Safe and Secure

Safer Wirral Hub

If ever there was a picture that wanted His Lord and Ladyship to stick their fingers down their throat this is it.

The hypocrisy on display is truly sickening. Let us explain why :

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes within Community Safety. As you might remember there was the usual PR bullshit within the local media with the announcement that ‘The Safer Wirral Hub’ (FFS!)  was moving to Leasowe’s Solar Campus site as a joint initiative with all new cushy jobs and wage rises for the select few.

It was the shape of things to come that Wirral Council’s  Community Patrol Officers (CPO’s) are the only ones not in the picture. In fact as far as we understand they are only requested to attend solar Campus if a bit of car parking duty is needed or a CPO needs picking up.

Apparently the CPO’s are now back to where they were 20 years ago in a ramshackle house on the grounds at Cleveland Street depot and are being requested to take on the duties of more senior officers which they have been covering for over nine years but with an agreed payment when they cover.
Now the powers that be want to make it part of their duties – without payment at a loss of up to £3k a year for some officers. As a source tell us :
Meanwhile in the real world Community Patrol Officers are currently going through a consultation that will change their shift patterns and take up to three thousand pounds out of their annual earnings.
Officers have been covering for supervision carrying out their duties for over nine years and receiving a payment for doing so as their wage bands are so far apart E to a H.
This new consultation wants to evolve these duties into the officers job descriptions without any further progression to their pay band but still have a  single senior officer on a Band H overseeing.
This single post will be between the soon to be discarded Control room officer supervisor ( 30 years service with no blemishes) and ex mayors chauffer(with historical numeracy skills and a way with the ladies) who do we think will get this? The dubious character of the likely candidate speaks volumes

The consultation is over and the choice given is accept or bye bye.
Jobs for the boys at the top with fuck all on the shop
It’s Wirral Council’s same old mantra – something for nothing but aimed at the manual workers from the lower grades.Effectively punishing the lowest paid staff to retain one highly paid position when working class lads have covered it for the past ten years.How are CPO’s meant to make Wirral’s residents safe when their jobs aren’t secure?
What’s more the CPO’s have not been allowed to see their own job description as Wirral Council’s utterly corrupt HR department say they don’t have it.
Isn’t it a shame that people are reduced to making Freedom of Information requests  to find out information to which they are legally entitled? :
But what really galls us is the likes of Cllr George Davies are still  in a position to make decisions about people’s lives and livelihoods when he should have been run out of public office years ago. Lucky for him -and unlucky for us –  he has low friends in high places who have got him out of deep shit of his own making.
Under these circumstances could this make ‘Gorgeous George’ the ultimate class traitor?

12 thoughts on “Safe and Secure

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  3. G’day Leaky

    When “Highbrow” went to the cops about the Wirral “Funny” Bizz fraud the cops gave him acrime number and one nice policeman told him there was no doubt a case of fraud.

    Months later when he went to see them the couldn’t talk to him because wirral was now the complainant.

    The rest is as you would expect The Great Lord.

    No case to answer.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha



    That was one of Adderley’s comments to me when I blew the whistle on 5 July 2011 when he was boasting of his BRILLIANT CAREER that he had contacts at the cops and HMRC.

    Do you think Lordy that is why their “Sir Git ill-Legal Department did nothing about the serial Asset Stripper regarding Lockwood Engineering etc?

    Can’t see any trouser legs rolled up L did you ever see any down the Lodge Lordsville.


    Why won’t the women stand with them in your photo mate?

  4. its a brave man that uses their real name along with a nom de plume to request that FOI (knowing how nice this Council plays!)

    • Directed by the union as they didnt have one either and were not given access too after a request to Wirral Councils H.R department.
      The fact a union steward has to put a foi request to gain his own and colleagues job description from his own employers speaks volumes into what exactly is going on here.

  5. The Union doesnt have one either! What a crock. They are in it together.
    All staff should now ask for access to their personal files. Lying within should surely be the sought after JDs?

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