Further News from Frank Field’s Birkenhead Bunker

field-s_n-clp (1)

Pic courtesy of The Skawkbox

Inevitably Wirral Globe publish an article providing Birkenhead MP Frank Field the usual platform for an apologia after Friday night’s Birkenhead CLP vote of no confidence bombshell.

Most of the whining to be found in the press release was retread of Frankenfield’s statements made over the weekend concerning his position on Brexit. By far the most interesting snippet as far as we’re concerned was this :

“This is an absurd suggestion that is being used as an excuse by certain people in the Birkenhead Constituency Labour Party who are fixated on the idea of trying to get rid of me.They would have found some other excuse, had it not been this topic, as they’re already lining up their alternative candidate.

Read press release here

Whilst Frankenfield is absolutely right about this ,as ever he thinks his voting stance on Brexit is somehow ethically and morally superior to that of Birkenhead CLP members who want rid of him. He want’s rid of the EU , the CLP want rid of him . It’s called democracy, Frank . Your local autocracy  is over .We’re just intrigued who Birkenhead CLP have got lined up to replace him. However we think it’s safe to assume it’s not Cllr Matthew ‘seems like such a nice boy’ Patrick .

For a greater insight into what went on at Friday’s meeting we have to turn to  ‘new left media’ website The Skwawkbox . Here we discovered the fact that ,as predicted, Frankenfield did not turn up to the above Birkenhead CLP meeting and is apparently refusing to to do until he receives an apology for his photograph being taken at a previous meeting. Read full story here  Field boycotts CLP in strop over photo. CLP demands apology for S*n column.

Courtesy  of The Skawkbox we publish the offending photo above. For someone who likes his photo taken we’re surprised Frankenfield objected (and he’s wearing his favourite gingham shirt too!)  But then his left side isn’t his best is it ?

The next instalment of this saga will be if the national Labour Party back their members with their stance on Field and judging by his comments this evening on BBC North West Tonight it seems to us that Field is dropping the hint about a threat he made in 2015  to stand as an Independent in the Birkenhead constituency should he be deselected…watch here at about 11 mins :


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