Dreamers awake ! – Frank Field defeated


Following our closing comments on our   Exclusive : Will Frank Field have the Labour Whip withdrawn? story we  have never been so pleased to be proved wrong as last night the Birkenhead Constituency Labour Party voted 59-13 (with 2 abstentions!) to pass the motion to remove the Labour Whip from Birkenhead MP Frank Field.

Although we have always maintained that the soul of the local Labour Party could only be saved by local members throwing off their shackles and challenging the corrupt cabal that has brought the reputation of the local Labour group so low we never thought we’d see the day.

However it would seem that day has dawned as we woke up to the news of Field’s momentous defeat and so it would appear that Birkenhead CLP are also ,in the modern parlance , woke.

There will be some very nervous Field acolytes in the wake of this astonishing defeat.They will be in the bunker plotting and scheming and planning their escape routes. However they must know the allies are closing in … #Wirralgate.

Dreamers awake



14 thoughts on “Dreamers awake ! – Frank Field defeated

  1. Delighted, should happen in many more places “Pick a New Face” bring party politics back into the hands of the electorate, good for the electorate not the Politicos, good for the population as a whole not for the elite parasites.

  2. I am sure my Lordship will have mixed feelings on all this… because as sure as night follows day; we will soon be having a Lord Field.

    Because that’s how all this shit works.

  3. Let’s see if we can guess some of the – unlucky for some – 13 possible naysayers…

    ◾Alleged racist Councillor George Davies
    ◾Alleged former leader & Mayor Steve Foulkes
    ◾Matron, alleged Councillor Moira McLaughlin
    ◾Liar, alleged Council Leader Phil Davies
    ◾Alleged Councillor Brian Kenny
    ◾Alleged Councillor Jean Stapleton
    ◾Alleged Councillor Liz Grey
    ◾Alleged Councillor Julie McManus
    ◾Alleged Councillor Bill Davies
    ◾Alleged Councillor Chris Meaden
    ◾Alleged Councillor Paul Doughty
    ◾Alleged Councillor Gillian Wood
    ◾Alleged Councillor Tony Norbury
    ◾Alleged Councillor Angela Davies

  4. Imagine if now wirralgate could be aired with transparency… how many would go down .. including the vile corrupt lying scumbag senior aofficers that have helped to conceal it .. the knock on effect of this tape and it’s hiding has cost the Wirral taxpayer hundreds of thousands all to keep frank field “clean” .. he and all that hang off this B lister sicken me .. you’ve done so much damage

  5. Oh Leakie

    I know you are reading me wherever you be.

    Look your work is paying off in spades.

    You are my life long hero.

    You are it.



    Come back soon Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Its all down to you.

    These cheating lying scum bags will forever regret not paying you (and me) off.

    Let the likes of “Philly “FUCKING” Liar, Davies, Jones, Jones, Foulkes, Doughty, Williamson go and rot in Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters along with Tour, Wilkinson and Norman.

  6. Some dodgy people really *admire* Frank.
    I won’t list them as you’ll only vomit.

  7. Party democracy.. MR Field has openly expressed his independence of his constituents views. For nearly 40 years he has enjoyed the umbrella of the Labour Party.. Now he will face the electorate as an independent or take his parliamentary pension.
    I don’t vote Labour but I won’t have it that it is a party within a party that insidiously has penetrated the Labour machinery. It is Democracy. The rule of the people which Frank disdains

    • A likely peerage at £300 per day.
      Regular snifters at any of the 15 subsidised watering holes on site.
      A £60,000 per annum gold-embossed pension at minimum.
      Perhaps a seat on the Privy Council as a thank you for upholding Tory austerity?
      These should all keep Lord Field of Bidston in our thoughts, and in fine fettle, snoozing, propped up on the red benches for years to come.
      The public Gravy Train only truly draws into the sidings when these ***** turn their toes up.

  8. High time for changes all round “Pick a New Face” is a breath of fresh air to remove the foul stench of deep corruption that emanates from Wallasey Town Hall, despite the gallons of Whitewash that have blanketed this administration for the past decade or more.

    • Yooha Hughie

      Spread the word loud and long and hard.

      These people as you know are not clever, not special in fact they turn into crud and dross showing everyone one they have a bigger one.



      Please write again soon Hugo and get your mates to write in any old shit it is a lot of fun and these wombats like Davies Davies Jones Jones Williamson Foulkes are such no name, no body’s, it is fun.

      SWALK X

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