Peel, Pillow Talk and Forked Tongues

As a follow up to yesterday’s Peel group story and as promised we bring you news of a significant appointment at Wirral Council which has surprisingly gone unheralded.

So ladies and gentleman we proudly present to you , Brian Bailey , who from last month has been Wirral Council’s Corporate Director for Economic and Housing Growth  Brian Bailey 015

As you can see he has a very familiar profile to the unlamented former Wirral Council CEO Graham Burgess. Indeed they would have worked together at Blackburn with Darwen Council as Bailey was there between 2001-18 .

We can only surmise his former CEO and mentor at Blackburn with Darwen Council must have given him some sage advice. Something along the lines of : ” Fill yer boots. Just don’t get too big for’em or Frank’ll have you out in a flash”

So how was Bailey’s appointment greeted by long suffering staff at Wallasey Town Hall? This is typical of the correspondence received by Wirral Leaks but is particularly interesting in the light of recent press coverage as it reveals a significant connection to Peel Group:

Hello —

See attached the Google search for Delyse Bailey, the wife of Wirral Council’s new regen and economic chief Brian Bailey. Weirdly (or not so weirdly) the LinkedIn profile in question has now been deleted. The council has deals with Peel — and the new guy in charge of the councils relationship will be liaising directly with his wife! It comes at a time when MPs in the borough are launching scathing attacks on Peel for land banking (see Angela Eagle article published on the Globe online). Councillors like Angie Davies have also waded in.
Was Brian’s appointment a Conflict of Interest? Was due diligence even done for this £120k plus role? It stinks. We lower-ranking officers are sick of the incompetency at the top, it emanates from Eric Robinson.
Question surely is what’s going on at an officer level in Wallasey Town Hall? Incompetency, incompetency, incompetency.
This info needs to come out.
Wallasey Town Hall insider
IMG_0048 (1)
We just wonder whether Brian and Delyse might have had a little chinwag over the breakfast table or indulged in some pillow talk about Peel Group’s plans for Wirral Waters which somehow didn’t filter their way through to the leader of Wirral Council, Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies?
Meanwhile current Wirral CEO Eric Robinson is given a platform at a conference held in Manchester to spout the usual bollocks about Wirral Council’s Local Plan ( i.e. they don’t have one and haven’t had one for years):

Wirral’s Local Plan

Wirral Council chief executive Robinson opened the event with a presentation outlining the upcoming opportunities in the borough as it looks to put in place its Local Plan.

  • Wirral is one of three authorities in the country that does not have a Local Plan, but is now proposing a major review of green belt land, which will see the proportion of green belt in the borough drop from 46% to 32%
  • The “big thing” for the plan was to transform Birkenhead, with a “fantastic opportunity” in place to reverse the decline that has impacted the area for nearly 50 years
  • He said the area needed a “younger, more vibrant offer” particularly around Hamilton Square, with options around Birkenhead including a new civic centre, leisure centre, offices, and residential, as part of the Wirral Growth Company’s plans being delivered in partnership with Muse
  • Reflecting on the area’s relationship with Liverpool, Robinson said: “Birkenhead should be Brooklyn, not another Manhattan”
  • However, Robinson said the Local Plan would look to adopt a “brownfield-first” approach to development, and would look to benefit “the whole of Wirral”
  • The chief executive, who has been in post since 2015, said the council had become “much more commercial and business-like in its approach” following changes at the top, and had taken steps to improve skills within the council including doubling its planning team

Full story here : Meet the Authorities: Public-Private Partnerships

Whilst it was bizarrely reassuring to find that Eric Feeble finally acknowledged that Birkenhead had been in decline for half a century we have a horrible vision of him, Bailey and growing horde of ‘transformers’ and ‘planners’ in t-shirts emblazoned with the message :


13 thoughts on “Peel, Pillow Talk and Forked Tongues

  1. In this speech, Eric Robinson also stated that “meanwhile uses” will be allowed in and around Hamilton Square. This usually means turning a blind eye to harmful development that would not normally have any hope of receiving planning permission if the normal processes were followed. This statement will immediately embolden anyone who wants to make a fast fortune while at the same time inflicting chaos and misery on local residents and undermining existing businesses that play by the rules and are already struggling to keep afloat. It seems to make no sense for the council either because these meanwhile uses typically come and go before anyone in a lumbering bureaucracy realises and it will be almost impossible for the council to collect any revenue from them.

