More Transport Trauma

Wirral Screwed 007

Yesterday’s story prompted one of our readers to forward a story from the latest edition of Private Eye which also concerns local transport woes. This particular story is about non-emergency ambulance services.

Strangely this is one that , as far as we know has evaded the local press. However as you can see for yourself it speaks volumes about the shambolic decisions being made Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group and others. And it is you dear reader who pays through the nose for procurement failures and poorer services every single time !

*whispers* The people running the show on Wirral (both at  Wirral Council and Wirral University Teaching Hospital)  don’t know what they’re doing. Just sayin’……….

15 thoughts on “More Transport Trauma

  1. I played a (very, very minor) part in assessing this bid on behalf of patients in a stuffy office in Salford a couple of years ago, along with another Birkenhead resident, who is a retired nurse. We questioned at the time whether this bidder has adequate local knowledge to run the service successfully and whether its grandiose plans for extensive customer involvement and its intention to roll-out impressive-sounding GPS-enabled customer-controlled journey tracking hardware could practically be achieved. However, as this exercise only made up something like 0.5% of the weighting of the assessment, our views were hardly going to make any difference to the outcome of the exercise. What we also found out at the time (and were not allowed to tell anyone) is that this bidder was the only one to get through the earlier stages of the assessment.

  2. Oh Lordy

    Procurement procurement procurement.

    Ecca, “Spotty Dog” you “Blinking CEO” how much was clawed back by Europe for “Philly “FUCKING” Liar’s” oh so successful Wirral “Funny” Bizz shambles?

    What was it they said about your shower of shit giving Wirral “Funny” Bizz the contract?

    Was the contract ever signed?



    We whistleblowers are still waiting for a proper apology and then we can leave you to your pathetic sad lives bullying little scared people.

    I bet they probably settled for a modest £250,000.00 hey “Eccles Cake Face”?

  3. Sorry Lordsville

    Forgot to kiss you goodnight X

    Why didn’t they make “Highbrow” pay the costs?

    Go on big fella have a guess.


    Wouldn’t be because

    “It’s not our money anyway”

    I know

    Wirral “Funny” Bizz was so successful.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  4. My Lord,

    On matters of health… I ask, what do you do if a 6ft 5ins Aussie suggests that you think again about the lovely District Judge Campbell. (She who was so lovely to the Mighty Highbrow in that Court case)

    Well you do, think again.

    Ok James, I am thinking…..mmm now what was it exactly you said again…..hang on, I have to go and have a look…..

    • You “EGIT” “Inty”

      I said 5ft 6ins Aussie are you making me out to be a liar like the near ousted “Philly “FUCKING” Liar”?

      I might only be 5ft 6ins mate but I can sleep at night knowing I haven’t lied to wirral.

      The £2,000,000.00 WAS knocked off and I told Adderley and Basnett on 5 July 2011 and now 7 years on they are all still LYING about it.

      Wirral “Funny” Bizz was a shambles and criminal and not the success that they have all bullshitted about.

      How much did Europe claw back Philly and Ecca?

      The Information Commissioner is going to make you tell us you naughty little boys and I use the words little boys advisedly.

      Tell us in advance of being forced you muppets I am sure that is what your “Sir Git” ill-Legal Department would like you to do.

      I saw 96 incorrect tax returns Wirral “Funny” Bizz prepared obviously affecting 96 wirral innocent victims for a start to boot

      Did you care?

      Did you fuck.

      Ecca, Robo the Spotty Blinking CEO has to get a grip of his staff and 65 rotten clowncillors (Sturat Kelly excluded) and tell them


      to lie, cheat and obfuscate.

      It is “our money” and should be treated with care and respect.



      Back to the judge “Inty” who I think was sickly sweet (stage managed) and why was “Highbrow” not charged the£7,000.00 + costs?

      “Inty” they wasted another £7,000.00 + of wirral’s money 7 years on, according to them, on someone who had no right to claim Jack Shit.

      A proper public apology should now be given to the Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers, “Highbrow”, the model claimant and his perfect McKenzie Friend according to the sickly sweet judge as she described them and of course the “BAD COP” moi should be fully vindicated.

      Then we can go away and forget about the crud and dross of wirral Clown Hall.

