Inspiral Carpets

Black & Gold

We knew it wouldn’t be long before one of you good people came up with the goods. Here’s a picture of the new carpet in the Wallasey Town Hall council chamber.

Is it just us or does it look like the last thing you see just before you blackout after drinking Sangria in the sun all afternoon ? Not that we’ve ever had a such a blackout you understand……

Whilst we understand the laying of the carpet is almost complete we don’t know, as yet ,how much the final bill is for the migraine -inducing black and gold swirls is ……although we’re sure one of you can find out!

Whatever the cost it’s like “walking on air”, apparently. Isn’t it truly inspirational  that in these times of austerity the council can find a few bob down the back of the sofa so that the Wirral power elite can tread softly on council taxpayers dreams?

Meanwhile rumours that the limo featured in the following video clip (appropriately titled ‘Black & Gold)  is the new Mayoral conveyance have been denied by a Wirral Council spokesperson who is reported to have said : ” Who do you think you are ? Know your place – you’re just here to pay the bills ……”

17 thoughts on “Inspiral Carpets

  1. I note that trams are about to make a return to Oxton, namely the bottom half of Palm Grove…at least that is the old tram tracks. These seem to be reappearing as the road wears away and is not repaired. If you do drive into the arrow straight ruts you end up on a siding in Crewe. Navigating through the ruts is becoming harder as they pass a busy junction, Park House nursing home ambulance exit and the drop off for St. Anselm’s school.

  2. The new merc is on order, same for Liptrot now he’s been granted a long extension to his deluded contract.

  3. G’day Leaks

    Come one!

    Come all!

    An invitation to all wirral whistleblowers and interested honest people.

    BirkenBloodyHell County Court 10.30 Wednesday 23.

    See what dirty tricks they can come up with, with no doubt a wirral taxpayer JUDGE.



    Whistleblowers are us!

    God save the Queen cos wirral with this council is not f******* safe, decent or honest.


    • We’ll get a Wirral judge who lives in a fortress on the banks of the Dee in Wirral West, and whose hectic life of soirees with stockbrokers, banquets with bankers, leisure-time with lawyers and dalliances with dodgers of tax prevents him from considering or even knowing about the very existence of lowlives on £200k working in Seacombe such as Eric Robinson.

      • G’day Paul

        We all know that these scum bags will not let a whistleblower win after spending £50,000.00 plus on an independent investigator ha ha Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton their own auditor and then ignore it, ignore their own auditor Beverley Edwards report and hide them both and refuse to answer FOI’s.

        Ignore criminality by them and Wirral “Funny Bizz, Lockwood Engineering.

        But it will be another day in court and more costs that they do not care about to protect the reputations of arse holes like Davies Davies Jones Jones
        Foulkes Adderley Basnett Ball Bradbury Wilkie Norman Burgess Robinson (of both sexes) et al.



        We can just keep reminding them and all of wirral who are the liars and cheats and our number will grow because these leopards could never change their spots they are just inveterate cheats, liars and self serving parasites.

        See ya Wednesday XXX

  4. 100% original BOOMERANG..

    ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.’

    (James Griffiths, on the Wirral Biz/Council scandal)

    • Well done John

      Can you make it to BirkenBloodyHead Cunty Court next Wednesday 23 at 10.30am?

      It will be good to catch up with you and Leonora and “Interested” and Paul and maybe the great man Martin if he is available.

      Just a whistleblowing case and you can witness their dirty tricks first hand.

      Maybe you could pick Ecca up on the way past the Clown Hall and he could come and apologise personally to the Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers first hand for

      The rest of the Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management team of the day
      (They are all still their sucking the decency out of wirral)

      et al



      Would be good to see you.


    • OH, John, John, John, thank you…………

      “The Wirral of the Blind” ~ to be sung to the
      choon “Windmills of Your Mind” by Noel Harrison.

      Round, like a circle in a spiral
      Like a compromising deal
      Never ending or beginning
      Liptrot’s gloss and spin and spiel
      Like a snowball down a mountain
      Or a carnival balloon
      Like a spin machine that’s turning
      Running rings around the moon

      Monster clocks whose hands are sweeping
      Past the minutes of their face
      And the world’s a pissed on Bible
      Whirling silently in space
      Like the circles that you find
      In the Wirral of the Blind

      Like a tunnel you can follow
      To a tunnel of its own
      Down a hollow to a Town Hall
      Where the sun has never shone
      Like a shredder that keeps shredding
      In a half-forgotten dream
      Or a whistleblower’s notebook
      Someone tosses in a stream.

      Monster clocks whose hands are sweeping
      Past the minutes of their face
      And the world’s a pissed on Bible
      Whirling silently in space
      Like the circles that you find
      In the Wirral of the Blind.

      Keys that jingle in your pocket
      Words that jangle in your head
      Why did Burgess leave so quickly?
      Was it something that you said?
      Lovers walk along the shore,
      And leave their footprints on your hand
      Was the sound of distant drumming
      Just the crushing of your glands?

      Stenches linger in a hallway
      And a fragment of a pong
      Half-remembered trumped up charges
      But to whom do they belong?
      When you knew that it was over
      You were suddenly afeard
      That the autumn leaves were turning
      To the colour of Ade’s beard…

      A circle in a spiral
      A compromising deal.
      Never ending or beginning,
      Liptrot’s gloss and spin and spiel
      As the services unwind
      With the public left behind
      In the Wirral of the Blind.

      • That should jump to No.1 in the Wirral Charts.
        Maybe you can get to sing it on North West Tonight?

    ..GOOD NEWS…..

    Guess what? The Judge for that Court case in Birkenhead has been named…. his name is….

    His Honour ATTICUS FINCH.

    Do you think Boo Radley will be there?

    (Got to be a good outcome!)

    • You made my morning “Int”

      I think we will find out that it can all be carefully controlled by the “ASS” they call the law.

      It will have nothing to do with right or wrong.

      We all know and their is about 1,000 pages that say wirral is wrong wrong wrong.

      Watch them in the “CLUB” work a fast one on that.

      It is win win for the whistleblower.



      Nothing will have changed in seven years they will still be the bully boys and deny and lie and hide.


      Nothing changed till Ecca The Blinking CEO does the right thing and apologise properly.

    • I don`t know about “To kill a Mockingbird” but hopefully to do some serious damage to a bunch of overfed, overpaid ,corrupt corporate vultures masquerading as Wirral Council .

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