Where There’s Dog Muck There’s Brass


Thanks to one of our readers this is one of the finest pictures we’ve published on Wirral Leaks . Our homage to Martin Parr.

Prior to taking the well-trod coward’s route out of Wirral Council before the corrosive  bullying culture of the council was exposed and for which he set the tone , Steve Maddox was most noted for claiming in a meeting held way outside of Wirral that all that the little people who paid his wages were interested in was ‘dog crap’.

It would seem this plug ugly ultra-bore’s time has come as Wirral Council have recently set out to prove the old dictum ‘where there’s (dog) muck there’s brass’ as they’ve recently announced plans to exclude dogs from dumping in certain areas and if they do their owners will have to pay through the their pet’s arse .

Dog Crap

Indeed it would seem that they’re so desperate to raise money that they are now reliant on your pets anal expulsions to keep them in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

Seemingly realising this campaign group Wirral Good Dogs have (inevitably) launched a petition which states :

Wirral Council has proposed implementing a Public Space Protection Order across our public parks, commons and beaches, as well as introducing huge on the spot fines, for dogs who step foot on to a ‘marked playing field’ (many of which take up large areas of our shared parks, so our parks will become unusable for off leash dog exercise)  and total bans to huge stretches of coastline, which many locals enjoy daily and rely upon as a valuable local amenity for the care of their dog. Read full petition here : Wirral Good Dogs Petition 

Having said all that it strikes us as deeply ironic and yet entirely appropriate that an administration so full of crap are seeking to sustain their bullshit operations via canine sphincters.

5 thoughts on “Where There’s Dog Muck There’s Brass

  1. Love the fact they care so much about the Wirrals enviroment they sacked their whole dog fouling team and over time have totally decimated their Community patrol service down to the bare bones who initially started the dog fouling initiative but educating the public and handing out poo bags doesnt bring in any money into the coffers whether it is done correctly or not.

  2. Anniversary



    Not word I have given much thought to until now

    The Aussie in informs us that it is almost seven years since he and the Mighty Highbrow first blew the whistle on the Wirral biz Council scandal

    I am informing us that is almost two years since the good old lifeboat crew at New Brighton lifeboat station have been fucked over and sacked by the powers that be

    I think that there are probably other anniversaries in the pipeline

    See it is good word isn’t it

    • G’day “Inty”

      Yep almost seven years and an awful lot of the 65 dead beat brain dead clowncillors are still there.

      They send “Philly “FUCKING” LIar off every year with your money to get investment and not a cracker does he return with.

      Shanghai, New York, Reno you name it he’s been there and just wasted money, in fact, he probably spends more time in those exotic places than he does in Tranmereidre his constituency.



      Until you fess up for them Ecca you peanut it will not go away from haunting them and you you little dogsbody.

      Luv “Int” X

  3. G’day Ecca

    Another week seven years on and your stupid leader “Philly “FUCKING” Liar, senior officers and 65 clowncillors are still living their lies over Wirral “Funny” Bizz.

    Come on mate you have to be half decent or are you just another Foulkes, Ex Dunny Chain Wearer and boxing promoter in a better suit?



    So easy to say sorry we were only trying to warn them £2,000,000.00 had been knocked off.

    AND, what did they do?

    Kept paying the thieves for a further 18 months.

    Idiots or corrupt Ecca?

    You decide!


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