Green Gauge Summer

Green Siege 003

Another week , another front page shock horror probe about the Green Belt courtesy of Wirral Globe.

Following on from Wirral Council’s CEO Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson coming out from under his desk at Wallasey Town Hall to make a special guest appearance and announce his deep and heartfelt concern about Wirral’s green and pleasant land we now have a ‘leaked document’ which has been sent to the Wirral View , sorry , we mean Wirral Globe.

This ‘leaked document’ – yeah right ! -‘leaked’ from Wallasey Town Hall HQ  with full approval of council leaders and their lackeys by the looks of it- apparently tells us that :

A MAJOR assault will be launched on Wirral’s precious Green Belt land, the Globe can reveal.

In a leaked document seen by this newspaper, acres of protected space have been earmarked to be sold-off to developers in order for the council to meet Government-set housing targets.

The controversial proposals, which target 14 wards across the peninsula, “will fundamentally change the nature of our community.” Full story here : Leaked Document

Note how  councillors Phillip ‘Brightboy’ Brightmore and Angela Davies don’t seem particularly bothered that the document has been leaked with the former commenting that : “Residents will be rightly outraged at these proposals……”

No sorry to have to tell you  Phil , sweetheart , but what residents are pissed off about is being subject to the cynical media manipulation that’s going on here.

Is anyone taken in by this carefully orchestrated bullshit? Shall we gauge this summer by the amount of bogus stories about the alleged threat to Wirral’s Green Belt that clearly emanate from the power elite within Wallasey Town Hall?

Oh and can anyone identify where the Hoylake Golf Resort proposal is on the ‘Green Belt threat map’ – or is that not considered a threat? And if not why not?…


4 thoughts on “Green Gauge Summer

  1. G’day Leaky’s Helper

    Lets look at this logically.

    The plan must be from darn south who at wirral could draw a map?

    Especially now Clowncillor “Emergency WARD 10 year old” has left the shithouse.

    Let alone build something successfully?

    For example if it was Davies it would just be a map of Hoylake/West Kirby and a super duper golf resort.

    If Foulkes did it it would be up the North End with aboxing ring bigger than his.

    If Jones did it it would be Brighton Street were he spends most of his time sleeping through meetings and counting his/her £60,000.00 plus allowances and he would get her to colour it in with the blood of his mates.



    Sarth runs em la and they fake disgust.

    Luvin yer more boy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • Big ‘thumbs up’ to James + a haha

      Yea I prefer to write those words than use one of those internet things… further haha

  2. My first impression was that it had been “leaked” to the Wirral Globe by the conniving, incompetents who rule us from Wallasey Town Hall.
    The clarity of the published map is so poor that it is difficult to pin point any particular areas but I have no doubt that it encompasses huge swathes of precious green belt.
    Is it a cynical attempt to smuggle in the Hoylake Gold Course project under the suggestion that a little bit more of the green belt does not matter in the whole plan to devastate many parts of the peninsular?

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