U -Turn on Parking Charges


So it would seem that the Wirral Council ‘leadership’ (ha! ha! ha!) have been forced to make yet another embarrassing u-turn on coastal parking charges.

It would appear that Wirral Council ‘leader’  Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies  has been out meeting the people and has been told in no uncertain terms what the local council tax payers think of his proposals. As when it comes to parking charges they’ve told him he can’t stick ’em where the sun do shine! Read more here : Council leader scraps Wirral coastal car parking plan

Of course when the opposition is on his own doorstep Pip was bound to finally sit up and take notice – especially when the protest is this eyecatching and dare we say, artisanal. How very West Kirby!


38 thoughts on “U -Turn on Parking Charges

  1. Megalols here…….

    Maybe all future protests need to be well-funded, stylish, targeted and tasteful?

    Have we at last stumbled upon this lying, bogus “Labour”, hard right Tory’s Achilles Heel?!

    • Yea, I know it is short notice but we could get a big giant BOOMERANG made and have it delivered to the Town Hall on Thursday for the 7th Aniverscary (intended pun) of the Wirral Biz whistleblowers blowing the whistle on the 2 million quid knock off….and us all still waiting on the coppers and Council to ACTUALLY do something….

  2. G’day Leaky

    Whilst the fearful leader “Philly “FUCKING” Liar is on the u turn he could make it a full O by on 5 July 2018 admitting he did get it wrong about Wirral “Funny” Bizz.

    They did allow them to run off £2,000,000.00 better off, did not get them chased by wirral’s keystone cops, hid reports, told untruths and exactly how much money they had clawed back and why they paid “Highbrow’s £7,000.00 plus court costs.



    Then they could properly publicly apologise.

    Talking of U bends I would hate to be Philly’s have you seen the size of his humungous arse and the bullshit he spouts.


  3. Now let’s stop the powermongering about the green belt and stop this hoylake golf club farce. And please, stop going on about wirral waters when Birkenhead shopping centre is turning into a ghost town

  4. This one is quite simple, a number of us checked out the law and determined that if the proposal went to Judicial Review, it would likely be found that WBC were using their statutory powers unlawfully to deliberately use road traffic legislation to increase surplus in their parking account to support other services. They were clearly out of order on this and I suspect, didn’t think us idiots would have the collective brain power to pursue items of the law.

    Contempt for your public reaches its limitations at some point…

  5. Dear Lord Julian probably the best news for Wirral residents & visitors, & what a climbdown for the Wirral Labour group. We will leave councillor Davies to go back to the Clown Hall to lick his wounds & as a matter of interest how much this futile exercise has cost Wirral ratepayers. Talking of the cash shortfall what about the £50.million pounds of reserves the lend at mates rates to other Labour councils and gifting public assets to the Wirral Chamber of Commerce as well as council properties managed by Magenta being gifted to for CEO’s Graham Burgess organisation to charge ” Rachman” rents.
    Hopefully they will reconsider the charging at our country parks, we can live in hope.

  6. Morning James, Morning Paul, Morning Lord Leaks, Morning others…

    24 hrs to go for the big apology….. didn’t think it would happen (England win on penalties). Didn’t think it would happen (U turn on parking charges). Didn’t think it would happen (the big whistleblowers apology) But… only 24 hrs to go (on the anniversary, it’s going to happen…..???)

    It is a poss now….

    • G’day “Inty”

      They lied to me

      They hid Reports

      They took over with the cops

      They wasted £50,000.00 + on a report from Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton their independent ha ha ha ha ha auditor

      They Hid the report from Horseguards

      They won’t say how much was clawed back

      They refused to answer FOI after FOI.

      They paid “Highbrow’s court costs




      Because “Int” they are as guilty as sin.

      Will they apologise for


      All scum and lying shite, crud and dross and a blot on wirral.

      Rats in a sack

      I don’t think so SUNNY JIM


  7. A most welcome U-turn in the car parking debacle which shows that even this incompetent council can be influenced ( or pushed) by a public campaign.
    The Council Leader tells us that we are in times of austerity when only essential projects will be funded.
    Presumably that does not include large salaries for grossly incompetent senior officers and the resulting pay-offs when they are caught out; our money ploughed into the Hoylake golf vanity project; large sums of council reserves lent to other councils at ludicrous rates of interest and, my pet hate, vast sums paid to outside consultants who are invariably rejects from other councils and have jumped on the “consultancy gravy train.
    I wonder if Halliday (£188,000 a year) whose twelve months contract was extended by nine months, is still in residence in Wallasey Town Hall.
    Anyone know?