  2. Shanghai, Brooklyn, Dubai – anywhere other than Birkenhead!

    If our Council’s becoming more commercial, it’s high time that it offered some proof by promoting something other than the dreams of international recognition being promised by each and every tom, dick & harry who it’s daft to enough to entertain or be entertained by.

    Funnily enough, the resulting “quick and run” approach to profit makes us look more more like Blackpool but with t-shirts instead of hats – an otherwise totally unsaleable thought but, who knows, Wirral might be desperate enough so … I’ll draft up a half page executive plan and make some calls to test the (Wirral) water!

    The TD&H Corporation
    New York, Bejing, Moscow and the Moon

  3. So it appears nothing’s changed at Wirral despite getting rid of all the super directors. Eric looks as exciting as a dog turd! He always looks sweaty. He wouldn’t inspire you would he? I thought the Manhattan comment was a joke until I clicked on the link! Is that the best he’s got ffs.

    I feel the pain of the junior staff, especially those who are afraid to speak up or move jobs. I never realised how abnormal Wirral was until I moved on. Now I don’t have that sickening feeling on a Sunday evening and my whole life has changed for the better.

    The junior officers and staff deserve better but don’t think Wirral will be changing for the better any time soon!

    • G’day Stevo

      Great to hear you speak up I wish you had earlier but I understand I only met Adderley and Basnett for a couple of hours and they fucked my life right up.

      Wirral “Funny” Bizz wirrall bc most stupid bandits and they got £2,000,000.00.



      Good job there is karma and when it smacks those two in the teeth I hope there is a clear Wirral “Funny” Bizz message to them.

      • I have spoken up in the past and also did during my time there. That’s why I ended up moving on. It was impossible to continue. Pity really as I was proud as punch when I first got my job as serving the public was an honour. Unfortunately, things changed when certain senior officers came in and the job was never the same. Seems it still hasn’t!

  4. I am so pleased to find this site. Well Bailey is a right bully and I know cos I worked for him at Blackburn. Word was he was going but found a job before he got the push from here. everyone was pleased to see the back of him. He did nothing but attend meetings and It was a standing joke that he didn’t do detail and that’s cos he did shit all. shame for you guys. £120k I can’t believe it.

  5. There is an incestuous relationship (of a political nature) between senior staff of many local authorities and, it seems, particularly in the North West.
    Incompetents from one council are readily found well paid posts in another. When their inadequacies are discovered they move on seamlessly into another local authority inevitably with a pay-off.
    The appointment of Mr.Bailey as the new Economic and Housing Tsar may seem innocuous but, when it is revealed that his wife has a senior role in Wirral`s largest private landowner ,one can only wonder what due diligence, if any, was done by Wirral Council before his appointment?

  6. I am just glad these numpties don’t have the treasure chest they had of old. Their waste accumulated over even just ten years has led, as the Prof writes, to the financial mess they foist upon us.
    Forget not the rent arrears hidden then written off, the pay offs, the unmerited salaries, the cost of investigations of below par councillors, the contracts not properly monitored with resulting rip offs…no, the less money they have the closer the scrutiny
    Long may local government austerity reign in Wirral

  7. What we have here is a double bluff. A cover up and a fait a complete.


    Let us all cover up the Stella (I have not got a pot to pee in) shu debacle. With, we have no other option but to rob the people of their green belt and it is all the fault of Peel.

    Maybe we should all look a the Chinese investment that is taking place in Manchester and Liverpool and ask the question. Why have they lost faith in Wirral.

    The cover up: Wirral council officers carried out no due dilligence with regard to Stella and her billions, resulting in the collapse of the International trade centre. Peel trusting WMBC as a partner withdew from the process.

    WMBC, now in the deep doodoo came up with an alternative plan to entertain Stella potless with a plan to put the trade centre in Bromborough. Another failure.

    Bye bye Stella.

    By this time Chinese money is in Manchester Airport and Liverpool instead. I know the Chinese they have little patiance, especially where money is involved.


    Peel cannot deliver 13000 homes on a brownfield site, (which they could accomadate, in reality, if it paid the bills, but not with this council). It is therefore their fault we have to build a golf course in Hoylake and rob the public of their, Parks, Gardens and green spaces, because it is not the Councils fault.

    We have no other choice. We have to reduce green space from 46% to 32%, Thats not to bad is it?

    Not until you realise that means we will loose 30 % of our green space.

    I am going to bed right now so please sleep tight with those thoughts on your mind.



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