 22 February 2017 in which a report into Halliday’s actions in handing over £000s of public money to a ‘communications consultant’ without following correct procurement procedures was, following an attempted cover up made public and discussed at that meeting, leading to ‘conduct issues’ when officers clashed with members. So a report into the conduct at a meeting that degenerated into little more than an unseemly slanging match between CYC officers and elected members over an attempted cover up is now the subject of a cover up attempt by senior CYC officers!
This cover up over a cover up scenario  ( #Wirralgate) is very familiar to Wirral Leaks readers if not to the Wirral public at large mainly due to the power of local politicians and a complicit local press.
We think it’s time for the people of Wirral to start channelling our friends from York who have paved the way when it comes to demanding public accountability!

20 thoughts on “York Paving The Way

  1. I’d FOI the Procurement exercise that has recently been completed on the JV this Halliday chap has a lot to answer to along with the other cronies who supported it Armstrong; Satoor; BlinkyBoy; Liptrip; Davies – it stinks to high heaven Public Sector esp when Halliday is running the show he has them dancing like puppets and to his very own tune. Hats off to him if he can pull the wool over York Council’s eyes then Wirral has zero chance of holding Halliday to account.

  2. A powerful piece.
    Will anyone in Wallasey Town Hall take any notice?
    Keep up the good work in pursuing what may well be a local procurement scandal (amongst many others)

    • G’day Chas

      You’ve been quiet I hope all is well?

      Procurement procurement…

      I would love to know how much them at Horseguards clawed back from wirral over Wirral “Funny” Bizz.



      C’mon Ecca fess up and tell us how much for giving the wrong providers the job.

      Keep at em Chasser.

      • James:

        Thank you for your enquiry and interest.
        Unfortunately I have had to devote a great deal of my energy to a serious illness.
        I hope to be back in full flow ere long.

      • God Bless you Charles

        I will say a little prayer for you and hope you are back fighting these evil barstards soon.

        They truly are crud and dross as shown in the above video.



        God damn those scum bags amongst them and all their parasitic support that won’t speak up.


  3. As a concerned Wirral resident who’d just seen a salary virtually trebled, and with very real concerns about where my council tax was going and how Halliday had acquired a reference from his former employer, I rang up York Council’s “independent” auditor “Veritau”.

    This was on 6th April 2017, not long after Halliday’s Wirral appointment. I voiced my concerns, lodged an official complaint and as the call was made from my domestic premises, took the precaution of recording the conversation. They logged my enquiry onto their system, promised to investigate, but strangely, have failed to get back to me, well over a year later.

    I find that such a slapdash approach to the potential loss of HUNDREDS of thousands of pounds in public money jars with their very prominent tub-thumping publicity following their pursuit of a nice, easy target; a member of the public, who whipped a much smaller amount as part of housing benefit fraud…


    • I suppose what I’m wondering is…having not heard from Veritau…

      Are these internal Council Audit / Fraud departments put in place simply to deter us the public from behaving badly and to ensure that THAT message gets out there, rather than to stop senior officers abusing their positions, then jumping a fast-track to a higher paid position, without a care in the world.

    • A contract can be terminated with information brought to light after the date of commencement..

      This is pathetic ..it’s a simple HR process

      Believe the head of HR is disappearing in May .. so it would appear this is one to add to her legacy

    • Or getting sacked for example “mis managing” a few hours flexi .. I cannot, will not condone it but the all bells and whistles investigation probably following the sanctions policy to the letter, cost tax payers money which could be spent on buying spines for those higher up who know what they know about what is going on and STILL sign off a junior being sacked for breaking the rules ..🤔 do you brag in the pub .. or in committee papers

  4. G’day Leaks

    I wonder how Jones, Foulkes, Davies, Davies, Armstrong, Ball, Robinson, et al sleep at night knowing they have shat all over the Wirral “Funny” Bizz whisle blowers who were only trying to save the public £2,000,000.00?

    I pity them knowing that an awful lot of people know they are scum bag lying arseholes in a gang.

    Not a pleasant gang they should be smart enough and decent enough to know better.

    They really thought their bullying by getting “Sir Git” to send an impotent threatening letter that scares off a lot of their, knowing staff would stop us publicly humiliating them.

    I wish them all pathetic humiliation.



    May they have nightmares about me and “Highbrow” till their dying days and they can feel free to call me what they like on their death beds.

    Not one would swear on “Highbrow’s” bible.

    Luv yer Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX have you ever been in a bad gang like them?

  5. My Lord,

    It is so easy to forget what this Halliday bloke looks like…l seem to recall that he looked like a bit of a pleased/smug fucker. I not criticising your Lordship but how about a photo as a reminder?

    Cheers My Lord….

    • Google his name he’s the famous BT advert man on the phone – takes a good picture Mr Halliday although he does need to use some hair dye

  6. G’day Leaky

    Just saw some welsh clowncillor fixing potholes on his patch with his own money.

    So we can expect to see Cllr Rolly Polly Jones out today with his exorbitant allowances fixing the shitholes in HARRY seacombe.

    He can be used as the roller.



    Just woke up you and you will find the little welsh scum bag lying egit in the cheap cider club spending his allowances on himself killing off his few brain cells and forgetting who his mates are.

    Potholes in Paris Lordy?


  7. G’day Leaks

    I see your French giant puppets are coming to rip off Merseyside again in sunny……..October.

    They are going to visit the wirral this year so the big game will not be Tranmereidre in the football league it will be

    Spot “Philly “FUCKING” Liar from the puppet.

    Philly will be the one telling lies and walking like he’s got a driver up his bum making his face pinker than usual.



    Luv you lad XXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxx

  8. Oh Leaky

    Only just watched the above video and I believe this should be compulsory viewing before anyone votes.

    Problem might be there might be a riot.

    How do these pricks think they can do this kind of behaviour?

    What planet are they running.



    I won’t comment on the “Phil the Very very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING and Deluded Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over From Hell” York lookalike he might be a nice decent honest non-labor person…maybe.


    So its not just wirral then?

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  10. “We think it’s time for the people of Wirral to start channelling our friends from York who have paved the way when it comes to demanding public accountability”

    The only thing the people of Wirral are fit for channeling is another term in office for the same feckless wide boys who will continue to shaft them under the disguise of a Labour values agenda. Ye gets what ye pays for….

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