Brexit Quiz

Labour leaver 001

A special Wirral Leaks Brexit quiz to keep you all amused/bemused for two seconds.

Can you guess which one of our 4 Wirral MPs sided with the government on a crucial Brexit bill?

Find out here :

Who are the Labour leavers who just bailed out Theresa May?

There are no prizes for guessing…




2 thoughts on “Brexit Quiz

  1. G’day Leaky Helper

    Little Matty Patty there is no hope for as I have seen him in the cheap cider club coseying up to his mentor the vile little revolting welsh egit and lying scumbag Jones.

    So I would give credit to “Cllr Emergency WARD 10 year old” for not wanting anything to do with “Philly “FUCKING” Liar and his cabal.

    It is all very well for the welsh half wit, half pint (of cheap cider) to tell “Highbrow” when confronted about his lies and obfuscation that “you wouldn’t understand boyo”.

    The boy does understand and the fact that politicians lie doesn’t make it right.

    Decent people don’t lie or support lies so I hope the 65 of the day rot in fuckin BirkenBloodyHell.

    Not leafy west kirby, caldy, hoylake.



    Glad you’ve woken up “Little Matty Patty” Little Matty Patty is destined for a life of bullying people like me with the support of your shitbag mates….. GOOD LUCK not.

    I am so angry Helpie thanks for listening XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    “PHILLY “FUCKING” LIAR OUT OF Tranmereidre.

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