Liverpool City Region Women : Know Your Limits!

Line of tory

Always judge people by the company they keep ! 

We’re glad and yet somewhat sad when our readers latch on to our pithy observations. For example someone has picked upon our insightful remarks about ambitious Gillian Wood upon her election as a Labour councillor for Claughton following the demise of her predecessor Cllr Denise ‘No Hidden Wrongdoing’ Roberts.

As we observed on her election in 2017 :

Does Gilly know what’s she’s letting herself in for , does she care or will she succumb to the lure of ‘scroundrelism’? Full story here : Gilly Keeps Bad Company in Claughton

We all know the answer to that question don’t we boys and girls?  As another keen observer of local politics comments :

Would seem that Jolly Gilly from Claughton progress up the greasy pole continues at a pace. Having breezed back in May she has now become a Deputy Portfolio Holder for the Liverpool City Region.

Is it just coincidence that she and Steve ‘The Brickie’ Rotheram were elected on the same day or is their friendship deeper??

Time will tell no doubt


Keep showing what these self serving shits are up to!!

We had to laugh (and cry) at Rotheram’s Liverpool City Region Combined Authority portfolio appointments. As we’ve observed before about the Socialist Republic of Merseyside your ,ahem, rise to power is greatly assisted if you have a penis -but conversely and perversely – lack a scrotum. Read more here  Old Boys Network – No Girls Allowed

As you can see from The Brickie’s  appointments all portfolio holders are male bar Jane Kennedy (who had the temerity to get elected) and all the deputy portfolio holders are female. This includes the aforementioned Cllr Gillian Wood who is responsible for Energy & Renewables despite the fact that she isn’t even a portfolio holder at Wirral Council!

These developments made us realise that when it comes to political power on Merseyside that this particular skit isn’t far from the truth:

3 thoughts on “Liverpool City Region Women : Know Your Limits!

  1. No doubt the grandiose title of Deputy Portfolio Holder carries with it a “nice little earner.” to add to the not ungenerous Councillors` Allowance.
    I know from the published pieces in this esteemed website, that many of our local political masters get themselves attached to other public bodies and quangos and end up with a profitable living; not as profitable of course as the outrageous amounts paid to consultants.

    Ah for the far off days of the Town Clerk and elected councillors who, in the main, worked for the benefit of those who elected them rather, than as now, what they could make out of the office.

  2. Alleged racist.
    Alleged racist wife.
    Alleged diversity.

    All bound up in the latest alleged “solution” to our regional political difficulties.

    Crowned by an alleged “tonsorial abomination” emerging from the gates of Hades itself.

    Keep ’em coming My Lord ❤️ xxx

  3. G’day Leaky, Paul, “Ecca the Blinking CEO” and “Philly “FUCKING” LIar”

    If the senior officers and elected members at wirral never admit they lied and apologise about Wirral “Funny” Bizz……….

    How will anyone ever know when they are lying?

    Why would or could anyone ever believe a word they uttered?



    So I suggest when anyone earning over £60,000.00 a year at wirral tells or asks anything just say



    ARE YOU REALLY ASKIN ME “I’f I’m Right or do you mean LEFT?

    Are we really the most improved clowncil?

    Luv Leaks and Paul XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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