    • Apparently he’s getting a grand title any time soon if not already .. which will fly through appointments committee no doubt

      I’ve just heard Rosemary Lyons has left the building , kind staff members carried out s leaving do for her but no “management “ were present apparently , why ? I can hazard a guess coz they were the reason she left.. so yet another decent honest impartial employee that I am sure would refuse to kiss the arse of corrupt bullies , has gone .. employees say it was awful the way she was treated .. you really do sail a stinking ship Cllr Davies

      Mccourt , Staff are saying you are worse than Tour !! Except ( couldn’t stop laughing when they said it) you fancy yourself 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      FYI don’t !

      • Lyon was ‘a decent honest impartial employee’???
        Really ? – if she was she would have blown them all sky high a long time ago.
        Another one who has kept schtum , took the money and run as far as we’re concerned.

        As for McCourt – he’s far more dangerous than Tour.
        As for fancying himself – he’s like the suit he sported at a committee meeting earlier this year : cheap and beige.

      • Alison.

        I did not believe that this awful mob in Wallasey Town Hall would give a former York City Council middle manager, who left under a well documented black cloud, such an obscenely paid consultants fee (£188,00 a year for at least 21 months) but now the possibility that they will give this man a permanent, highly paid post makes me livid.
        What,if anything, will the Conservative opposition do to try and prevent it?

      • Fair enough .
        Although we vouch it’s the only time we’re ever likely to see McCourt and personality in the same sentence.

      • Blown them all sky high to whom exactly?
        How do you know she kept schtum?
        I only say this because I tried to blow the whistle many times. I tried it in house, I tried it with the local papers and I tried it with higher authorities. They close ranks and they are happy to lie. They hide information.
        They discredit you, the decent person, so others doubt you and your motives. They are the masters of reputation management and that includes the reputation of any decent staff who speak up.
        They ruin your life and everyone knows it will happen to them if they don’t shut up. Maybe she tried ,maybe she decide her health and happiness was more important. I did. x

      • Blown them all sky high to whom exactly?
        To us? To anyone- we don’t care ,the corruption has to stop. Perhaps we have too much inside information on this one to be objective but it stinks to high heaven and believe us it will be exposed one day . Novichok is their only hope (and nothing,but nothing would surprise us on that score).
        We don’t know whether we’re familiar with your case but we’re glad you’ve found pastures new and you’re healthier and happier…. meanwhile “they” carry on ruining people’s lives.
        We all have choices in life – fortunately for us we have people who are in touch and more committed to the cause of anti- corruption and public accountability.
        We wish you well, enjoy your life in the sun but we’ve got work to do (when we return from holiday anyway).

      • Rosemary Lyon was Tours puppet, She would not answer FOI’s giving a thousand reasons why not to reply truthfully but avoiding every chance she could, She will go on to pastures new with another bundle of ratepayers cash and another job in local government no doubt.

      • Rosemary Lyon falsely claimed I accused council officers of “bad faith and lying”.

        I kept my cool over a period of a couple of years and – with official ICO backing – eventually proved she (and her disgusting controller) were talking out of their arses.

  8. G’day Leaky

    I bet your glad you’ve moved to Spain.

    In the rubbish paper from over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters wirral clowncil is putting wrong street signs up. ha ha ha ha

    And, Lordsville as for “Sir Git’s” ill Legal Department they must be as shitful as ever if not more so with the addition of Squash (Mc) Court.

    He must have been all over “Highbrow’s” small claim sending in a heavyweight barista with a deal.

    “The Shyster’s” ill Legal Department paid the, probably, £10,000.00, costs even though “Highbrow” lost.



    Sounds very very dodgy to me Lordsville.

    So enjoy Spain my lovely XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Couldn’t find a France sign but everyone knows who you ARE X

    • Charles I think like most things that you are informed about on here , you kinda think really ? surely to god not ! Noooo they’ve got it wrong , leaks ,rumours are false but hey ho every damn one appears bang on .. obviously I don’t know for sure but those that do say he’s on for a permanent up over a bloke called Evans I think his name was 🤷🏼‍♀️ ..

      And I ,(if you were specifically asking me )simply would not have a clue about any political party and what they think …I’m a Greenpeace kinda person so I like icebergs and whales ..but I like icebergs and whales and value for money when I pay my taxes .. so yes I’m as livid as you are Charles .. again

      • And Wirral Leaks has a new motto . The team want a T-shirt with ‘I like icebergs and whales and value for money when I pay my taxes’ on . Great stuff.

