The Wirral Chamber of Commerce Comedy Show


When it comes to Wirral Chamber of Commerce we’re waiting for someone to let us in on the joke… or tell us what they actually achieve other than holding awards ceremonies, acquiring public buildings and the relentless self promoting.

The Chamber of Horrors are, of course, better known as ‘Nepotism Central’ – the leading repository for Wirral Council rejects . CEO Paula Basnett has found more positions for ex-public servants than she has for her own family and friends – and that’s really saying something!

However we at least owe them for the endless comedic opportunities they provide us. They are truly beyond parody. A case in point and a cause of much hilarity for some of our readers was this press release on their website titled :

Woodside Ferry Village Set To Turn Wirral Waterfront Into Major Visitor Attraction

Woodside Ferry Village? – huh? Yeah, you know that well known cultural and historical landmark. And it gets better :

Located in the heart of Birkenhead’s waterfront, the food concept venue will take residence within the terminal, inspired by the success and rising trend for food-markets in a number of cosmopolitan locations, which includes Lisbon, Barcelona, Brixton, Liverpool, London and Altrincham.

Food concept venue??  What’s one of those when its at home? A foodbank with falafels and ‘artisan’ bread? And since when has been Altrincham been a ‘cosmopolitan location’? Has Man Utd’s latest signing moved in?

And on it goes :

The Woodside Ferry Village project, which is looking to open for business during Autumn 2018, is already gaining support from leading figures in Wirral, including Head of Business Improvement District (BID), Gemma Nichols who said: “This project is both exciting and adventurous…”

Apparently Gemma Nichols is one of the leading figures in Wirral – who knew??? Well if Woodside Ferry Village has Gemma’s support it’s bound to be the gastronomic centre of the universe. A leading figure in Wirral ? what an accolade for cashing the cheque each month for heading up another hapless and misconceived Chamber ‘initiative’ under the BID banner.

However no joke is complete without a punchline and who better to provide that than Wirral Council ‘leader’ Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies , who must have a hotline bling to Basnett’s Swarovski crystal-encrusted phone (she looks the type doesn’t she?) asking for favours (and not just about off- loading Wirral Council waste) .

“We have exciting plans coming forward from Wirral Growth Company to redevelop Birkenhead and to create a real destination here on our Mersey waterfront. It is important to make people ‘think again’ about Birkenhead and initiatives and temporary attractions like Woodside Ferry Village will help attract curious visitors and residents from across Liverpool City Region and beyond to come and see what is going on in Birkenhead.”

Curious visitors…to come and see what is going on in Birkenhead???? Presumably those who always wanted to be an extra in a zombie movie!

However the Chamber’s latest appointment is truly inspirational. Via the medium of a selfie (what else?) we see ex Wirral councillor Warren Ward introducing himself and asking you to book a 1:1 with a member.

So now Ward will be imparting his wisdom of being a ‘Decision Maker’ in the Civil Service to advise people on how to start up their own business. So where exactly was this gig advertised? In the window of one of the few businesses still open in New Ferry?

However cyncism aside we accept that Ward must’ve been the only man for the job  – after all he’s worked his way up from the bottom…











13 thoughts on “The Wirral Chamber of Commerce Comedy Show

  1. The existing café at Woodside Ferry Terminal has been told that its lease will not be renewed. Why does the Chamber of Commerce and the council consistently refuse to work in partnership with existing businesses? Instead, it seems intent on promoting schemes and initiatives with no financial track record and/or of a temporary nature? By treating existing businesses as unwelcome competition, the Chamber of Commerce is, if this is not a mixed metaphor in the case of food-related businesses, biting the hand that feeds it through payment of the BID levy. I can’t see any good reason why the long-suffering and hard-working small businesses of Birkenhead would want to give the BID another 5 years of tenure.

  2. Is it me or did I mishear that the footfall at the ferry terminal was dropping because of the 400 services offered by Merseytravel through both tunnels. I will give it 12 months before it turns into another white elephant . It seems that every the council touches turns to dust.

  3. We have a special visitor in November. The UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights.

  4. G’day Lordie Help

    Oh it all brings back the nightmares at Wirral “Funny” Bizz were there were kids like Ex Clowncillor Emergency WARD 10 year old giving away thousands and thousands of your hard earned to non businesses just like The Spotty “Red” Teapot.

