Summer Shorts : The Heat is On 2 – Quo Bono?

Green Belt Eric 008

This follow up to yesterday’s bogus  Stressed Eric ‘Green Belt’ Wirral Globe story is a timely reminder that on Wirral there is a need to question every front page ‘exclusive’ , especially when it comes to timing and motivation.

We are grateful for ‘The Prof’ for giving us a sneak preview of this  letter to the Globe editor

The Globe report on Green Belt development, quoting Eric Robinson, is puzzling.

We are told that ‘there is no other option’ than to build on the Green Belt and it’s the wicked government’s fault. It seems we must build 12,000 new homes by 2035 or ~700 per annum. This is all very strange.In February Phil Davies wrote to the CLG & H minister, Sajid Javid,  to reassure him all was well.

Here are the key bits:

‘Planning permission is currently in place for 16,098 homes, including 2,577 on existing urban and previously developed sites and up to 13,521 dwellings at a large regeneration site …at Wirral Waters…The council’s SHLAA  to April 2017 shows the potential for a further 4,531 dwellings, subject to viability…’Taking these numbers in total we have 20,620 homes with planning permission, or 29 years worth at the required rate of building. We are also told that ‘1,315 new dwellings were under construction in April 2017 compared to only 475 in April 2016’ an average of 895 homes per year in recent years compared with the average needed rate of ~700.

Clearly the ‘government’ required rate of building is possible to meet. Robinson’s view that new Green Belt land must be used is therefore puzzling. I also note Javid’s comment that Wirral ‘is not an area of high housing pressure’ which is interesting. Javid’s attack was not about numbers but about Wirral’s failure to meet the statutory duty to have a Local Plan in place. The last plan was published in 2000 !

To conflate statutory plan duties with Green Belt release issues is arguably mischievous. Is all this blather something to do with forcing through pet council Green Belt schemes like the ‘Golf Resort’? Tax payers might reasonably ask, Quo Bono?

Professor D P Gregg (retired)

So there we have a perfect riposte with facts,figures and everyfink ! – and ending with the pertinent question as to who benefits from bogus front page stories like this ?
PS  Oh and to the reader who asked us whether the name at bottom left of the Globe picture was a subliminal message – well spotted. You win a Chinese meal , a recording device and four blank cheques courtesy of Wirral Council.

5 thoughts on “Summer Shorts : The Heat is On 2 – Quo Bono?

  1. So not only does Prof Gregg do great sausage rolls, he also writes first rate letters.

    He is my kind of Academic.

    Stunningly good letter….

    What a feckin Council…..!!!!

    • G’day “Inty”

      Well done complimenting Greigs sausage rolls.

      I think you should be complimented cos it looked to me that you single handily got “Philly “FUCKING” Liar to back down on car parking fees.

      Well done.



      Can you get the hairy arsed wombats Dill Brain Davies and the Blinking CEO to properly apologise to the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off whistleblowers and to the wirral public generally for be their bare faced lies and inactivity over sacking Adderley properly for asset stripping and not chasing Raworth and Turnbull?

      Luv ya La XXXXXXXXXXXX

      Like you as well Leakies Little Helper X

  2. Update…

    The Wirral Globe, the Liverpool Echo, the Reading Chronicle and GetReading, fine news outlets one and all, have chosen NOT to make public the stunning Lord Leaky revelation recently that Maura Noone is now Interim Head of Adult Social Care at Reading Council.

    So if anything bad happens like hundreds of thousands of quid going missing from disabled people’s bank accounts, or gangster care companies get council-accredited or vulnerable persons are evicted or bogus bank accounts are set up in innocent people’s names or if persons are raped or if anyone dies, those affected won’t have seen it coming because four sets of failed journalists did not do their jobs.

    There was a similar eerie silence that descended around here last year when Councillor Foulkes’ wife was allegedly caught being allegedly racist and violent on holiday in Sorrento.

    Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

    • Paul:
      It makes one realise that there are few, if any, investigative Editors or journalists in our provincial newspapers.
      As with the Wirral Globe and Liverpool Echo it is easier to fill their pages with council press handouts, imaginative artist`s impressions of vast projects that will never be completed and other such anodyne matters.

      No doubt many rely for their existence on council advertising and goodwill to fill their pages.
      The two Reading publications should be spreading the Noone appointment across the front pages so that their residents know what an incompetent and venal senior member of staff they are now subsidising.

      At least the York Press did not hold back on the Halliday scandal; not that it had any effect as he has sucked at the teat of the Wirral council tax payers with huge financial profit.

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