Transport Trauma

                    Road to Nowhere
Last week there was a serious incident involving Wirral Council transport and a vulnerable young woman which needless to say the council want to hush up.
Fortunately for us there are there are enough people out there (including some of the Council’s own staff) who are more interested in public accountability than cover ups.
From what we understand the out of hours social care team raised concerns about a missing person with an external contracted transport provider. It transpired that this r transport company hadn’t been involved in transporting the vulnerable young woman that particular  day. Accordingly the social worker then got in touch with their own transport department . Fortunately there was one member of what remains of the council’s transport team in their depot. It was just as well as he found
a vulnerable young woman , who was meant to have been dropped off at the care home where she lives, still locked in the council vehicle.
The young woman had been locked in for TWO AND A HALF HOURS and when discovered was understandably in a very distressed state.  We can only hope she’s getting the care and attention that was so sadly lacking during this shocking incident. To add insult to injury we understand the incident caused amusement the next day to some council transport staff who were under the impression that what had happened was the responsibility of the external transport provider – until that is they were put straight by appalled care home staff.
Whilst we understand that people makes mistakes (although this could be better characterised as negligence)  we don’t want to point the finger at individuals but instead direct our questions once again towards the practices and culture of Wirral Council.
Whilst there was of course the usual rush to hush everything up , clearly news has filtered out and inevitably leads us to ask some pertinent questions such as :
  • Was there an escort/passenger assistant on the vehicle ? – and if not, why not? Wirral Council insist that their external contractors do so
  • Was there matter reported as a safeguarding issue in accordance with Wirral Council policy and procedures so that – dare we use the dreaded phrase – lessons will be learned?
  • What would have happened if an external transport provider had been responsible for such an incident?
  • What support has been provided to the victim of this incident and how do Wirral Council intend to remedy their negligence? – an apology? compensation? forget it never happened?…………

Road to NowhereRoad to NowhereRoad to NowhereRoad to Nowhere





18 thoughts on “Transport Trauma

  1. I have noted an increasingly antagonistic attitude towards disabled people being exhibited by Wirral Council staff. On 3 May 2018 I attended Birkenhead Town Hall to register my vote. I use a wheelchair and the stairlift down to the voting room was not working. One of the reception staff came to help, reset it and I cast my vote. However, I was also told that if I want to go upstairs in the future, I do so entirely at my own risk. I asked if they want me to sign some sort of disclaimer to let the council off the hook if I fry to death (and I would sizzle very nicely, I assure you). I was told no but I just need to be aware that I would not be evacuated in the event of an emergency. I took advice about this from experts and this is ‘direct discrimination’ as defined in the Equality Act 2010. I sought to resolve the matter informally and, on 21 May 2018 I asked if I would be contacted by the council to have a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) prepared. The Council officer snapped at me in a very exasperated tone, saying “no-one’s going to contact you”. She went on to explain that Simon Parrot, a Council health and safety officer, has told staff that they cannot use the Evac-chairs provided for the emergency evacuation of disabled people because the stairs at Birkenhead Town Hall are “bendy” and staff might have difficulty manoeuvring the Evac-chair around the bends. I have made a formal complaint.

  2. This practice of nobody being held to account has to stop, everybody in life is prone to make a mistake at some time, that’s what being Human is all about. what is not acceptable that some person in a high paid positions then puts into operation the machinery of non accountability.
    The least that should happen is that the miscreant gets a right royal bollicking, and the supervisor, manager or boss is seen to get busy with introducing safety measures or a revised protocol to ensure it does not happen again. Anything less is a complete acknowledgement that they respectively are not up to the job and therefore not fit for use.

  3. Indeed my Lord. The poor girl. Thank God for honest people. There are still plenty of us out there despite the repeatedly disgusting behaviour of the corrupted top brass masquerading as competent senior public servants in Brighton Street Town Hall.

    Did I ever tell you, I live about a mile away from them during the day time (Seacombe) and 25 miles away of a night (Cheshire, green, rolling stockbroker belt)? Anyway the stench is awful when the wind is in the wrong direction.

    Look what I found today. They now deserve awards for *Most Arrogant* and *Most Self-Unaware* to add to the *Most Improved* bollocks…

  4. G’day Leaky

    They just don’t learn do they?

    I sat in court today listening about their reputation saving exercises from seven years ago.