      Oh “Inty” you are a card 6ft 5ins Aussie ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      I know you mean well and I luv ya for it X

      • As per your post a while back Are the pet whistleblowers pushed by Frank Field to storytell over Dave Green still in line to be paid for their “trouble”or the cost of a couple of tape recordings more like ..? Wouldn’t it have been a lot easier and a damn sight less expense to tax payer to have got rid of Steve Foulkes for writing the letter to Jim Wilkie ‘demanding/bullying that Wilkie did not promote Degg .. instead of creating the “whistleblowers” as an over dramatic smoke screen whilst Steve Foulkes stood down as leader as per advice .. what did the council overpaid spineless legal team do about that particular breach of member protocol?

        How you have the gall Field to step foot in this council .. the damage you have caused .. and the tax payers money you have squandered on your ego trip does an MP get his mate a job to investigate in a council .. once again reference and protocol deficient.. you should be in that homeless soup kitchen yourself instead of the sickening feigning of compassion in every photo shoot .. you are good for nothing that calls for honesty and integrity

  5. G’day Leaky and Paul Cardin

    Paul on your wonderful site wirral in it together you say

    Despite the departures of Burgess and Adderley to lucrative posts elsewhere, the conspiracy to deceive goes on to this day and has been readily taken up by the current chair of the Audit Risk & Management Committee, recently re-elected member for Seacombe, Councillor Adrian Jones.

    What makes you say that?

    “Highbrow” fell for the little fat welsh egits lies seven years ago.

    Not once has he stood up for his mate “Highbrow”.

    When he was in it it up to his eyeballs he and “Sir Git” wanted to meet with “Highbrow” who was WB2 and I wasn’t even invited and I was WB1.

    More dirty tricks I suggest.

    It was me that led the attack planned by us on the Clown Hall on 5 July 2011.



    He is the lowest of the low and would have an audit trail to say he is even lower than that.

    The little welsh egit has had seven years to speak up.

    He and Missus Bilong Him Nurse Rat were the first people “Highbrow” spoke to.



    Mate he deserves less respect than his predecessor “Crapapple”.

    At least with “Crappie” he didn’t pretend to be friendly.

    The slimy little welsh person give a smile a wink and shafts you.


    • Thanks James. Well spotted. I knew that but phrased it badly and made him seem like a new kid on the block, which was very lax of me. Stand by for a rapid rewrite, including more of his true involvement !

      • Shit Paul

        I thought the dirty fat lying welsh leopard had changed his spots.

        There is absolutely no hope for him and I wish karma on him and his belivid.




    • The audit and risk chair !! Ffs come on opposition .. children .. newspapers ., demand intervention for the absolute charade that is the audit and risk committee , it is not fit for tax payers only disgraced/full senior officers and corrupt councillors.. demand accountability and transparency .. and “there is nothing we can do” as a reply is as much of a disgrace as those you by default cover up !! Step down if you can’t do anything

  6. Wirral Biz/Council scandal..

    In my mind I see a route to ‘conclusion’ that no fecker has mentioned… (Europe is asking for their money back) but what about that other big wedge? Probably owing to the Dept of Work and Pensions…. yea more Wirral Biz dosh that they and the Council owe back. It’s getting fucking embarrassing now. The Mighty Highbrow and the other lovely (Aussie) have got them unraveled now..

  7. West Midlands Ambulance Service to put it bluntly sh*t on us. We provided 8 vehicles to North West Ambulance Service for some 5 years and by their own admission had dramatically helped to improve their performance figures. WMAS then won the contract for Wirral. They asked us to continue in the same manner as we had been doing for NWAS. WE agreed to spend £160,000 on 6 brand new purpose built accessible vehicles. They said they would give us a written contract but after numerous times of asking the contract never arrived. Their incompetence in running the service scheduling was abysmal and our office staff and drivers we constantly bailing their scheduling staff out of their incompetent errors. After 9 months of operating the service for them we realised why they never issued us with a contract. With a weeks notice to quit the service we found out that they were training their new staff with the intention all along to get rid of us. Well, WMAS, your loss which is not surprising as it was not purely financial you lost the contract but your gross incompetence. The 6 new vehicles along with a further 2 are now operating back with NWAS who are grateful for our service…….good ridance WMAS

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