Memento MORI


Memento Mori

The slow,painful death of public services

This year’s biennial Ipsos MORI report looking at the key findings of the 2017 Wirral Residents ‘ Survey was published earlier this week . The research was designed to explore  :

– Residents’ views on Wirral as a place to live, particularly around perceptions of litter and anti-social behaviour;

– Community involvement and social cohesion;

– Satisfaction with the Council and with specific public services;

– Resident health, with focus on prevalence of smoking and alcohol consumption;

– Well-being and resilience.

So under the circumstances you’d think that Wirral Council would be making a song and dance about the results like they did last time around – The C Word

However  Wirral Council seem to be rather coy when it comes to disseminating and discussing the results which you can read here :  Residents’ Survey 2017

Pots 017

We note that Wirral Council ‘leader’ Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies and their elective mute CEO Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson shove hapless patsy and Wirral Leaks correspondent Kev ‘Lost Boy’ MacCallum into the fray to polish the stinking turd that is Wirral Council. Read here :  Public Trust has dropped significantly

Our toes instinctively curled as we read how Kev tries to rationalise why sensible people on Wirral are sick to the back teeth with the poor services and lack of respect they receive from Wirral Council.

Yes, yes, Kev the survey reflects national trends – Whatevs,babes.You’re out of your depth and always were. Now – as is your wont – you need to get lost and leave this to intelligent people who aren’t taken in by the corporate bullshit you’re paid very well to pedal. We just ain’t buyin’ what you’re sellin’! Just sayin’!

So let’s break it down. First of all can we say that Ipsos MORI are getting money for old rope when they come up with nuggets like: ” Older people are less likely to consider themselves in good health compared to younger people” and ” Generally males drink more and on a more regular basis than females” . No shit, Sherlock!

However the summary of Council services says it all for us :

 There has been a fall in resident satisfaction with a number of key performance indicators for the Council.

– Overall satisfaction with the way the Council runs things has decreased by 6 percentage points;

– Those who would be critical of the Council spontaneously or if asked has increased by 6 percentage points;

– Mistrust of the Council has increased by 8 percentage points;

– The perception that the Council does not provide value for money has increased by 9 percentage points; and

– Belief that the Council acts on residents’ concerns has decreased by 5 percentage points.

However what is particularly shameful is the evidence that the Wirral Council funded Wirral View has failed SPECTACULARLY and EXPENSIVELY.  ‘The majority of residents (60%) do not feel that the council keeps them well informed about the services it provides. This does mean, that six in ten residents feel ill informed”. Which as the survey notes : “Compared to their peers, Wirral Council has significantly more negative results.” 

So much for addressing the alleged ‘information deficit’ or attracting advertising revenue (but then Wirral Globe has them over a barrel on that score!) Not for the first time we say its time to put the scabby dog that is Wirral View out of its misery. Not that those who run Wirral Council will – they just expect us to put up and pay up for their egotistical bullshit. Which, might we suggest, more than anything, explains the damning results of the Ipsos MORI survey!


8 thoughts on “Memento MORI

  1. G’day Leaksly

    Since I came in contact with this clowncil on 5 July 2011 when I blew the whistle to Adderley and Basnett over the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off.

    Nothing has changed.

    They are still denying that there was any issue at all.

    A few have gone but the majority of the clowncilliors are still the same old shite with zipped gobs and then there is is Armstrong, Ball, Basmett, Adderley, Bradbury, Robinson all keeping the filth internally and boy do I hope it is growing inside them.



    Until they cleanse this shite wirral will never improve.

    Tuesday will probably be another day of obfuscation, dirty dealings, Can’t remembers and their usual lies.

    If you think it stinks and it smells like shit it is shit.

    Philly “FUCKING” Liar’s shit.

    Just look over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters and tell me Merseyside labor is not rotten to the core.

  2. Sorry Leaky

    How rude I didn’t give you my luv last post X

    How about in advance of Tuesday’s “LAUGH” in BirkenBloodyHell County Court at 10.30am we start are campaign to get

    “Philly “FUCKING” Liar out of Tranmere.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    He isn’t in Tranmere he lives in leafy WEST KIRBY.

    Says it all.

    Can you imagine him living in Tranmere

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha



    Luv by two this post Leaky XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. how Many impact avenues do they want .. the paper is crap it’s not working if it did you should have seen a slight increase to indicate penetration .. but nope it’s pants .. 🤦🏻‍♀️Stop bleeding us dry .. how many members of staff are you making redundant ?? This is their wage they should sue you for the bullheaded piss poor decision to keep this going AND even DESPITE government chastisement!!

    • G’day Ali

      Nice to hear from you.

      Listen its “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” fro Tranmere.

      Oh no its not.

      It’s “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” from


      I can’t get in in West Kirby because they know a liar when they see one.



      Might see ya down BirkenBloodyHell county Court at 10.30am tomorrow to watch their dirty filthy tricks first hand.

      Much love to you and yoursXXXXXXX

      Wake up in Tranmere he doesn’t give a toss about you.

      You are just his ticket to prestigious golf courses and he only needs another 32 to compete with Fife ah ah ha ha ha ha ha ha

  4. Ouu…….SUPER TUESDAY tomorrow….

    Where? Birkenhead County Court.
    What time? 10.30
    Who will be representing the Council? Well….it will be…

    (The Aussie will know…..)

    • Oh “Int”

      If it was a fair game “Inty” you could be the man there is so much evidence.

      Oh I do hope though it is that gorgeous favourite Barista of “Sir Git” the tall dark handsome, Saville Row suited waste of wirral’s money….again.



      It would save a fortune if they had just fessed up 7 years ago.

      See ya soon “Int” and don’t forget to show them the lack of respect they deserve.


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