    How many grants were they given with Basnett’s family to fail miserably at the hands of Basnett and Bradbury.

    There should be a law about clowncils, Wirral particularly, giving away money to waste of time start ups.



    No wonder BirkenBloodyHell has been going backwards for years and the sooner Philly gets Frankie down in his bunker the better.


  5. Six years and some since wirral biz closed its isus program, or rather had it closed upon it.

    Interviews at £110 per hour from advisors no more savvy than their listeners, the prospective start ups. All waved through, no questions asked, by Wirral Council employees, the very types employed by wirral chamber of commerce.

    I sincerely hope no govt agency has provided money to run this scheme. If it has no wonder they re grinning In. The photograph.

    Just a warning from history

    • G’day Mate

      They don’t care it is not our money anyway according to the ex super duper director AdderleyDadderleyDooLally.

      When I blew the whistle to Adders and the Chamber Potty Basnett seven tears ago I half gave her the benefit of the doubt but starting up again she is as guilty as shit and smells like it.



      She was obviously all over the asset stripping when it was explained to her as well.

      All criminal.

      Spill some more beans soon wirralbizz these people should be stopped once and for all. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  6. Oh Lordy Help

    They are so fucking stupid at the Chamber Pot they have called it enterprise hub or some shit like that which is an almost replica of Wirral “Funny” Bizz the £2,000,000.00 knocker offs’ who were Enterprise Solutions.

    It looks like they probably have the same qualifications between them that Wirral “Funny” Bizz had.

    Ex Clowncillor Emergency WARD 10 year old looks like he might have done bookkeeping 101 at high school last year.

    Has to be a stick on beard.

    At least if there needs to be any asset stripping or anything criminal they can ask “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” or AdderleyDadderleyDooLally advice because they can have criminality put in front of them and they ignore it.



    Go get yer free lucre go get yer free lucre go get your free lucre they wouldn’t have an ounce of decency amongst them

    Much luv helpie XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  7. G’day Paul and Lordie’s Boy

    Someone really needs to have a 1:1 with Ex Clowncillor Emergency WARD 10 year old and see if he knows anything and ask him how much he gets a visit and how much the Chamber Pot gets.

    As wirralbizz said it was about £110.00 an hour or less to talk about the weather or about any old shit.



    If he could explain depreciation I would be stunned.

    He will learn what asset stripping is without even knowing he has learnt it like that Little welsh egit scum bag jones.

    It will be like Wirral “Funny” Bizz it will be all bluff and blunder.

    Leaky help I know exactly who will take up this challenge to have a 1:1 and expose their latest farce.

    Watch out Emergency!


  8. This has now gone way beyond a joke and is something that can’t be ignored . Basnett employs her sister, father, brother, nephew and best friend Crocker. She has employed Lucy “ certainly Eric “ Barrow’s husband and was that a pay back for awarding a contract that Alan bonk a lot Evans awarded to his “close friend “ Paula. The council gives them all a living and for what! So they can live the life they want and take the piss out of businesses and ratepayers. What a comfortable con !! Addled must have really pissed someone off to be thrown off this gravy train! Seems a few ex council staff who knew better have been thrown in the gutter so Paula can bring in her own crownies who will leave her alone and let her family and fiends abuse their positions. What is deluded Phil doing about this scandal ! Nothing ! The abuse continues with Paula’s husband and Massive Asif giving her contracts along with the council and saying nothing of the fiddles and abuse they know is going on . It is time for these comments to be taken seriously and the fraud and abuse looked at . They are all in bed together with this fiddle . Basnett , her family , friends, the council , the lep and the givers of grants . Get it audited and find out the truth about Paula’s empire and the fiddles she is running. Businesses and the council need to wake up to this

    • Well this was being complained of re s Staunton 7 years ago. A particular complainant wrote copiously to council and to Frank field but nothing happened.
      Council officers fiddled the isus bid doubling wirral biz score from 36 to 72 and reducing the leaders 82 score to explanation wS recorded neither on the bid papers nor could one be provided to the government auditors.. Action. Taken as opposed to recording on paper these facts? Nothing.

      The only way to get action wd be for a host of persons to withhold Council tax until their questions were investigated. Civil disobedience only would wake this sleeping giant

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