    Ecca you ninkompoop if you make a mistake own the fucking thing.

    It will never get better until you apologise properly to the likes of us Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off whistleblowers.

    With Grant Thornton, Beverley Edwards, FOI’s, barista’s fees, solicitors fees, public meetings etc Wirral “Funny” Bizz reputation saving must have cost about £250,000.00.

    Stupid stupid waste of money.

    The public don’t appear to care about the shit reputations of your crud and dross so own your fucking mistakes it is cheaper.



    I wish you could have seen that lovely judge today with her heartfelt sympathy for WB2 of the Wirral “Funny” Bizz scandal.


    It was great again to meet up with “Interested” and Paul and The Great “Highbrow” that can tie them in knots.


      Highbrow won the Lovely Judge.

      No fecking Council is getting 7 grand of him.

      Keep fighting the buggers Philip Barton!

      • G’day “Int”

        Nice to see you yesterday and have confirmed our affair continues.

        See Kev and Graham “Burge(ss)r with the lot” if your having an affair own it, honesty is the best policy.

        What I found interesting, “Interested” was you send your court papers off and they decide the court and the judge.

        How did “Highbrow” end up in the wrong court and why would the Clowncil pay £7,000.00 for effectively the wrong court and the wrong judge?

        I know and AdderleyDadderleyDooLally knows!

        Its not our money “anyway”.



        C’mon Ecca tell us how much Euro money the great “Highbrow” got clawed back by the government?

        Believe it or not it is our money.

        See ya soon “Inty” but no doubt will hear from you sooner.

        “Philly “FUCKING” Liar out of West Kirby

        Sorry my sat nav is on the blink.

        “Philly “FUCKING” Liar out of Tranmereide.


  5. Some years ago one of the Council’s drivers asked “what are the walking sticks for?” He was referring to the wheelchair restrain clamps ,used to secure chairs to the bus tracking when in motion-knights of the road!!!

    • Oh Tittie

      What a battle we have on our hands but you do a great job.

      Keep fighting the good fight.



      “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” out of west kirby er I mean Tranmereierde


  6. Two comments.
    I have no doubt that the Council Transport fiasco will be extensively reported in the Wirral Globe with the appropriate criticisms. Or am I just naive?

    Coming rather late to the glories of Wirral Leaks, I would be grateful for a synopsis of the reasons behind yesterday`s court case which, I gather, has been dragging on for some years.
    Perhaps that will also be reported extensively in Wirral View and the Wirral Globe so that the residents can see how their money is spent or mis-spent.

    • G’day Chas

      Hope all is well and my prayers are helping.

      They are living their lies and obfuscations seven years on.



      I hope they fester inside them forever.



      The cabal from hell.

      And, may they rot there.

      • Paul:

        Many thanks for that detailed synopsis.
        Keep up the good work.


  7. G’day Paul and “Int” and you My Good Lord

    I thought you lads might have some comments on that court case yesterday.

    A couple more of my amateur observations.

    At least the third case I have been to over recent years that the claimant has acted for him/her self and the bundles that have been hand delivered to the court have not got to the judge.


    I think not.

    The third case I have been to were the judge has said all the right nice things but judged against the individual.


    I think not.

    The third case I have been to were the judge has seemed to have been all over the case without having heard anyone.


    I think not.

    The third case I have been to I have sensed the judge has been spoken to by either the barista or the defendant earlier.

    This I believe was confirmed yesterday when the barista after the case said he said before the case she is the fairest judge in the land or words to that effect.



    Do you have to pay the court clerk to deliver the documents?

    Do solicitors or is it just a bottle of scotch at Xmas?

    Do you have to go to the Lodge to see if the barista has talked to the judge (oops she was a lady) or see if they go to chambers?

    Do you have to pay a barista with a bigger watch to win the case?

    Just sayin.

    By the way the judge yesterday made a big scene about not receiving the claimants bundle.

    Was that an act for the claimant.

    More than likely.

    I rest my cases


    Take a tape recording I am sure they are getting looked after and looked after and looked after.


    • Lads


      Why wasn’t there anyone there from wirral?



      The whole act was once again like Burgess’s Public Meeting of 2014


      The difference was there was no half wit like AdderleyDadderlyDooLall to spoil it by saying


      £7,000.00 of taxpayers hard earned for a no case.


      Did you wirral gate boys get your jobs back?

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