Toilet Humour


As you all know we try to keep it classy at Wirral Leaks and so, like sarcasm , it is something we try to avoid.

However we couldn’t resist publishing the above picture which is on the back of the cubicle door in the Wallasey Town Hall bogs (or the Slash’n’Dump Hub as they’ve been rebranded)

Clearly the highly paid policy wonk behind the 5 Ways to Wellbeing  campaign – no ,we’ve not heard of it either – has had an irony by-pass or knows that their target audience will be sitting on the Thomas Crapper , popping a Sertraline and crying into their P45!

Might we also suggest that this uplifting picture of jollity will also be a familiar sight to many of the humourless Wallasey Town Hall elite who behind closed (toilet) doors  are currently experiencing squeaky bum time! Isn’t it funny how these toilet doors remain vacant even when they’re engaged?

As to the question :

When was the last time… you laughed until you cried?

We’ll leave the answer to our source :

Do they really want to know? Usually after reading more Town Hall bullshit!

Any further answers send to us on a piece of toilet paper /back of fag packet/ prescription for anti-depressants etc; etc;

8 thoughts on “Toilet Humour

  1. Trying to find an article from February 2018 in relation to BNI and. Ex Councillor LRJ Sent from my iPad Steve


  2. G’day Leaky

    I luv a bit of potty humour.

    The likes of Davies Davies Jones Jones Armstrong Foulkes aren’t fit to clean the dunnies,

    They stink too much.



  3. G’day Leaky

    I wonder what they discuss in the dunny and what they discuss in “Sir Git’s” ill-Legal Department?

    Would they discuss paying “Highbrow’s” costs for his lost case in the dunny or in Squashy’s office?

    Would they discuss Wirralgate in the dunny or in amongst the legal eagles?



    No wonder Burge(ss)r with the lot plus twenty seven mistakes in ten seconds got a new private dunny put in at the top of the stairway to (wirral) hell.


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