  9. G’day Leaksville

    Seven years ago today and my life was changed for the worse and forever.

    AdderleyDadderleyDooLally lied through his teeth whilst “The Chamber Potty” his dogsbody Basnett and I sat and cringed as he waffled shit and hid criminality.

    She wouldn’t see me without him and ddidn’t say boo when he talked shite for over an hour.

    She is not fit for any public service job…..self serving maybe or Adderley’s will do what I am told girl?

    Prefer peroxide Kev with your nicotine you stinking ashtray?

    What did they do for him only fucking made him a super director and lied for him until this day.



    They might have wrecked my life Lordy but I will always know until I go that wirral is as corrupt as fuck and each and every one of them will know I know.

    C’mon “Philly “FUCKING” Liar lets be avin a proper public apology.


  10. My Lord,

    I have been reading some of the comments related to the Wirral Gobule article on the parking charges U u turn.

    It seems there was a possible crowdfunded legal challenge in the pipeline…

    Ouu the word ‘legal’ makes me think of that lovely Wirral Judge who made the Council give all that money to the Mighty Highbrow (even though the case was in the wrong court)

    I know the Aussie thinks that she wasn’t so lovely but I think she was… just like I think he will get his 7th (whistle blowing) birthday apology today…

    ‘Happy Birthday to you squashed tomatoes and…’

  11. If anyone does want a T-shirt let me know I can have them produced for you…

    State colour and size and more importantly what you want printed on it.
    EG “icebergs, Whales, and value for money..etc”
    “Where’s all that money gone?”
    £11 p&p

  12. G’day Leaks

    It would only be fair on this seventh anniversary of the great Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off whistleblowing to mention the opposition at wirral that feigned disgust at what they did and did fuck all themselves.

    It is too too easy to poke fun and mock the crud that is Davies Davies Jones Jones Foulkes Armstrong Adderley Basnett Tour because they are just the scum of wirral.

    So what does that make Green Gilchrist and whatever that new tory leader’s name is?

    who is he?

    who is he?

    This shite is just a waste of space and allowances if they can’t beat the likes of Davies Davies Foulkes and Jones.



    Just take a blimp at that scruffy old tramp in Green,

    See what I did there Leaks I got Green and Gilchrist in one go.

    And then there is that gilchrist of a new tory but with a manicured filthy beard.

    They only have the beard so they can lie behind it.

    Luv yer Lordsville and I hope I have insulted the shit out of them XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


  13. G’day Leaks

    Can you imagine what this scum and dross at wirral got up to before the likes of you came on the scene?

    They would keep all their cheating lying and corruption to themselves.



    They make me sick Lordy I can’t say anything bad enough so night night XXXXXXXXXXX

  14. G’day Leaks

    I would like your viewers to comment if they can be arsed.

    Question 1

    If you (wirral) were being sued by someone (Highbrow) for £5,000.00 in a small claims court would you employ a heavyweight barista to turn up for you?

    Then would you direct him to tell the claimant before hand she is a very fair judge?

    Then when your enemy (Highbrow) lost the case would you pay somebody (Highbrow) who has been calling you a liar, a cheat and an obfuscator for almost seven years his costs of £10,000.00, double his claim and leave him to go away and continue to call you a liar, a cheat and an obfuscator?



    How fucking stupid, or, just don’t they give a shit about giving public money away when it suits any of the bullies.

    They sure are fuck wits at best Lordy.


    Reasons on a postcard or a Leaky post X

    • Can we have a larger summary of the case in question please?

      I can assume Wirral Council were being asked for £5,000 in small claims by a private individual, but what was the private individual claiming for and what was the adjudicators decision based on?

      I certainly can be arsed to comment if I know more about the background of the case.

      I hope the coffee made in the small claims court was of a high standard as well…

  15. G’day Leaky

    What makes me really sick is the politics, in the shithouse in Brighton Street.

    They are supposed to be in healthy opposition but if you give a side a story of Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocking off £2,000,000.00 then you would expect they would hold the corrupt barstards to account.

    No they just keep their fucking big gobs shut and let the robbery go ahead.



    They are just all stinking rotten fetid shithouse rats in the same sack.

    Especially you Gilchrist as I told you on the phone you retired years ago and now getting allowances under false pretences.


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