Un-Peeling the Truth

Even More Homes 001
Congratulations to Wirral Globe who’ve followed up the past two weeks’ bogus front page stories about the Green Belt to a bullshit story about brownfield sites.

This one is headlined ‘Even More New Homes Are Due’ and we are treated to a picture Cllr ‘Gorgeous ‘ George Davies. Joy was further unconfined to find that the lead letter in the Globe’s Mailbox was also credited to Wirral Council’s Cabinet member for housing. Although no doubt there will be a Wirral Council officer somewhere who actually penned the letter, proudly showing their partner (or more probably their mother) and saying : ” I wrote that!”  Bullshit peddling – what a way to earn a living!

Anyway we know it can’t have been written by Davies as the letter is titled : ‘ Truth behind our Local Plan’ and as we all know this casual racist and smear campaign organiser isn’t even on nodding terms, let alone being acquainted with the  ‘truth’.

In the letter Cllr Davies tries to take on ‘The Prof’ and refute the claims made in the latter’s correspondence  (which we believe was the last to be printed in last week’s Globe and not given the prominence that Davies’ response gets) . We’d already previously published Professor Gregg’s letter here –  Summer Shorts : The Heat is On 2 – Quo Bono?

Let’s face it it was never going to be a meeting of minds was it?  Especially when ,unlike a supermarket trolley,  Cllr Davies doesn’t even have a mind of his own.

Nevertheless,seemingly displaying some rare insight that challenging ‘The Prof’ on facts is a dangerous game to play Davies resorts to the time-honoured tactic of ‘ner,ner,ner,ner,ner’ and tells him (and Globe readers) :

What the seemingly well-informed Prof Gregg doesn’t know is that since the earlier exchange of letters, Wirral Water’s owners Peel Group have been in touch with the Government directly , and to Wirral Council’s surprise and frustration ,have informed the new secretary of state they only intend to build 2,700 new homes at Wirral Waters over 15-year lifetime of the Local Plan

Surely anyone who reads Wirral Leaks must know that the Peel Group have been taking the piss (and public money and public property) for years. The contempt with which they hold Wirral Council (and us) is there for all to see. The thing is the former deserve it – we don’t!

Surprisingly it was left to Wirral South MP Alison McGovern to criticise Peel Group for “insufficient progress” in the press. Whither Frank Field and Angela Eagle now ? – especially the former who has consistently wet his knickers talking about all the wonderful things that are just about to happen in his Birkenhead constituency “tomorrow…next week… a month later… maybe next year… we need a five year action plan… these things take time…perhaps another 37 years ? …….meanwhile I’ve just conned money out of Wirral Council to open another foodbank. Hurrah for me, me ME!”

However what you won’t read on the front page of Wirral Globe or Wirral View (can anyone tell the difference these days?) is news from a ‘Wallasey Town Hall insider’ detailing some interesting developments involving a recent Wirral Council appointment and their intimate connection to……Peel Group.

We’ll be un-Peeling that forbidden fruit tomorrow…

7 thoughts on “Un-Peeling the Truth

  1. Dear Lord Julian, Who would want to live in the SH**HOLE of the disused dock system with through traffic day and through the port, I know I would’nt in a million years. I would not give peel holdings the satisfaction of ratepayers/developers money going to their tax haven in the Isle of Man and line the Directors pockets. I would rather see other brownfield sites & some selected greenfield rather in a peel slum. I chose where I wanted to live in leafy Upton so why not give people a better choice which they deserve.

    • G’day Jonathan

      Nice to hear you typing away at the expense of wirral’s evil cabal.

      Trust you are keeping well.

      That is exactly my boy why I named it Kev and Srella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters.



      They will be all down the Chamber Potty Orifice divvying up the lucre over the tenders.


      I bet Mr scum bag Call Centre will be in the equation somehow.

  2. Oh Leaky Help

    They are told how many houses are to be built and then you will find all the cheating lying bullying MEN sniffing around for payola and kick backs for fixing the tenders.


    You never seem to see any decent politicians around housing.

    Isn’t that where AdderleyDadderleyDooLally’s sparring partner and sharer of the spoils of wirral Burgess went?



    You don’t have to be racist and whistle at women but it might help hey “Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell”?

    When’s he back Helpie? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. Nothing at all to do with the current subject matter from the estimable Wirral Leaks but yet another story of the Local Government gravy train.
    I keep in touch with my homeland being Welsh by birth, language and culture.
    The C.E.O. of Powys Council has been on sick leave for over a year immediately following a damning report into the Council`s Child Services (Does that sound familiar?)
    It has been announced that he will leave the Council in September, still on sick leave, with a pay-off of £189,000. (Does that also sound familiar?)

    No doubt soon to re-appear in another highly paid local government post.
    Any potential vacancies here that Wirral Leaks knows of?

    I suppose whilst that pay-off is obscene. it is just a few bob more than the reported annual salary of a Wirral Council consultant, one Stewart Halliday

    • G’day Chasles

      welsh, health, scandal, sculdugary, is her name Jones?

      Trust you are well Chucks I would luv to read you a bit more often especially about your Hallidays, Wirralgate, Wirral “Funny” Bizz, dodgy tenders as they count on us forgetting and giving up.



      Not till the day I die or they properly apologise and publicly about their lies, criminality and obfuscations over Wirral “Funny” Bizz and their £2,000,000.00 knock off.

      They may have satisfied Whistle Blower 2 “Highbrow” paying his £7,000.00 + legal fees (maybe not) but as Whistle Blower 1 they have done or said fuck all.

      Chasley X

  4. Important Message to wirral Leaky Help

    Just change who you vote for everyone in wirral.

    If you look at the big contracts/portfolios you will find the biggest fattiest greediest clowncillors.

    Look at Housing and Miserytravel and it tells the whole story.



    Luving you La XXXXXX

    Hope you have another job to go to and not just dumped like us Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off whistleblowers.

    Concidently Wirral “Funny” Bizz was dodgy if not criminal tender fixing.

  5. Leaky Help

    I rest my case.

    From today’s copy of their ex-rubbish propaganda sheet

    Controversial litter firm Kingdom issued stern warning by Wirral councillors



    Who I wonder my Leaksville Lackey is in charge of that tender.

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