Swing into Summer


You know it’s the ‘Silly Season’ when the weather breaks just in time for the school summer holidays and the national papers are full of cheap titillation and shaggy dog stories.

However it’s nice to see a story with a Wirral connection reaching the nationals. Let’s face it it makes a change from Frank Field writing for The S*n. This particular story has been picked up by the Daily Mirror from the Liverpool Echo and concerns a swingers club in Birkenhead known as the Townhouse , replete with a sex dungeon ,puppy cages ( no ,us neither – but we can imagine) ,swings , spanking benches and fetter’s wheel (again – a new one on us). Read fully story here : Inside the unassuming swingers club…

Wirral Council must be so pleased that their potential twin town arrangements with American sin city Reno are going well with lap dancing club Peachez defying attempts to close it down and this classy joint , er , springing up.

Owners Vicky and Jim described their clientele to Echo reporter Emilia Bona (!) ,yes you read that right ‘Bona’,- as follows :

We get solicitors,teachers,police,healthcare professionals…

Presumably solicitors bring their kinky briefs , teachers bring uniforms and canes , police bring handcuffs and truncheons and healthcare professionals bring condoms and STI test kits – and ladies and gentleman it’s time to schwing!.

There’s no mention of councillors or council officers being clients ,although the Townhouse seems just the place for a certain councillor we know to dance the night away . We wonder what former council officers of ill repute would make of the place ? – but then they preferred their shag-pads to be a bit more upmarket. West Kirby pop ups during the Open and that award winning hotel out in Thornton Hough – and all the better if Wirral Council taxpayers were paying for it!

This is not the first time the Townhouse has made the nationals . There was also a story in The S*n  earlier this year with the headline : TWO VIRGINS ROCK UP TO ORGY Virgin Media repair men turn up to fix broadband but interrupt swingers club’s Grand National -themed orgy , which needless to say we won’t be providing a link.

However it looks like Wirral is finally on the map and in the public consciousness at last  ! But please be warned don’t Google ‘Wirral -spit roast’ expecting to find recommendations for hearty dinners to be had on the pervy peninsula!

Swing into summer

1 thought on “Swing into Summer

  1. What an opportunity for Wirral View.
    A full page advert for The Townhouse.
    That should bring in a couple of bob to offset the £235,000 annual cost.
    At least it would jazz up a torpid publication.

    What about if it was sponsored by Wirral Chamber of Commerce and Wirral Council Tourism Department?
    Free membership of course for the senior staff in both organisations.

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