Stressed Eric’s Vision : A Big Yellow Taxi Driving All Over The Green Belt


We’ll leave the final words on putative plans to ‘pave paradise and put up a parking lot’ and proudly preview  ‘The Prof”s perfect riposte to the Cllr George Davies letter published in this week’s Wirral Globe . Let’s hope ‘The Prof’ gets equal prominence in next week’s publication.


George Davies’ Globe letter in response to mine demonstrates finally the degree to which Wirral residents have been let down by this council…and previous councils. The 20,620 sites with planning permission for building clearly EXPLICIT in Phil Davies letter to the Housing Minister in 31.01.18 were a mirage. The list of villains is increasing! First we had the ‘wicked government’ referred to by George Davies attacking our Green Belt and now the ‘wicked’  Peel Group who, to the ‘surprise and frustration’ of the council, have pointed out to the government that actually they only ever intended to build on 2,700 of the 13,521 sites under their control with planning permission. Have our naive council been stitched up by the developers or is somebody lying? Either way, Wirral residents are being poorly served. In his final thrust George Davies yet again conflates the issue of the council’s LEGAL, statutory duty to produce a Local Plan (some 18 year late) with the Green Belt issue. I repeat : we are being softened up for some hard decisions forced upon residents by decades of council incompetence and neglect. I have written and circulated an independent analysis of Green Belt sites in my own neighbourhood using the criteria defined by the council itself and and I urge local action groups to do the same in their areas and lobby local councillors as we are doing. A copy of my analyses has been sent to the Wirral Council Heritage Officer for the record. I would be happy to supply copies to any Green Belt activist groups via the Globe.

Professor D P Gregg (retired)

With all this all talk of housing developments and artist’s impressions and threats to the Green Belt going on and with Wirral Council’s CEO Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson ‘s soon to be legendary comment that ‘Birkenhead Should Be Brooklyn, Not Another Manhattan’ ringing in our ears we’re minded once again to recall the lyrics to the song
‘Big Yellow Taxi’:

They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot
With a pink hotel, a boutique ( Hoylake Golf Resort?)
and a swinging hot spot ( The Townhouse ?)
Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you’ve got

Till it’s gone
They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot
They took all the trees
And put them in a tree museum ( finally a use for Birkenhead Town Hall?)
And they charged the people
A dollar and a half just to see ’em (a new income stream for the cash strapped council?)


8 thoughts on “Stressed Eric’s Vision : A Big Yellow Taxi Driving All Over The Green Belt

  1. Happy Birthday or unhappy birthday today for the sacked New Brighton Lifeboat crew. (Yep it has been 2 years)
    They have got a Facebook thing called ‘The truth about New Brighton Lifeboat.’ It’s a good/bad read.

    New Brighton Cllr Tony Jones (who is Chairman of the Lifeboat) is up to his fat fucking belly and steaming glasses in the whole sorry saga.

    What? (I can hear the Aussie say) Is inty learning to speak proper!!!)

    Come on sacked crew give us a full speculative account of our local Cllr Bones involvement… you know you want to…

    2 years… time to stick the boot in…

    • Interested:
      Being a long time supporter of the brave volunteers of the R.N.L.I. I was seriously considering stopping my monthly direct debit after the fiascoes at New Brighton and Whitby.
      However that would achieve little other than deprive the volunteers of a modest contribution which, together with tens of thousands of other supporters, fund their rescues.
      However, I was very annoyed to see that RNLI H.Q. are advertising for a “Safeguarding Officer” at a salary of £42k.
      I very much doubt the appointee will be interested in safeguarding the crews but more likely that he/she will be sniffing around the lifeboat stations to ensure no naughty calendars or mugs are on display and that all crew members are fully abreast of the current politically correct dogmas.

  2. I am not too concerned.
    These minor problems can be ironed out over the morning cornflakes in the Bailey household.
    He of course being our new Economic and Housing Tsar and his lady wife a senior member of the Peel Empire who own huge swathes of land on the Wirral.
    No doubt both the Wirral Globe and Wirral View will be headlining the good fortune of the Council Tax payers in having the marital couple on side.
    Drinks all round at Wallasey Town Hall for this coup!
    Perhaps even a bonus for the Council`s H.R. team for an outstanding piece of recruitment.
    Onward and upwards to the sunlit pastures under the benevolent leadership of our beloved Council Leader and the wise, all seeing, direction of the C.E.O.

  3. G’day Lads

    Good to see my favourite correspondents up early this Saturday “Inty” and Chukkers.


    I suppose all the fucking hard head politicians from wirral, Davies, Foulkes, Davies et al will start getting to their football clubs that give them free tickets to meet with the developers also there with free tickets.

    They will all roll over and get their big fat overfed guts tickled.

    Then in no time the rip offs sad excuse for houses will pop up like mushrooms all over the green people of wirral’s green belt.



    Why don’t the lady clowncillors not speak up?

    Err far too stupid aren’t they Georgie Porgie?


  4. It looks like Liptrot or some blue sky thinker has had a brainwave.

    A new venture called “Wirral Together”.

    We will not be suing. But the similarities are not lost on us and we WILL be striving to disassociate ourselves in ongoing attempts to protect our hard-won reputation. Starting with this…

  5. Good Morning Mr Helpy,

    Yes that’s right I don’t know how to do a link to other sites/things (that’s why I suggested that anyone interested could type in the words ‘The truth about New Brighton Lifeboat’ and the the Facebook public group will come up and they can read all the gen…

    Now Mr Helpy, I have got another suggestion.. I have just been on ‘Wirral in it Together’ blog……ah ahaha ha ha haha ha haha ha….

    Yea type in those words…

    More hahaha ha hahaha ha…

    (Mr C. you are a card.)

    You couldn’t make it up….

  6. G’day “Inty” Paul and Helpie

    Sunday evening and “Philly “FUCKING” Liar will be back from playing golf with the developers that are about to screw him and “us” over.

    He might have brought some back for a barbie with all his conservative and peel mates.

    “The ex Dunny Chain Wearer will darn the north end with his missus model 2 or is it 3 now he might have found 2 2 racist for his career progression.

    They”l just be avi maccas.



    And the little fat welsh pig will be quaffing his favourite cheap cider where the buffaloes roam and do funny things with each other.

    Luv ya las’


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